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'Dragon Ball Super': Does Kale's Transformation Mean Broly Is Coming?

The transformation would allow Kale access to hidden abilities stored within her Saiyan blood.

Kale on 'Dragon Ball Super' [Credit: Toei Animation]

On the latest story arc of Dragon Ball Super, the Tournament of Power has become the main focus. This tournament stands out amongst all of the past tournaments in the #DragonBall anime because of how it will decide the fate of seven universes. The winners will be spared erasure while the other six universes are deleted from existence — they won't be killed off and resurrected — making the stakes rather high this time.

Universe 6 Team on 'Dragon Ball Super' [Credit Toei Animation]

Each universe is busy gathering its own set of fighters to compete in the Tournament Of Power. Some are faring better than others, but all in all, everything is beginning to fall in place. The tournament should begin within a few weeks time. Until then, the remaining episodes appear to be focusing on each individual universe.

The latest episode wound up focusing centrally on Universe 7 as they set out to recruit the last member of their team. The character chosen was quite a surprise, but per Goku's recommendation, Frieza will get a pass out of hell to participate in the Tournament of Power. Anyone familiar with Dragon Ball knows that this is a bad idea, but Goku is going along with it anyway.

Since we all expect Frieza to betray Universe 7 at some point, it's pretty obvious this can be avoided by removing him from the equation. But until the scene actually plays out, we can only speculate on what Frieza will do with his newfound freedom.

Universe 6 Saiyans Take Super Saiyans To The Next Level With Broly-Level Form

Apart from Universe 7's team assembling its fighters, the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super also devoted some time to its parallel universe, Universe 6. During that segment of the episode, we got to see Cabba and Caulifla training Kale for the tournament.

Untransformed Kale on 'Dragon Ball Super' [Credit: Toei Animation]

In an effort to better prepare Kale, she was taught how to transform into a Super Saiyan. The transformation would allow her access to hidden abilities stored within her Saiyan blood, giving Kale a distinct advantage over many other competitors — although her teachers were quite surprised at the outcome.

After several failed attempts, Caulifla began to berate her protege Kale for being too cowardly to transform. Through all of the berating and yelling, some of it got through to Kale, leading to Kale's transformation.

Kale transformed on 'Dragon Ball Super' [Credit: Toei Animation]

When Kale began to transform into her Super Saiyan form, the energy around her became abnormally large. Most first-timers show a large increase in power levels, but we've never been privy to anything like what took place when Kale transformed. The ground underneath Kale began to quake, bursts of energy began to emanate from her body, and she underwent a shocking physiological change as well — from a small petite figure to a hulking counterpart reminiscent of #Marvel's Hulk for a moment.

Kale's Transformed State Is Identical To Broly's Super Saiyan Form

What's interesting about Kale's Super Saiyan form is that it's unlike any other transformation depicted in the Dragon Ball animes. Yes, some characters like Trunks and Vegeta have bulked up in their transformed states, but none have bulked up to the degree that Kale did. Growing to that size also made Kale appear quite like Broly.

Some fans will argue that there's no connection between the two, since Broly isn't canon in the anime series. However, Kale's existence appears to be retconning that assumption altogether.

Broly in 'Dragon Ball Z, Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan' [Credit: Toei Animation]

Not only did Kale take on Broly's bulky appearance but her hair, the biggest indicator of Super Saiyan transformations in the Dragon Ball canon, became identical to Broly's. Being his most recognized attribute, the similarities between their hair in Super Saiyan form are uncanny. They're both green with a particular pointed shape, and that's just one similarity. The color of her aura is also another indicator of Kale possessing some connection to Broly.

Kale on 'Dragon Ball Super' [Credit: Toei Animation]

The Dragon Ball anime have been consistent with their use of attributing a specific color of aura to each individual character. Keep in mind that the color of their auras changes depending on what form they ascend into. For Kale, it would seem as if she'd be given a yellow aura when becoming a Super Saiyan, but Kale actually has a green-tinted aura — meaning they're the only two Saiyans in the Dragon Ball universe to possess a green aura.

There's also the matter of Kale's eyes going completely white just like Broly's. Most of the Super Saiyans gain blue pupils after transforming, but Broly is unlike other Saiyans as his eyes turn completely white. Admittedly, other Saiyans like Goku and Vegeta's eyes have turned white but only briefly. Broly's, on the other hand, remain white while he's in his transformed state. So, seeing as Kale have similar looking eyes, this adds more evidence that they share a connection. But what is it?

Will Broly Make His Debut On 'Dragon Ball Super'?

Kale on 'Dragon Ball Super' [Credit: Toei Animation]

There's still no direct tie-in between Kale and Broly. But their similar appearances speak for themselves, meaning it's quite plausible we'll see further exploration sometime during the next few episodes. Hopefully, there'll be some exploration of this potential tie-in to the Dragon Ball Z Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan movie; that way Broly could believably make his appearance on the series. And who wouldn't want to see him become the antagonist of Dragon Ball Super?

Broly in 'Dragon Ball The Real 4-D Ride' [Credit: Toei Animation]

Over the years, Broly has been suggested time and again to become the main villain on a Dragon Ball series, but that has yet to take place. However, introducing him on Super might just surprise fans everywhere. Of course, we do have to wait for Toriyama to make an official announcement of Broly joining Dragon Ball Super before we get our hopes up for him to make an appearance.

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'Dragon Ball Super': Does Kale's Transformation Mean Broly Is Coming?
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