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‘Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie’ News: Broly Is 'STRONGER' than Beerus?!!

New Information from the Saikyo Jump Reveals That Broly's Power Is Greater than a God of Destruction?!

Image Credit: #BrolyMovie


We've got some news for the “Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie” from the Saikyo Jump. 

Proof of Broly Having a 'Greater' Destructive Power than a God of Destruction!

Image Credit: @Herms98

Courtesy of Herms98 on Twitter, we have a bit of information that reads as follows: “Frankly, the enemy Goku, and co. are up against in this movie is the strongest. Those who trust Goku will win may lose confidence, so be careful.” They also ask: “Destructive power greater than a God of Destruction?!” 

So there you have it guys. 

Broly is going to be stronger than Beerus!! 

He is going to be stronger than a God of Destruction just like Jiren was back in the "Tournament of Power."

Is Broly stronger than Jiren?!

The question we all want to know the answer to is: is Broly stronger than Jiren? Now, most fans do not think so, but this right here is saying that Broly is either very close in power or is even stronger. 

Now, a lot of fans were saying that the “new enemy” always has to be stronger than the previous ones. So somehow, Broly is going to be stronger than a God of Destruction. 

My guess is the reason they are giving us the quote is that at some point in the movie, Beerus or Whis may say that Broly is “even” stronger than himself. Now the only thing we know is that Jiren was stronger than the Gods of Destruction. 

(Mastered) Ultra Instinct Goku

On the other hand, Goku pretty much beat him until "Ultra Instinct" ran out and it took a toll on his body. This means that Goku is stronger than the Gods of Destruction when he is in (Mastered) Ultra Instinct form. 

Most Gods of Destruction have not mastered Ultra Instinct like Goku has. So pretty much, Broly is going to be on a level like Jiren, if not stronger, most likely. 

I guess the only way Goku is going to win is if he goes to Ultra Instinct. Now even if he does, it will very well still be a good fight. It may be a rematch and a revision of the Dragon Ball Super episode 130 with (Mastered) Ultra Instinct Goku versus Jiren. They were fairly even in that battle. 

Does Broly have God genetic cells in him?!

So it does not make any sense how Broly is this strong, even with genetic engineering if he was biologically created or engineered. Even so, it is like how this guy is stronger than God of Destruction. 

It does not make any sense. 

Unless Broly has the genes of the gods in him. Maybe they fuse him into a God form or with God of Destruction cells?

I mean, what if he had Beerus’ cells in him? 

I do not know. 

I am speechless because there is no way a Saiyan without a God form should have that much power. Maybe we will get some information and an explanation on that.

The Saiyan race lives on!

Regardless, this is pretty much telling us that there is no way Goku and Vegeta can win unless Goku goes (Mastered) Ultra Instinct. It is pretty clear here that it is coming. 

Unless Beerus steps up to the plate, I doubt that is going to happen. We know the gods do not like to interfere. So I think the answer is clear. 

If this is true, to me it sounds like Goku, Vegeta, and co. will get stomped. Then Goku is going to turn Ultra Instinct and he is going to win. That is going to be pretty much the end of the movie. 

Who knows?! 

As more information comes out, I am going to let you guys know on what they tell us about the strength of this character. 

(Legendary Super Sayan) Broly

Now it is “confirmed” that Broly is stronger than Beerus and it is definitely a power-scale that we can look forward to—a very mighty enemy who is possibly even stronger than Jiren.

That is all the Dragon Ball news I have for you today!

Thank you for reading!!!

Thank you for contributing to my post, and I really appreciate it!

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‘Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie’ News: Broly Is 'STRONGER' than Beerus?!!
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