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'Dragon Ball Super': Episode 122 Leaked Images!!!

Leaked images from "Dragon Ball Super Episode 122" are revealed!

Image Credit: @3rdstreet2

Welcome back!

It is your boy, Michael, a.k.a Mike!

Today, we have some "leaked images" of Dragon Ball Super Episode 122. The very first episode of the new year will take place this coming Saturday!

Vegeta will be fighting Jiren in a battle for "life" and "death." 

Welcome to 2018 everybody!!!

2017 was a fantastic year for all Dragon Ball Super fans. There was so much action and so many incredible things that happened in the show, and I hope you guys had an amazing year. I certainly did. 

So let's talk about these "leaked images" that we got for the next coming episode!

I know that you guys were disheartened that there were no episodes last Saturday. I sure was, but the hype for this coming episode has increased even more as we see a worn and torn Vegeta with a battle damage on his "saiyan armor." Vegeta is also no longer in "Super Saiyan Blue." 

So if you guys are following the spoilers and keeping up-to-date with the episode 122 and 123 spoilers, then you should definitely focus on this coming episode. We know that Vegeta will have an "epic" battle with Jiren. He will lose and will be "severely injured" during the fight. The above picture looks like to be his injuries and they look quite severe. 

If you look at the amount of damage on Vegeta, including the damage to his armor, he looks incredibly "beaten up," like he just took a massive blast to the face and is "pissed."

Ultra Instinct Vegeta!

Now the one cool thing about this picture is that there is actually a lot of fan-drawn pictures of "Ultra Instinct" Vegeta, and a lot of them show Vegeta with battle damage on his armor, just like this one. It kind of got me wondering if Vegeta is going to get ultra instinct. 

Is this the first step in achieving ultra instinct?

Does Vegeta have to take a ton of damage and be put to the "brink of death" before he finally gets ultra instinct?

That got me really hyped up and excited for the possibility of ultra instinct Vegeta in the future of this tournament.

Vegeta gets blasted by Jiren!

If we take a look at the preview for episode 122, it shows that Vegeta taking a "massive" blast from Jiren, pushing him through all these rocks and rubble. Vegeta is finally super saiyan blue, but this may happen after his "final flash" blast. Jiren probably comes out unfazed and then give Vegeta a serious beat down. Somehow, Vegeta is going to survive. 

However, he is going to be severely injured and pissed off. Then Vegeta will transform and gets out of the blast.

Goku's stares down at Jiren!

Now we have some pictures of Goku in "base form" staring down at Jiren. 

Jiren stares down at Goku!

Now, this could happen at the very beginning of the episode when they stare each other down right before the two universes start to go at it. If you look behind Goku and Jiren, there is a lot of "smoke." So, this could happen right after Vegeta gets blasted or maybe after he stands up. Then we know that Goku is going to go "full-power" 'Super Saiyan Blue' and challenge Jiren. 

So I think that this is where that is going to happen. I think that this is actually later in the episode after Vegeta is done fighting with Jiren. Goku is just going to stare down at Jiren and transform into full-power super Saiyan blue, but he is also going to severely lose that fight. 

Vegeta & Jiren's epic showdown!

Image Credit: @DBSuperFrance

This means that we are going to get a ton of action in this episode. We are going to have Goku and Vegeta fighting Jiren together. Then it will be Vegeta fighting Jiren by himself, followed by Goku's fight with Jiren. Freeza will take on Dyspo. Both Gohan and Android #17 will fight with Toppo. All of these battles will be happening at the same time, simultaneously, which leaves us to believe that there won't be that much talking in this episode, and it is going to be almost a "pure" combat episode.

With the art from Yuya Takahashi, which we are all excited about, this episode, the first episode of 2018, is going to be one for the record books and a serious treat for dragon ball super fans!

Gohan unleashing his "Kamehameha" wave!

Now there is one more leaked image here and it is Gohan, powering up a "Kamehameha" wave, presumably against Toppo. I am wondering if Toppo is going to either dodge Gohan's blast or deflect it. We know that Gohan will be taking on Toppo with Android #17 in a "two vs. one" battle. The episode after this, which is episode 123, Gohan has the opportunity to blast off both Toppo and No.17 at the same time, be he won't do that and instead, will hesitate.

So in this episode, it looks like it is going to be an "all-out" war between all of these fighters. In Gohan and Android #17's case, I guess they are losing here. 

Gohan looks ready to fight!

However, you do not see any damage on Gohan in this picture. So, maybe these fighters are just exchanging attacks and this episode does not really focus on Gohan, No.17, and Toppo that much. We may not get that much of that fight until episode 123. Also, in episode 123, Goku and Vegeta will be taking on Jiren, two vs one. So there are two vs one battles going on and Freeza taking on Dyspo.

So that is all the information and leak images that we have for this coming episode. Obviously, this picture of Vegeta is definitely worth a "thousand words." The preview for the next episode makes it look like Vegeta is actually winning that fight, which he is definitely not.


Image Credit: PredragDBZBoy

It looks like Jiren is just fooling both Goku and Vegeta. Jiren is holding back and once he takes the blast, the "final flash" from Vegeta, whether he dodges it, or he just deflects it. Either way, Jiren will take down Vegeta. 

We may be getting some more spoilers and leaked images this week guys, so stay tuned!

That's it for this post, guys!

This post must reach to all Dragon Ball Super fans through Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform, and that will be your job, guys.

You can also keep up with me on social media for more insights or just to say hi :).

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I hope you guys had a great first day of the New Year!

Until next time! ^_^

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'Dragon Ball Super': Episode 122 Leaked Images!!!
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