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'Dragon Ball Super' Chapter 36 Review!!

Toyotaro's 'Dragon Ball Super' manga chapter 36 includes Vegeta vs Dyspo, Ribrianne vs Android 18, and many eliminations!

Welcome, Dragon Ball manga fans!!

The Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 36 is now "officially" in the history books. 

I am yours truly, Michael, and today, we will go further and break down the events of the latest "Tournament of Power" manga. So, chapter 35 really irritated a lot of people and now we finally have chapter 36. 

Can Toyotaro make up for what he did with Hit in the tournament back in April?

We will find out.

So, without further ado, let's take a look inside!

The Beginning of the Manga!

Although not as impressive as the anime version of the events of this manga, the last chapter was meant to show how strong Jiren is and solidify him as Goku's next big rival. We open this manga chapter with Hit lamenting to himself that he underestimated the power of Jiren. 

Vegeta wants some action!

Now Vegeta, being a witness to all of this, wants some action. So he immediately begins a battle against the Pride Troopers, featuring a huge hit by Dyspo

Vegeta's Confidence!

I love this panel and I love how Vegeta's confidence is driving him to battle the Pride Troopers. Now, of course, they think he has no chance and Vegeta is putting up a great fight.

Android 17 & Piccolo Fighting Together!

Now, one of the things that I really did want from the anime version of the "Tournament of Power" is seeing both Android 17 and Piccolo work together. We did not get this action in the anime, but Toyotaro did give us a little bit of them teaming up here in the manga chapter. They battle Botamo from Universe 6 and other random members of various universes, specifically Universe 10.

A Triple Team!

This ends up leading to a cool triple team of Android 17, Gohan and Piccolo, as they work together to create more eliminations. It seems like the eliminations in the manga version, they are going a lot faster than they did in the anime version. 

The Team of Gohan, Android 17, & Piccolo!

As I am reading this manga chapter, I get the feeling that Toyotaro is not interested or invested in this story at all. This manga comes off as he is trying to get through this chapter as quickly as possible. When you coincide that with the previous few manga chapters, it does seem like he just does not care. 

It is pretty transparent in his writing. 

Nothing interesting happens for a while here and the eliminations are lackluster and not really interesting. 

Plus, there are various eliminations that took place off-screen and off-panel. So, if you guys are trying to keep track of who eliminated who, it is impossible. 


People are getting tossed out and you do not even see who it is. So as a result of that, I feel that this really hurt this manga chapter, as well as previous manga chapters.

Android 18 & Ribrianne's confrontation!

For Toyotaro, I sense that he just wants to get to the final moments with the Pride Troopers and Universe 7. He wants to speed through this chapter as fast as possible and it felt like a wasted potential, significantly. Maybe more so in the manga, because Toyotaro knew what was happening in the anime and could improve it. This just comes off like he does not care. With the Trunks arc, I felt like he made changes that he felt were appropriate and tried to make it better. 

Toyotaro tried to make it more his version, which I do respect, and it winds up not working out. In this manga, I do not sense that he is even trying that hard. 

Maybe I am wrong. 

That is what I think in this situation. So one plot point that does appear to be something that is possibly in Toyotaro's original notes for this arc, is the rivalry between Android 18 and Ribrianne. Their confrontation begins here in this manga chapter. There are a few interesting things in this version.

Proof of Ribrianne Representing Beauty More Than Love in the Manga!

Now obviously, Ribrianne does not have her "Brianne" form in this manga version and she is still as equally annoying with the whole love thing as she was in the anime. In the manga, it seems like she is more focused on beauty than love. Remember, the gimmick with Ribrianne of Universe 2 is all about love. 

However, it seems that Toyotaro is either misinterpreting it or maybe this was the original interpretation. This is more so about beauty to where Ribrianne says about her universe, "beauty equals strength." 

This was not the theme in the anime with Universe 2. Love and beauty are two different things and it is almost like Toyotaro is writing two different characters compared to the anime version. 

Very interesting and unexpected, right?

Ribrianne calls Krillin a "gorgeous man"!

 So 2 members of Universe 2 decided to team up and help Ribrianne fight Android 18. However, Ribrianne notices Krillin and she refers to him as a "gorgeous man." So in the manga, Ribrianne has an "attraction" to Android 18's husband, Krillin. 

That is really unexpected and a "WTF" moment. 

In fact, when Ribrianne finds out that Android 18 and Krillin are married, she told her that "an ugly beast like you is married to such a fine specimen...?!" Now, this is very uncharacteristic of Ribrianne in this manga compared in the anime. 

I mean, this is completely opposite. 

The anime Ribrianne was all about love and understanding love between two people. At the end of the day, she did understand it, but int his manga version, she is coming off like this horny, jealous person. This is a very different interpretation of the Ribrianne character and I wonder what people are going to think about her. 


To be honest, I find this manga version even more annoying than the one in the anime. So, Ribrianne is shocked by all of this and wants to eliminate herself. Then Ribrianne's friends tell her not to do it.

This really sucks!!

I am not going to lie, this is terrible. 

Android 18 gets eliminated!

Terrible characterization, but just as Ribrianne was about to get tossed out, some mysterious force eliminated Android 18. So, if you are out there and you were hoping for more Android 17 and Android 18 teaming up in the manga, guess what?

You just got screwed!!

Android 18 got eliminated. 

Not in the emotional, awesome way she did in the anime. She got tossed out by Universe 4 bug, Gamisaras, who was the star of possibly the worst episode of the anime version of this tournament arc. Gamisaras is now getting spotlighted in this manga chapter. 

What is Toyotaro thinking?!

Ribrianne got eliminated!

Then immediately after Android 18's elimination, Ribrianne herself gets tossed out. So that is it for her, but then a bunch of different fighters gets thrown out by Gamisaras. So Toyotaro really likes the idea of having these microscopic or invisible characters doing a lot of damage, which I get it, but nobody cares about an invisible bug. 

Piccolo eliminates Gamisaras!

Luckily for Universe 7, Piccolo is a very well-trained martial artist and a Namekian. He was able to use his abilities to eliminate Gamisaras.

Piccolo got eliminated by Damon!

Then along came Damon, the Universe 4 bug and tossed out Piccolo. So clearly, this was from the original notes of Akira Toriyama and once again, Piccolo got screwed in the manga. Just like in the anime version of these events. 

Goku & Android 17 Trying to Stop the Invisible Bug While the Pride Troopers Retreat!

This whole thing leaves a lot of fighters shocked, including Goku and Jiren who are about to fight. However, they stop their fight to deal with this strange, invisible threat, as the Pride Troopers retreat. So Goku and Android 17 formulated a plan and we find out that Android 17 cannot sense energy.

Android 17 cannot sense energy!

Now, this is new because even though we all know that fighters cannot sense Android 17's ki, they never know that he could sense their ki. In fact, I do not even remember that being a thing at the end of the anime, but it is a thing here in this manga chapter. 

So instead, Android 17 talks about how he has a very good hearing, which supposes to be a Namekian thing. This would have been a great opportunity to have Piccolo do something useful. Now for some reason, Toyotaro moved this ability to Android 17.

I do not understand that at all. This is a dumb decision by Toyotaro. This manga chapter is turning out to be not very good.

Android 17 finally sensed Damon and eliminates him!

So Android 17 does successfully sense the presence of Damon and eliminates him in two pages. 

That's it!!

This was resolved that quickly. 

As I mentioned earlier, it is almost like Toyotaro wants to get through all of this and eliminate people fast to get to the good stuff, which I respect. However, this manga makes the whole thing seem even more rushed than the anime version.

The Omni-Kings and the Grand Priest are pleased with the tournament fights!

This manga chapter comes to an end with the two Omni-Kings and the Grand Priest discussing how fun this tournament has been so far. At least they are having fun with this manga.

A Chart Listed of the Remaining Fighters in Each of Their Respected Universes!

The one thing I appreciate what Toyotaro did, is at the very end of this manga chapter, he has a chart listing who is still in the tournament and who is not. This is very useful and should be something that needs to be included in all of these chapters. 


Toyotaro is going to be eliminating fighters off-screen and we need to know who is in and who is out. So as it stands right now, Universe 11 has all of their members still in, which is a very different outcome from the anime version.

Now, Universe 11 is going to be the main antagonists of this tournament arc and you might as well give them the advantage. Then followed by Universe 3. Both Universe 6 and 7 are tied. Then you have Universe 2 and 4, which to be honest, they do not matter to me. Now obviously with Universe 3, we may get Aniraza

I cannot guarantee we will. 

Then for Universe 7, it is Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Master Roshi, Android 17, and Frieza

So, that is cool, I guess. 

Then we have Universe 6 with Magetta, the two Namekians, and the three Saiyans. So that is where we stand in this manga chapter.

Universe 7 fighters

I am not very happy about this manga chapter. I thought this was a bit of a letdown. It just felt like Toyotaro wants to get through all of this chapter quickly and give us a more epic Goku versus Jiren fight. The way it looks right now, I am not going to be revisiting this manga chapter any time soon. 

The lack of focus was very apparent.

Do you guys agree?

Thank you guys for reading!

Thank you for contributing to my post, and I really appreciate it!

Follow me on:

Twitter: @MikeAReynoso

Facebook: I Am Anime

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Until next time ^_^

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'Dragon Ball Super' Chapter 36 Review!!
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