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'Dragon Ball Super': Episode 122 Review!!

Universe 7 defeated Aniraza and Universe 3 is erased!

Image Credit: @iAMxStealth

Hey 'Dragon Ball Super' fans!

If you guys did not watch the entire episode from start to finish, then you missed a very entertaining battle!

So, let's dive in!

As I predicted in the preview of this episode, it appears that the 'almighty' Aniraza is 'finally' defeated by the heroics of Universe 7s teamwork, which led to Universe 3s erasure.

Wow you guys!

I am so glad Universe 3 is out of the picture, which leaves only Universe 7 and 11 as the 2 remaining universes left in the "Tournament of Power." I guess that Kenxyro's translations have been accurate so far.

Dr. Paparoni's 'Final Secret Technique!'

Image Credit: @The_Survivr

This episode all started when Dr. Paparoni initiates his plan to use his 'secret technique' and merge with an already powerful trio of Koitsukai, Panchia, and Bollarator, to become the 'ultimate warrior,' as I should say, a 'monster.' Remember the 'intense flash of light' I described in the episode preview, well it appeared as the light after all.

Now during the transformation, all of Universe 7 were in a state of shock. Even Universe 3 and the 2 Omni-Kings (Zeno), were surprised of how the 'newly transformed' figure of Aniraza looked. Once the 'terrifying' transformation came to a close, everyone witnessed the birth of Aniraza.

Aniraza's 'Immense' Power-Up!

Image Credit: @GovetaXV

To everyone's surprise, Aniraza's power were dramatically increased and looked ready to fight. 

Universe 7 Developing a Strategy to beat Aniraza!

Image Credit: @sagatvstream

Upon Aniraza's terrifying new form, Universe 7 talked among themselves about how strong Aniraza has become and develop a strategy on how to defeat him together as a team. After boosting up his power, Aniraza wasted no time and unleashed his 'full power' on Universe 7, which was his first target. Now the first victim to step up and go toe-to-toe with Aniraza is none other than Vegeta, who transformed into a 'Super Saiyan' to test his power.

As soon as Vegeta unleashed his 'big-bang attack' move, Aniraza stood still and swat it away like a 'fly,' leaving Vegeta in complete disbelief.

Aniraza's 'Terrifying' Speed!

Now, it was Aniraza's turn and instantly used his quick speed to run toward Universe 7, eyeing down his targets. Then Aniraza used his 'mighty fist' to punch down the ground and broke it in pieces with his immense 'brute' strength. 

This leaves the rest of Universe 7 in a 'bad' situation. 

Then Aniraza immediately unleashed his full fury on the Universe 7 warriors, making his mark in the tournament. After escaping the 'danger zone,' Goku talked his teammates with a suggestion to "attack Aniraza together" and Gohan suddenly powered up with agreement and told them that "all of us should attack him head on" and "confuse him with our movements." 

So, Goku transformed in a 'Super Saiyan God' and both him and his son Gohan went ahead of their teammates to face Aniraza head on and the rest of them immediately followed suit, surrounding him in different areas so Aniraza would not notice them.

Super Saiyan God Goku!

Then, Goku led the charge and all of them (not including Frieza), were going to attack Aniraza head on. Suddenly, Aniraza noticed them approaching and sensed their their movements to counterattack by landing devastating punches with his speed and agility on Universe 7, one-by-one. After witnessing Aniraza's awareness and speed, both Supreme Kai and Lord Beerus (God of Destruction) were in shock and amazement because of how he sensed them so quickly. 

Let's just say that Aniraza has a very unique ability to locate 5 or more people at once. To make matters worse, the 2 Omni-Kings looked over with concern and talked among themselves about Universe 7 and that "they are in trouble," which I totally agree. As always, Goku never up and got to make sure his teammates were okay. Of course, they are all fine. 

They are elite fighters who are capable of surviving in their own right.

Aniraza's "Ultrasonic Waves!"

Then, Android #17 told his teammates that "both him and #18 don't have energy like the rest of them do" and revealed that Aniraza used "ultrasonic waves," which came from both of his ears. So what we got from this new revelation is how the ultrasonic waves is used to detect people in either close or far locations instantly, which is the reason why Aniraza used them to sense Universe 7s movements around him and unleashed his attack with speed.

Afterward, Aniraza used those same ultrasonic waves to locate Universe 7 and immediately, he found them right in front of him. Then our of nowhere, Aniraza unleashed a devastating "space-dimensional" punch to Goku first, and the rest of the warriors with his endless onslaught. When Goku got up, he did not know that Aniraza was behind him and as soon as Vegeta warned Goku that Aniraza's attack is coming, Goku turned around and got a massive punch by Aniraza and flew in the air on his way of being ringed out.

The moment when Goku was in the air, I thought that he was going to be eliminated earlier than expected, which would not only shock the dragon ball super fans, but the entire dragon ball community. 

Frieza Saved Goku?!

Image Credit: @jrnotjnrcom

Now guess who saved Goku from getting eliminated? 

It was Frieza!!

At the last second, Frieza was the one who saved Goku from elimination by using his "violent" kick and kicked him to the ground. In that moment, it left the Androids, Vegeta, and Gohan in complete shock that Frieza would save his own enemy and nemesis. Even I was shocked after what transpired. Goku, of course, thanked Frieza genuinely for saving him, or otherwise, he would have fallen out of the stage for sure.

Then Frieza 'apologized' for his so called 'violent treatment.' Who would have thought that the "old-mighty" Frieza would apologize to his enemy?

With a kind gesture, Goku asked Frieza if he can "join them in the battle" and defeat Aniraza? 

I guess by fighting alongside together as teammates, they developed a 'mutual respect' for one another and I believe they want to defeat Aniraza once and for all and win at all cost.

Aniraza's Endless Onslaught!

Image Credit: @DragonBallZNews

Then out of nowhere comes Aniraza, who interrupted both Goku and Frieza's conversation and continued his rampage on Universe 7. So, both Goku and Frieza escaped from Aniraza's landing punch and Frieza 'finally' decided to join his comrades in battle and unleashed his attack on Aniraza, but it did not work. 

Then, Aniraza immediately went after Android #18 and grabbed her with intentions of "eating her" alive!

Is this even allowed in the tournament?

Now, Krillin looked really concerned for his wife and was scared after seeing what is happening in front of him. Once Android #18 is about to get eaten by Aniraza, Goku came to her rescue and used his 'instant-transmission' technique to save her in a nick of time. This leaves Krillin relieved. 

Can you guys imagine a monster like Aniraza, eat your loved one 'alive' right in front of you?

Now you know that if Aniraza has only ate Android #18, the 2 Omni-Kings would waste no time and erased him on the spot. 

Aniraza Unleashed!

Image Credit: @Funoflovecom

Realizing that Android #18 disappeared in front of him, Aniraza became furious and unleashed 'multiple blasts' at Universe 7, and all of the 6 warriors fought back, which turned out to be an "all-out war." To protect himself from Aniraza's powerful blasts, Android #17 turned on his 'shield barrier,' so he can withstand them as long as he can. 

When Aniraza saw that Android #17 is getting pushed back by his blasts, he 'intensified' his blasts and allow Android #17 to fall out the stage.

Android #18's Sacrifice!

Then out came his sister, Android #18, to save him from elimination. In that moment, both of them could have been eliminated at the same time. Now, in order for Android #18 to 'sacrifice' herself, she told her brother to "win for Universe 7" and add that "You like sappy human stuff like this, right?" and Android #17 back in the tournament, which allowed herself to get eliminated in the process. 

That was a very brave thing she did and sacrificed herself for the betterment of the team. She was bound to be eliminated somehow and I am glad how it all turned out. 

Android #17's support from his family and friends!

Image Credit: @u_jessicaa

To help encourage and motivate Android #17, Krillin told him, "We're counting on you, Brother!"

Android #17's Motivation!

After receiving the encouragement and Krillin calling him 'brother' for the first time, Android #17 heard it loud and clear and said to himself, "Got it." He is ready to represent Universe 7 and above all, his family. Now, across from the warriors, Aniraza wasted no time and used his power to grow himself 'wings,' so he can fly. With everyone's surprise, Aniraza unleashed his 'final' devastating attack on Universe 7, an attack so big and powerful, it can destroy the whole tournament stage.

Universe 7's Full Power!

Image Credit: @aplhaNeil14

Now, you know Universe 7 will now allow this to happen.

So, for the first time, they will be working together as a team, putting their egos aside and win at all cost. Then afterward, they went full power. Frieza transformed into his 'Golden' form. Both Goku and Vegeta transformed in 'Super Saiyan Blue,' while Android #17 and Gohan powered up. 

An Epic Battle!

Then they unleashed a 'combined attack' so powerful, they matched it with Aniraza's own, which collided together. 

This was a real battle for survival. 

An 'all or nothing' type of battle. 

To make sure that Aniraza is gone for good, Android #17 came up with something on his sleeve and decided to use his shield barrier again, but this time, he flew in mid-air and went through Aniraza's attack made sure that his teammates stand their ground, while he finish off Aniraza once and for all. Now Goku was wondering what Android #17 is doing, but Android #17 reassured him and told him, "I got this."

Android #17's Devastating Attack!

Then, Android #17 unleashed a devastating 'right-handed' punch on top of Aniraza's head, which injured his arm in the process. Even though he hurt his arm, it worked after all because Aniraza's head were 'crushed' in pieces, which left an opening for Universe 7 to finish him off once and for all. So together, they intensified their combined attack and unleashed it on Aniraza.

Thanks to Universe 7's heroics, Aniraza is 'finally' defeated and eliminated the 4 remaining Universe 3 warriors for good!

So since Universe 3 is completely out of the "Tournament of Power," the 2 Omni-Kings had no choice, but to erase them.

Now, that is what I am talking about!

Android #17 stepped up to the plate when you needed him the most and represent Universe 7 well.

Universe 7 & Universe 11!

Now, since Universe 3 is gone, this leaves only Universe 7 and Universe 11 left in the tournament to fight for survival and win!

I am so hyped you guys!

The tournament is entering the final stages!

We will finally get a chance to see the 2 strongest universes go against each other!

Who will win?

Will it be Universe 7 led by Goku?


Will it be Universe 11 led by Jiren?

The remaining time is 9 minutes. Anything can happen during that time frame in this tournament.

If you guys want to know what to expect in the next episode, below is the "extended version" preview of episode 122, in which Vegeta will challenge Jiren.

Dragon Ball Super: Episode 122 Preview!

That's it for this post, guys!

This post must reach to all Dragon Ball Super fans through Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform and that will be your job guys.

Thank you for reading this post and make sure to send a $5 gift below for support, if you enjoy reading my posts!

Until next time! ^_^

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'Dragon Ball Super': Episode 122 Review!!
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