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‘Dragon Ball Super' Broly Fan Film Part 1 Review: The Return of Kaio-Ken Blue & Evolution Blue!!!

A Full Breakdown of Mastar Media’s Fan Film Masterpiece and the Return of Kaio-Ken Blue & Evolution Blue!

Image Credit: @MastarMedia

The animating genius, who is the creator of Anime War, who is known as Mastar Media, has just released a new animation for his attempt at what the Broly film would look like. To check out more of his animation work, click here.

This is his fan animation.

I am a huge fan of all of his animations and I saw this new one. I am going to give you guys my review and thoughts on it right now!


So Mastar starts off with this disclaimer in Japanese and English, which gives this a bit of, you know, a je ne sais quoi. Then he talks a bit about the animation being made on Xidax and how you should get one for yourself, which is very good.

You can explore and buy one for yourselves to develop great animation skills by clicking here.

The Introduction: 'Broly Part 1'

This is where the fan film begins and here we see the title, Broly: Part 1.

A Desolated Area

So Mastar starts the Fan Film in an area where both Goku and Vegeta left off at the end of Dragon Ball Super episode 131.

Goku & Vegeta's Epic Battle!

Interestingly enough, they are in base form fighting with some really good animation here. 

Planet Earth (Remastered)

Then we see Planet Earth here. Look at how beautiful and well designed it looks compared to the anime version. 

Well done, Mastar!!! 

Frieza returns to Earth!

So here comes Frieza entering with his orbit. This is a sign that something is going happen.

Frieza's Spacehip

Now, that's Frieza’s spaceship, though. I can tell Mastar has drawn himself. It looks really cool, and I love how it is animated with simplicity compared to the Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie animation.

Frieza Looking at a Snowy Landscape!

Then we see Frieza looking out onto the snowy landscape where we know all the fights will take place. 


Paragus here looks so insanely cool and sinister!!!


Now this Broly looks determined to fight and show his true strength. The character Mastar created, which is Akumo, looked just like this one. However, this Broly looks a bit more redefined and realistic.

Vegeta & Goku sensed a powerful Ki!

We see Goku and Vegeta reacting and they sensed a powerful Ki approaching. Now interesting as well, Mastar is not using Shintani’s new style of animations. 

Mastar is using the classic Dragon Ball Super style and some good animation here. 

Frieza's spaceship lands on Planet Earth!

So, Frieza's spaceship lands.

Goku looks eager to meet this mysterious new foe!

Then we see our heroes coming at them. Goku is looking eager as hell as you would expect. 

Goku and Vegeta meet with both Frieza & Paragus!

Goku sees the ship and the two Saiyans jumps down. Then Goku and Vegeta see Paragus and Frieza.

Frieza revealed that he brought "someone" to battle Goku & Vegeta!

So, Frieza says “Sorry for dropping in on Earth unannounced. But I’ve brought something I think you should see.” This would probably make sense of what he may actually say in the movie. 

Frieza will probably tell them he found something very interesting and keep it secretive. Then he may let them find out about Broly. 

Paragus revealed that Goku and Vegeta will face Broly!

Now both Goku and Vegeta initially think that the person Frieza is referring to is Paragus. This may very well happen, and it sounds legit. 

You guys may be wondering, is Paragus’ power level too small or is he too old? At least he is stronger than Frieza's Army. 

Broly arrives!

So Paragus is not the person Frieza is referring to, and he says its Broly himself. 

Goku & Vegeta discuss how they never seen Broly before!

So both Goku and Vegeta are reacting, saying, “They have never seen him before. He’s suppressing his Ki.” 

Paragus used a controlled device to control Broly's power!

Now, this is where the genius part of this animation comes in because Mastar Media knows that Paragus does have in his pocket, a little remote control. The controller has these two buttons: a green, and a red button. 

I was thinking that this does, in fact, increase Broly’s power at will and that is exactly what he has done here. 

Broly's eyes turn yellow and his power is increased immensely!

The green button increases his power to 40%, and, just as we saw, Akumo/Broly enter the yellowed-eye stage. 

This is his first form and already at this power, look at how demonic he looked.

Paragus commands Broly to go after Goku & Vegeta!

Then Paragus uses his signature “Get them, Broly” voice.

Broly charges after Vegeta!

So, Broly wasted no time and went straight for Vegeta, just like in the trailer. It would have been cool if Mastar let Vegeta wear the coat, but it would be quite hard to animate it. 

Vegeta & Broly are grabbing hold and increasing their power!

Then Mastar takes us to a scene where both Vegeta and Broly grab each other, and they are absurdly strong here.

Broly looks very demonic!

So we have an incredible close-up here of Broly, who has this super long face (laugh). 

Broly's face looks like Joker here (laugh). 

Broly & Vegeta's energy keeps rising!

The two Saiyans’ energy keeps rising and flying all over the place as they keep fighting.

Vegeta pushed his limits and transform into Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2!

Now, Vegeta transforms into Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2 here and he is trying to get an attack on Broly. 

Broly smiled after Vegeta delivered a devastating blow!

Vegeta did a massive direct hit and Broly just smiles. This is really good stuff, and it is exactly what I imagined would happen. Broly in his yellow-eye forms is obviously at the same level as Super Saiyan Blue’s eye form. 

So, Broly should be able to take out Vegeta in Super Saiyan 2 with ease. 

Vegeta is in serious pain after getting kneed to the gut!

Broly does exactly that. He delivers a devastating knee to Vegeta's gut and Vegeta was in serious pain.

Goku instantly transforms into Super Saiyan 2!

Even though Goku gets ready, for some reason, he goes into Super Saiyan 2 as well. 

Goku must be confident after watching Vegeta getting absolutely bodied, saying “Vegeta underestimated him. Well, guess I’m up!” I was thinking Mastar was going to use much of the scenes he actually used in the original Broly trailer.

Super Saiyan 2 Goku (Remastered)

Mastar has done all of this brand-new so obviously, some of these have been traced. You can see some of this is recognizable from episodes of Dragon Ball Z

For the most part, he has done a lot here that is new, and it is really impressive actually. 

Goku & Vegeta standing tall!

So both Goku and Vegeta stand back before they start saying that this Saiyan has not even turned into a Super Saiyan, and they are being toyed by Broly this whole time. If Broly went Super Saiyan from the start of this fight, this battle would not be a contest. 

I think that is exactly what is going to happen. Both Goku and Vegeta have to realize what the hell is going on and find a way to beat Broly. 

Paragus is proud of Broly's dominance so far!

Now as we saw in this trailer near the end, we see some back and forth between Frieza and Paragus and Paragus saying that he knew Broly was going to be enough for these two Saiyans.

Vegeta wants him & Goku to become Super Saiyan Gods!

Then we see Vegeta and Goku talk about Super Saiyan God and they both transform.

Super Saiyan God (Red) Vegeta & Goku Arrives!

Now, look at that Super Saiyan God form, man! 

That is brilliant!!! 

I do wish Vegeta had this form in the actual anime, but you will see in a minute that the form does not last very long. 

Frieza revealed that he battled Broly before arriving on Earth?!

Now for a little brief moment here, where Frieza says that he found Broly on a rogue planet and that he was the strongest in the universe. So not too much backstory there but that is pretty much what I think will happen. 

Obviously, I think that Chirai would be the one finds Broly. She probably had a crush on him after he saves her from a beast or something (laugh). She will be the one that brings him into Frieza. 

onetheless, let’s get back to the fight between Goku, Vegeta, and Broly!

Goku & Vegeta lands a power two-punch at Broly's face!

So both Super Saiyan God Vegeta and Goku landed a powerful two-punch on Broly, which I have never seen before in an anime episode. So I think Mastar has done this by himself with no tracing at all. 

This is completely his own animation, and it looks awesome!! 

Absolutely great!! 

An animated piece from The Notorious Luke!

Then this animation which looks completely different to the rest of the animation, which is of course, from "The Notorious Luke."

You can check out his YouTube channel by clicking here

This animation looks so different. 

Maybe they could have done a bit more to make this more like the rest of the animation but it looks cool. This is more Shintani than what Mastar did. You can tell immediately when it switches back into Mastar Media’s work.

Goku & Vegeta's Devastating Kick at Broly's Face!

Now, this scene is where both Super Saiyan God Goku and Vegeta kick Broly at the same time. That is exactly from one of the episodes and later episodes of Dragon Ball Super when they both hit Jiren.

Broly takes down Goku & Vegeta!

Then Broly takes both Super Saiyan Gods down with authority. 

Broly's brute strength is unmatched!

So Broly stands over them, saying “You’re worthy opponents” and not much happens before Goku and Vegeta immediately turn into Super Saiyan Blue.

Goku & Vegeta in Their Super Saiyan Blue Forms!

I do not know what will happen, but here both Goku and Vegeta turn Super Saiyan Blue after been blown up. 

Goku & Vegeta are about to get serious!

In this scene, is where both Saiyans starts to get serious. So, in the actual movie trailers and pictures, so far we have not seen Kaio-ken Blue or Evolution Blue. 

Have no fear!! 

Mastar Media has brought it out for this!!

This scene here reminds me of when Goku and Vegeta went all out against Jiren in the "Tournament of Power". 

Kaio-ken Blue Goku Returns!

What a thing of beauty?!


Kaio-ken Blue Goku.

Now Kaio-ken Blue transformation here looks so well-animated. I would rather this form than the anime version, hands down!!! 

Evolution Blue Vegeta returns!

Here comes the new and improved Vegeta!!


Evolution Blue Vegeta.

The Evolution Blue animation Mastar has done here with the sparkly effects looks completely awesome!!! 

Vegeta gets his time to shine here and you can just see he looks way more interesting than Goku. 

So, Mastar has done extremely well by shining up the characters and it looks great!! 

On the other hand, Broly looks shocked at what he is seeing right now. 

Paragus raises Broly's limit!

Now Paragus understandably says he needs to “risk raising the limit,” but I do not know how much he raises it by. 

Is the power limit raised by 40% percent or more? 

Let's find out!

Broly is undergoing an immense powerful transformation!

As soon as Paragus raises Broly’s true limits, Broly immediately transforms into something great. Mastar must have gotten this from the Broly Movie but the animation here is great.

This has to be at least 70% of Broly's power limit. 

Super Saiyan Broly arrives!

Everything blows apart and Broly is now in his Super Saiyan form. I don’t know if this is a Legendary Super Saiyan form. When he comes out of the smoke, it appears that this form is not legendary. 


Super Saiyan Broly.

'Dragon Ball Super' Broly Fan Film Part 2 Coming Soon!

So that is pretty much it and then it goes into “To Be Continued,” and he thanks The Notorious Luke for his work. Overall, this was a great Part 1 and it was very entertaining from beginning to end. 

I am really excited to see what Mastar does in Part 2. I think this might just be a two-part series. In the next episode, we will either get a "definite ending" or another climax for sure. 

I wish it was longer, but amazing work Mastar!! 

This was my review and I am looking forward to more epic animations!! 

Mastar, you have done it again!!! 

We need more hard-working individuals like you who enjoy entertaining us and thank you for all that you have done!! 

May you be prosperous in everything you do and always strive for greatness!! 

Thank you for reading!

Thank you for contributing to my post. I really appreciate it!

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Until next time ^_^

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‘Dragon Ball Super' Broly Fan Film Part 1 Review: The Return of Kaio-Ken Blue & Evolution Blue!!!
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