'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 127 Review: Android 17's 'Ultimate Sacrifice!!'

Android 17 sacrificed himself to save Goku and Vegeta from Jiren's final attack!

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Welcome back Dragon Ball Super fans!!

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Android 17 is dead guys!!!

I do not know if he "self-destructs" or what, but No.17 sacrificed himself to save Goku and Vegeta from Jiren's final attack.

This was very unexpected!

I never thought a Universe 7 member would die so soon in this tournament. 

Android 17's sacrifice will not be in vain.

This is a sad day for #17 fans and the entire Dragon Ball community. No.17 is no doubt the MVP of Universe 7. 

No.17 is the most strategic fighter who ever lived!

Android 17 will be remembered for his bravery to sacrifice humankind and for his universe. 

Today, we will cover the entire episode from beginning to end. So, are you ready guys? Then let's not waste any more time and jump right in!

Jiren is on fire!

The episode started off with Jiren unleashing all of his hidden power. Goku, Vegeta, and Android 17 are in shock of Jiren's full power growing immensely. Suddenly, a fiery aura surrounded Jiren and everyone present was amazed and in disbelief. 

Even the Omni-Kings (Zeno) were amazed by Jiren's fiery aura and said, "Jiren's on fire! He's on fire! So amazing! So cool!" Thank goodness they are here for comedic relief other than Freeza.

I hope Freeza appear later in this episode. 

So Jiren wasted no time and released his fiery force energy. The force of his energy reached all the way to the sidelines. 

Can Goku and the others actually fight against this fiery Jiren?

We will find out soon!

Vegeta transformed into Beyond Super Saiyan Blue!

So, when Jiren's fiery energy died down, Vegeta emerged and told him boldly, "With all your friends gone, you finally got serious? A late mistake to make. If we beat you, our last opponent, we win! Not phased by Vegeta's bold words, Jiren replied with a cocky confidence, "Don't make me laugh. You can't beat me with those wounds."

This pissed Vegeta off and he instantly transformed back to Super Saiyan Blue (Beyond) and replied back, "Cocky bastard!" and went full speed at Jiren. 

Goku, Vegeta, & Android 17 fight against Jiren!

Android 17 and Goku followed Vegeta and the three of them went full speed to attack Jiren head on. When Jiren saw them approaching in front of him, he instantly teleported and appeared behind them and kicked No,17 out of the way. Goku and Vegeta continue fighting with Jiren and No.17 returned to fight in a 3v1 battle. Jiren is struggling a bit and had enough of them and said to himself, "These guys..." 

Then Vegeta interrupted and land a punch, but Jiren quickly grabbed his fist and told them, "Impudent gnats!" and punched Vegeta through the rubble. 

Jiren was not done yet.

Vegeta is ripped!

Jiren knocked both No.17 and Goku at the same time and Jiren flew in mid-air. Then Goku starts firing his blasts, Vegeta unleashed his "final flash," and No.17 fired his blast at Jiren together. However, the attacks did not affect Jiren at all and it was Jiren's turn. Jiren unleashed his "punch blast" at Vegeta, the same move he used against Goku in episode 123, and Vegeta dodged it quickly. 

So, Jiren went straight for Vegeta and No.17 knocked Vegeta out of the way and got blasted through the rubble by Jiren as an effort to save Vegeta. Now, Vegeta was not pleased that No.17 intervened and said to himself, "Damn android! I didn't need that!"

Vegeta vs. Jiren!

Then Vegeta told Jiren, "You're mine to defeat!" and went full speed to fight with Jiren. 

Vegeta sure does not know how to quit.

Then out of nowhere, Goku appeared behind Jiren and Jiren looked back. So Vegeta told Jiren during their fight, "What are you looking at?!" and got kicked hard by Jiren and was thrown through the rubble. 

Jiren blocked Vegeta's punch!

So it was Goku's turn and both Goku and Jiren fought all over the place. Then came No,17's missile blasts at Jiren, which Jiren stepped back to dodge them, and Vegeta appeared again and told Jiren, "No you don't!" Now, Vegeta landed a powerful punch, the same punch he used against Toppo, at Jiren and Jiren recognized it. Then Jiren blocked it and told Vegeta, "A good punch. I can see why you were able to defeat Toppo." 

This shocked Vegeta and Jiren continued, "But, you won't beat me with that!" and finally used his punch blast directly at Vegeta's stomach, which turned Vegeta back to his base form, and the blast threw Vegeta at the rocks. 

Jiren erased Goku's Kamehameha blast!

So Goku was concerned for Vegeta and went straight into Jiren's combos. As Jiren released another punch blast, Goku teleported in time and appeared above Jiren in mid-air. Then Goku unleashed his "Kamehameha" blast at Jiren. Sensing the blast approaching him, Jiren powered up in time and countered with a powerful uppercut to erase the blast, throwing Goku at the ground. 

Jiren is on a roll, guys!

This shocked Goku and the rest of the Universe 7 crowd.

Jiren means business.

Jiren caught surprise by No.17's blast from behind!

So when Jiren was about to finish off Goku and Vegeta, he was caught by surprise with No.17's explosive blast on his back and No.17 told him, "Hold up. I've got something special for you!" So No.17 used his explosive blast on Jiren's back and was caught in his own blast and got severely injured in the process. 

No.17 is the first fighter to injure Jiren in close range and that is saying something guys!

This worried Universe 11's Supreme Kai. Now Jiren survived the explosive blast and noticed that his back is injured. Then he got really pissed off and told No.17, "Curse you!" and No.17 compliment his appearance and replied, "The damaged look actually suits you." So Jiren had enough and went straight for him and No.17 starts firing blasts at Jiren to push him back.

Android 17 and Goku developed a strategy!

Then Jiren immediately stopped and No.17 quickly flew to where Goku and Vegeta were to discuss a strategy on how to beat Jiren. So Goku told No.17, "First, me and Vegeta'll get Jiren's attention. In that moment..." and No.17 agreed with the plan and said, "Got it." Now, Vegeta is pumped about the plan and instantly transformed. Then Jiren powered up and told them, "Finished with your scheming?" 

Vegeta replied arrogantly, "Don't worry. We're going to pay you back for what you've done to us," and Goku with agreement, told Jiren, "Now it's our turn!" 

So Goku, Vegeta, and No.17 are ready to fight Jiren for round 2. 

Goku, Vegeta, & Android 17's blast collided to attack Jiren!

To start the fight, No.17 released a mini blast at Jiren, which Jiren used his glare to block it, and both Goku and Vegeta went full speed to fight Jiren head on to get his attention. During the fight, No.17 tried to aim at the moment to use his blast at Jiren and finally sensed his target. 

So No.17 unleashed his blast at Jiren and Jiren told him, "That will only work once," and freed himself from the blast.

This shocked both Goku and Vegeta. Then No.17 created multiple barriers above him and Jiren powered through them with ease by using his fist and punched him. So No.17 returned and used his blast again and Vegeta also uses his blast at Jiren. Now, Goku had an idea and told Vegeta, "Vegeta, this time let's all hit him at once!"

However, both Goku and Vegeta's combos did not affect Jiren and Jiren countered them with one hand and foot while blocking No.17's blast.

What a badass Jiren is by himself!

Jiren is unstoppable!

Then Goku, Vegeta, and No.17 unleashed their blasts at Jiren all at once, while Jiren puts on his barrier to protect himself. So Jiren had enough and unleashed a massive energy wave and injured them at the same time. Now both Goku and Vegeta returned to their base form and fell on the ground beaten up. 

No.17 fell on the rubble somewhere. So Goku said to himself, "How could he beat our coordinated attack?"

So Jiren sensed that it is time to end Universe 7 for good and told them, "Time's up," and look who finally showed up guys?

Freeza is back!

Freeza himself!

Finally, after a second nap, Freeza returned to help his allies and wants to fight with Jiren. So, Freeza came out of nowhere and landed a kick on Jiren and told him during their fight, "I won't let you beat me this much and get away with it!" So Jiren wasted no time and kicked Freeza through the rubble in the air.

Freeza had enough of the rules and instantly transformed into his "Golden" form and told Jiren, "Forget the damn rules! You...deserve to be killed by me!" and went full speed at Jiren. Now, Jiren wants nothing to do with him and immediately used his glare to block Freeza's attack and delivered a devastating punch to Freeza so bad, he threw him to the ground.

At least Freeza is still in the tournament. I cannot believe that Freeza is Mr. Satan in this tournament.

Jiren face-to-face with No.17!

Out of nowhere, a ki blast hit Jiren from behind and Jiren noticed that it was from No.17. So instantly, Jiren teleported and appeared in front ofNo.17 and told him, "What can you do alone?" No.17 replied, "I haven't given up just yet. Universe 7 will survive."

Belmod revealed Jiren's wish and background story!

Then Belmod (Universe 11 God of Destruction) intervened and told No.17 why his universe will not survive and said, "And then what?" This shocked No.17 and Belmod continued, "You'll survive. And then what? What will you wish from the Super Dragon Balls?" So No.17 replied back, "I'm going to obtain the Super Dragon Balls... and take a trip with my family on a cruiser." 

This had Belmod in disbelief and answered back, "Are you joking?" 

No.17 is serious about his answer and asked Jiren, "What about you Jiren? Surely, nothing aside from the title of strongest interests you." Then Jiren responded and told No.17, "Even I have a wish I wanted granted." Now Belmod revealed Jiren's wish and the story behind Jiren and said, "I knew it. Jiren...You still..." 

The Supreme Kai of Universe 11 tried to comfort Belmod, but Belmod decides to tell the truth about Jiren's obsession and says, "Let me tell you all...the reason for Jiren's obsession with strength.

Jiren as a little boy!

Jiren's parents were killed by an evil-doer. He was rescued by the man who would become his teacher. Jiren strove to master further strength and the right path with his teacher. 

One...Two...Three...Jiren gained new companions. Jiren thought they could win. But the enemy was too strong. One by one, Jiren's companions were killed. Even Jiren's teacher dies in the fight. Jiren tried to rise again, but none of the surviving students would stand with him.

The weak could do nothing but obey the strong. Jiren was alone. Abandoned by those he trusted, Jiren's grief was immeasurable. That's when he realized that trust is worthless. And he also realized...that strength is justice. Strength is absolute. Winning will bring companions. Winning would get him everything. Emotions mean nothing to him. I was drawn to Jiren's thirst for strength...and his solitude." 

Jiren does not want to hear about his past!

After a long revelation about Jiren's wish and story, No.17 came to grips of who Jiren is now and told Jiren, "I see. So your wish is...And here I thought you were just a killing machine. You're a pretty human guy too." Jiren could not stand his personal life being exposed and told Belmod," That's enough out of you, Belmod." 

So Jiren fire a blast at No.17 and No.17 told Jiren, "Trust, huh?" This had Jiren's attention and No.17 continued, "So you were just using those guys to your own ends."

This pissed off Belmod and No.17 continued, "You live, obsessed with the past," and Jiren got mad and almost hit No.17. So No.17 sensed Jiren's movement and dodged it and told Jiren, "Looks like I hit a nerve there?" Now Jiren grabbed No.17's head and went through the rubble to give him a beat down. Then No.17 came back and both of their punches collided. 

Both Android 17 & Jiren's punches collided!

So No.17 wants to know more about Jiren's past and told him, "Do you think you can make things like they were if you win? That you can buy the past?!" This angered Jiren and he told him, "Ridiculous," and throw No.17 on the ground. 

Then Jiren flew in mid-air and landed on top of a rock and is ready to finish off Universe 7 for good.

Jiren's final attack!

Goku and Vegeta are struggling to get up and Jiren proclaimed proudly, "Strength is absolute. Strength forgives all. Even the past." Suddenly, Jiren unleashed his final attack and told them, "Lament your own weakness." So Jiren released his attack at them and the blast grew larger. This worried the Universe 7 crowd.

Android 17 comes to save the day!

When all seemed lost, No.17 came to the rescue and blocked the attack in time and used his barrier to protect himself from further damage. All beaten up, Vegeta told No.17, "You...What are you doing? At least save yourself!" This worried Android 18 and she told her brother to "run." Now Jiren pushed his attack further and No.17 is struggling greatly to withstand Jiren's attack.

Realizing that he cannot hold on any longer and is willing to die for his allies, No.17 told Goku and Vegeta, "Hey, Son Goku, Vegeta! I gave up on the cruiser. You better thank me." So to protect Goku and Vegeta from further damage, No.17 created 2 barriers for them.

I cannot believe this is happening guys!

No.17 is going to sacrifice himself and save his allies.

So this is No.1's final barrier after all.

Android 17's Ultimate Sacrifice!

To say his final words, No.17 said, "Hopefully you got some rest. Sacrificing myself for others...I kind of like how human that is." So No.17 did one final smile and got consumed by Jiren's final attack.

No.17 is dead!!

The entire Universe 7 crowd were heartbroken and shocked about No.17's death. The Omni-Kings were worried if Goku and Vegeta got hurt by Jiren's attack. Then Jiren told Goku and Vegeta,"You were saved. Be grateful that he sacrificed himself to protect your weak selves."


Jiren called Goku and Vegeta weak!

Jiren got some nerve, right guys?

Jiren respects Android 17's sacrifice!

So after No.17's unexpected death, the barriers wore off on Goku and Vegeta's bodies and Goku said, "No.17. He did it so we could heal, even if just a bit." So both Goku and Vegeta fell on the ground and got up quickly. Now Vegeta said to himself, "That bastard. He intended this from the start," and Goku thanked No.17 and collapsed on the ground. Then Android 18 could not believe that her only brother just died and mourned.

I could imagine how Android 18 feel in that moment.

So the Grand Priest talked with the Universe 7 crowd about what happened to No.17 and if it had to do with a "self-destruct" and said, "Indeed. We can assume that No.17 san destroyed himself with a self-destruct. Universe 11's Jiren san shall receive no penalties!"

Jiren, consider yourself lucky that you are in the tournament.

What happens next?!

So Jiren landed on the ground and was surprised that Vegeta is still on his feet and told him, "You still stand?" Not giving up and is willing to fight for the sake of his pride, Vegeta replied back confidently, "Jiren. I'm more than enough to knock you off!"

No.17's final power saved the two from peril. Vegeta musters up the spirit and stamina to go against Jiren in a final showdown. How will he face Jiren's overwhelming power?

Only three minutes remaining in the "Tournament of Power!"

Then Vegeta told Jiren, "Don't underestimate me!"

Episode 128 Preview!

Wow, guys!!!

What an episode to remember!

Let's hope No.17's sacrifice will not be in vain as the final showdown between Vegeta and Jiren will begin in episode 128, which is this weekend!

Well, that concludes the review!

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