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'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 123 Spoiler: Ultra Instinct Vegito?!

Will Goku and Vegeta fuse to defeat Jiren?

Image Credit: #UltraInstinctGogeta

Hey, Dragon Ball Super fans!

As you guys see by the title of this post, today we are going to be focusing our attention on "Episode 123." The possibility of seeing the entrance of Vegito on that episode will grow a lot of steam heading into the new year. I encourage you guys to read what I have to say because we are going to speculate if there is a chance to see Vegito in episode 123 and beyond. So,  a couple of weeks ago, we received quite the 'bad-ass' episode title. 

So let's get into this now!

The episode title for episode 123 has already been released, and it is called "Full Body, Full Spirit, Full Power Released!" So, a lot of people believed, myself included, that this has something to do with Goku 'reawakening' the 'Ultra Instinct' power in episode 123 and somehow finding a way to perfect the form, you know, the 'mastered-version.' 

Pretty much in a nutshell, the form that we all have seen in the promotional material, the one that I initially believed, would have been the ultra instinct power, but it wasn't. So, I do feel that if Goku is to have this power in episode 123, it is going to be the complete ultra instinct power.

Ultra Instinct Goku

Image Credit: #UltraInstinctGoku

In order for Goku to realize the full extent of what this form can offer, it will be by mastering the so called "mastery of self-movement." Now Goku at this point, can use both the 'offensive' and 'defensive' side of that technique. It would be extremely beneficial for Goku if he was somehow able to master this power in a short amount of time and get to exhort his full power of ultra instinct form, but we do not know yet.

If Goku were to master this form, he would definitely be Jiren's equal. 

Ultra Instinct Goku vs. Jiren!

Image Credit: @XXXVCHE

If you guys recall, back in episode 110, when Goku was about to deliver the 'final blow,' Jiren released an aura and was able to block Goku with one hand. Now a lot of people debated at the point of the attack and Goku was no longer at ultra instinct. I will say that, in my honest opinion, I believe that Goku, when he punched Jiren, was still in his ultra instinct form.

I do not believe that the form had run out of Goku at that point, and I feel as though episode 116 kind of proves my point here because Goku's eyes went black, which was a sign that the form was about to give up on him, but he still had time to release a big 'Kamehameha' wave in that form. It could be that there is another scenario in episode 122 and this is where more information is coming your way.

Ultra Instinct Vegeta (Mastered Version)!

Image Credit: #UltraInstinctVegeta

Now, based on the spoilers, Vegeta is going to challenge Jiren in that episode and a lot of people have speculated, myself included, that the 'Prince of all Saiyans' will also realize the ultra instinct power in episode 122. Frankly, we do not know how is Vegeta planning this significant power, but we do know that there is a chance for Vegeta to have this form for his own, eventually in episode 122.

Now currently, there is no synopsis for the episode 123 title, which could very well be hinting on Vegeta mastering the ultra instinct power and unleashing it on Jiren in episode 122. 

Ultra Instinct Vegito!

Now that I have give you guys this brief rundown of a few scenarios that I think will be coming to fruition, I want to talk about the 'Vegito option,' which is a certain option that I personally have been praising at the end of the "Episode 123 Spoilers" post I did a couple of weeks ago. I have been meaning to see the fusion in this arc for a long time. Initially, I believe that we will see 'Gogeta' because the 'potara earrings' was not available before the tournament started and now it is allowed to use.

For example, both Caulifla and Kale of Universe 6 used the potara earrings and fused to become the ultimate female warrior, known as 'Kefla' in episode 114. Since the potara earrings are allowed in the tournament, I think that both Goku and Vegeta should use them to fuse and defeat Jiren in the end. For example, let's say that Goku has the mastered-version of ultra instinct in episode 123, and chances are, he is having a tough time with Jiren.

Now, I do believe that Goku is not going to be strong enough, even in that form. In Vegeta's case, he have the power, but he too will not be strong enough to put Jiren down. I doubt that even both of them combined, Jiren would still mop the floor with them.

The Powerful Jiren!

Image Credit: #Jiren

As hard as it is to believe, Jiren's power is so 'inconceivable' that honestly, I see him pulling off a feat like this when he is fighting two ultra instincts at the same time and somehow is able to prevail victorious against them. I know guys that it is a lot to digest for one post, but i have to address everything you know for what I am about to say to make sense. 

Ultra Instinct Vegito vs. Jiren!

Now, what does this title mean, it says "Full Power Released!" We have all examined the scenario of it being either Goku or Vegeta having the ultra instinct power, but none of us have talked about the 'possibility' of seeing the fusion of Vegito. It is very possible and more likely that not even Goku mastering ultra instinct would be enough to bring Jiren down. So, I do think that the right way to conclude this arc is for both Goku and Vegeta to fuse, release their full power on Jiren, and become victorious in the end, which should be more satisfying for me to some extent because I am a huge fan of the fusion.

Also, would it make sense that both Goku and Vegeta use the potara earrings to fuse and defeat Jiren at that level?

I think so.

We have seen what Jiren can do. He has performed amazingly well in the 'Tournament of Power' so far. So, it would be extremely difficult to imagine him losing to mastered ultra instinct Goku. 

The True Power of an Ultra Instinct!

That is unless, Toriyama decides for Goku to be a completely different fighter at that stage, which I doubt would happen. So, I am trying to examine the 'Z fighters,' or more so the 'Super fighters' option here, you guys. Even if it does not happen in episode 123, I do think that if we keep seeing them fail, I will say to some degree, that the scene is set for both Goku and Vegeta to fuse and show us the real power of an ultra instinct fusion. 


Image Credit: #Vegito

Now I do believe that there is a good chance to see them fuse and with this scenario, it can hold a lot of credibility and will actually become into fruition. The likelihood of seeing the fusion of Vegito appear in the tournament and for them to deliver the 'final blow' on Jiren, will be an awesome arc.

I like the fact that there is a good chance to see Vegito appear because I am always excited about a fusion of that calibar, especially for it to be seen as "Ultra Instinct Vegito." I know that many people believe that this would of course be 'overkill,' but at the end of the day, you can secure the result for this arc and you cannot mess with Jiren.

Ultra Instinct Gogeta & Jiren's Epic Fight!

Now I do think that we are trying to say whatever episode 123 is planning to present, is going to ultimately fail and that is going to leave only one option. When you have Goku and Vegeta 'beaten down' and you add in the 'desperation' factor, and the potaras are allowed, you guys can do the math. I think that Vegeta has a great chance against Jiren, simply because he is more determined to finish him off than Goku and will have an epic fight.

I believe that Vegito has a really good shot in this one and if somehow Goku and Vegeta are not able to put Jiren down on their own, then Vegito might come back to save the day. I do not think that Jiren has released 100% of his power just yet, which is very scary. Jiren has not broken a sweat so far in the tournament and is ready to go all out against Vegeta.

I am so excited to see what will happen next in episode 122 and beyond.

That's it for this post, guys!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!

This post must reach to all Dragon Ball Super fans through Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform, and that will be your job, guys.

Thank you for reading this post and make sure to send a $5 gift below for support, if you enjoy reading my posts!

Until next time! ^_^

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'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 123 Spoiler: Ultra Instinct Vegito?!
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