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'Dragon Ball Super': Episode 125 Spoilers!!

New information about Toppo's full power revealed!

Image Credit: @DragonBallZNews

Welcome back, Dragon Ball Super fans!!

I am yours truly, Michael, AKA Mike!

We got a new spoiler for episode 125 and we will discuss it in-depth about Toppo's full power and more. I told you guys in my previous posts that we are going to be receiving spoilers for the upcoming episodes today!

Now, we have the new full description of episode 125 and it was translated by Herms98 on twitter, so here we go! 

New Episode 125 Description!

Image Credit: @Herms98

"Dragon Ball Super Episode 125: "Majestic! Advent of the God of Destruction, Toppo!!" Toppo rains fierce blows down upon the Universe 7 contestants! It looked as if Toppo had been defeated by the combined assault of No.17 and the other Universe 7 team member! However, right as he prepares for the worst, something strange happening to Toppo's body?!"

So obviously, this is referring to Toppo either getting a "new transformation" or a "power up" and ascending from just being a regular mortal to being more at the level of the deities that has the powers of a "God of Destruction." Now interestingly enough, remember in one of my posts about episode 124, which it had Gohan mentioned and it was titled "Gohan's Final Stand Spoilers." 

However, in episode 125, from the last spoilers, did not mention Gohan whatsoever. They did mention Android 17, but not Gohan or Dyspo

Is Gohan eliminated?!

Image Credit: @MrOppaiSenpai

Now, keep in mind that it says, "it looked as if Toppo had been defeated by the combined assault of No.17." So if you keep in mind that the last episode, episode 124, which is coming this weekend on Daisuki, is titled "Gohan's Last Stand," and Toppo was almost defeated. It appears as if Gohan "sacrificed" himself, not like "killing" himself, but he sacrificed himself in terms of being "eliminated" in order to defeat Toppo.

However, it did not work. Toppo still managed to stay in the tournament stage. That is my prediction, guys. I think Gohan has been eliminated, folks, and I am very sad about that. 

Gohan, why didn't you dodge!!!

Come on, man! 

So, he is eliminated, guys.

Leaked Image!

Now back to the episode 125 spoilers!

"Toppo rains fierce blows down upon the Universe 7 contestant!" So we do know that Freeza, along with both Vegeta and Goku, is still in the tournament, but it appears that Gohan is "gone." Also for Dyspo, I think he is gone as well. Maybe Gohan took out Dyspo in his last moments. 

Now, let's go through what Toppo's name actually means!

We may find this a bit interesting.

Official Dragon Ball Super Website!

Image Credit: #OfficialDragonBallSuperWebsite

So, Herms98 on Twitter translated all of this. This is the bio coming from the "Dragon Ball Super" official website. They say that Toppo is the "leader of the hero team 'Pride Troopers,' protectors of peace in Universe 11. A hot-blooded man with a strong sense of justice, he barged into the Zeno Exhibition match and cornered Goku." Also, "Toppo is an anagram of Pot."

So that is all the information of the official description of Toppo. There is no mention of him, besides the fact that he was previously described, not in this translation, but Toppo was previously described as a "candidate" of God of Destruction. You do not see it here, but he was described that way.


Image Credit: @ComicBookNOW

Then that leaves us to believe that Toppo, in fact, did have all that power or that potential all along. Now, is not that Toppo just unlock it all of a sudden and he suddenly found his new power that he did not have before. It appears to me, that he always had this power, but Toppo was reserving it towards the very end. If that is the case, it could be that Toppo's transformation or power up is going to drastically drain his stamina. 

Now, if both Android 17 and Freeza stay on the stage long enough, they may be able to defeat Toppo as he loses his stamina. 

Gohan's Demise?!

Now the question of the day is, do you guys think Gohan got eliminated?

We will have to watch episode 124 and find out. Now, as for the spoilers of the upcoming episodes, I do not think that we are going to receive any more of them this weekend, but it is possible that we may receive some of it either later tonight or tomorrow morning. Once the spoilers come in, I will definitely let you guys know.

This concludes my post for today, guys!

This post must reach to all Dragon Ball Super fans through Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform because I have a "ton" of posts coming out. That will be your job, guys.

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Also, go to the Daisuki website and click on that "Daisuki" text to watch new and old episodes of Dragon Ball Super!

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Until next time! ^_^

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'Dragon Ball Super': Episode 125 Spoilers!!
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