'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 124 Spoilers: Gohan STRIKES!!!

Will Ultimate Gohan and Freeza withstand Dyspo's 'supersonic' speed?

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I hope you guys are having a wonderful day. Today, we are going to discuss in-depth about some spoilers for episode 124, which will be airing next weekend on January 21st. 

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Episode 124 new full description!

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Thanks to Herms98 for the translations. 

Dragon Ball Super Episode 124: "A Stormy, Fierce Attack! Gohan Fights with his Back to the Wall!!" Gohan's in big trouble! What's his comeback strategy?! Gohan supports Freeza in his fierce battle against Universe 11's Dyspo. Gohan and Freeza have a hard time against Dyspo's lightning-fast movement?!"

Now, there are a couple of things I want to point out. First, there is no mention here of Android #17 or Toppo at all. Literally none. However, that does not mean that they are not going to be in the episode. It just means that they are not in the summary. The summary is not going to give you everything. Also, there is no mention of Jiren, Goku, and Vegeta, of course. Both Goku and Vegeta are busy fighting Jiren and are occupied at the present moment.

Freeza pretends to betray Gohan!

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My best bet for the whole summary will only focus on Gohan and Freeza fighting alongside each other to figure out how to defeat Dyspo and withstand his "lightning speed," so I presume that this fight will continue until episode 125. I know some people are probably going to assume that the fight is over with because of the fact that some of their favorite fighters (Jiren, Goku, & Vegeta) will not get a lot of attention. 

Now, clearly, they are missing the point. This summary is just one storyline, which is the Gohan and Freeza against Dyspo storyline. That is what it will be like next weekend. I mean, at least the other characters are not going to be eliminated any time soon. The summary for this episode is just letting us know that this will be the main story, so do not let anybody fool you into thinking that they are limited, because they are not.


The writers of episode 124 are just focusing on Gohan and Dypso here. Now of course, when it comes to Dyspo, we found out several months ago that he has passed the "speed of light," which, really, a lot of people knew all along. When the Japanese translation of this comes out, we will get full confirmation on that, but it should not be a big revelation because Dragon Ball characters have passed the speed of light a very long time ago.

For some reason, the writers decided to make it a big deal with Dyspo, maybe because it was unexpected that there was a Universe 11 guy. Obviously Jiren is even faster than him. So it is still something they are going to be focusing on and will focus on, Dyspo's "speed," because I think that the writers want to tell you, the audience, and us that Dyspo's speed is really the main focus in episode 124. 

Gohan & Freeza vs. Dyspo!

Of course, in episode 125, based on the spoilers we already have, it is going to shift over to being about Toppo. So that is coming up in that episode. Now, episode 124 is all about Gohan and Freeza "teaming up," which will be awesome to watch against Universe 11's Dyspo. That is all I have for you guys. Not much to talk about this week. I am sure we will get more spoilers in the upcoming episodes coming up next week on Dragon Ball Super.

A lot to look forward to and I do think that Gohan will be very important in this episode. I do not think he is getting eliminated. My prediction for Gohan is that he will be one of the last guys from Universe 7. If Universe 7 wins, I think it will be him. Gohan will give his all and have a decent fight with Freeza against Dyspo and come up with a strategy to eliminate him. So I do not think that he will be the one thrown out anytime soon. I just do not see it happening. If he is, we will find out in episode 124.

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'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 124 Spoilers: Gohan STRIKES!!!
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