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'Dragon Ball Super' Future Arc 'Confirmed?!!'

New Information on A "Return" of 'Dragon Ball Super' and A "Special" Ending in Episode 131!

Image Credit: #Doulie

Welcome Dragon Ball Super fans!!

We have got some new information on the future arc of Dragon Ball Super. So there was a recent interview with both director (Ryota Nakamura) and producer (Satoru Takami). This interview gave us some very interesting insight as to why the "Tournament of Power" unfolded the way it did. More importantly, I think we got a "valid" confirmation that the arc will be continuing after March 25.

According to the interview, there will be "something special" happening at the end of episode 131. This "likely" relates to future stories after the "Tournament of Power."

I am yours truly, Michael, and today we will discuss the future arc and a lot more. Also, thank you to Herms on Twitter for the translations. Herm's translations have been very consistent and works hard for translating news. 

It is much appreciated.

So, let's jump right in!

Proof of 'Dragon Ball Super' Series/Producer Interview Translated!

Image Credit: @Herms98

Let's start with the beginning of the interview!

It says, 

"Toriyama first drew the designs for Jiren, Toppo, and Dyspo." 

At first, he lacked any indication of Jiren's personality. So the anime staff and creators of Dragon Ball Super planned to make Jiren a "talkative" character. 

Can you imagine that?

However, when they ran this back to Toriyama, he replied,

"Jiren is a character who doesn't speak! It was at this point, Toriyama sends them the backstory for Jiren and told them that Jiren's parents and teacher were killed. As a result, Toppo inherited the anime staff original plans for Jiren's personality, which is why he talks a lot about justice all the time."

So, Toppo is more "talkative" and Jiren was essentially a "mute" for most of the tournament. 


Listen, this is no disrespect to Akira Toriyama. He is obviously the "G.O.A.T" and knows far more about making animation than I do. However, in my opinion, I would prefer to see a more talkative Jiren. One of my issues with Jiren was during the tournament, there was so little to go off of. He literally had one facial expression the entire time. It was not until recently that we started to see a bit more of him. We saw Jiren "smile" and got a bit of his backstory.

Now it looks like in episode 130, we are finally going to see him come out of his shell. So because of that, I am starting to like him more. I am feeling a bit more of a connection with his character. So, I am not saying that Toriyama was wrong in his approach. I just preferred what the anime staff came up with, what they wanted to do.

Proof of Akira Toriyama's Design Work of The "Pride Troopers!"

The interview continues to say that Toriyama is the one who said that Toppo should be a "candidate for God of Destruction." However, Jiren, Toppo, and Dyspo were the only three characters from the "Pride Troopers" that he designed. All the other characters were done by the anime staff and that is why we do not know any of their names. 

The interview continues to say,

"Ribrianne's fat, transformed form was designed by Toriyama, while the idea of having a cute girl transform into this fat character was added by the anime staff."

I am not saying that the fat version was not cute in her own way. I like a bit more fat myself, but that is what they said. Here is something that is really interesting to know. Neither Caulifla or Kale were originally designed by Akira Toriyama. 

That really surprised me!

Kale & Caulifla

After the interview Toriyama gave when he talked about "S-cells" last year, I thought that was his reasoning for coming up with both Kale and Caulifla. However, he did not do that initially. It was during a conference meeting and the subject of Broly's popularity came up. So the anime staff created Kale. They made her a "girl," so she would not be exactly like Broly. Then after they presented Kale to Toriyama, he created Caulifla to go along with her. 

I did not expect that at all.

Especially the fact that Kale came first because, in the anime, Caulifla is a more dominant character than her.

Proof of Akira Toriyama's Draft About Universe 7 Warriors!

The interview continues to say,

"Toriyama's original draft included a document describing what happens to the U7 warriors in the tournament, from beginning to end."

So for example, it said, "Piccolo loses to..." The interview document also said, "who survives to the end." The document included all the main points, such as the battle between "Universe 7 and Universe 11." Now as far as how that was executed, that was done by the anime staff.

Proof of Toriyama's Ultra Instinct Design for Goku!

Now here is what starts to get interesting.

Who came up with "Ultra Instinct?"

It turns out that was Toriyama's idea, including the name and design. He wanted the Ultra Instinct form to be Goku's new transformation. Toriyama wants the new form to be "different from Super Saiyan." However, Toriyama's initial design and the animation we saw in previous episodes, looked very different. Akira Toriyama wanted Goku to look like a "Super Saiyan God," a skinny version with the "silver" hair. 

In the anime, what they did was made Goku far more buff and this was done by the anime staff, not Toriyama. This is the route the anime staff decided to go, based on their advice.

Ultra Instinct Goku

You know what, I like the Ultra Instinct look. 

The form embodies how Goku fights and his overall instincts. It suits well with his fighting abilities rather than depending on brute strength. I'd rather a skinny version Goku than a buff version. 


Because he has more quickness and agility to withstand any fight and maintain his stamina. If you appeared as buff, your stamina will not last long. So, I am happy with the skinny version and what we got. 

Anyways, here is something really interesting.

Proof of Future 'Dragon Ball Super' Stories Being Set up and A "Special" Ending!

So Satoru Takami, who is the producer of the "Tournament of Power," thinks that "Toriyama is trying to set up even more stories." 

It does not end there.

The interview continues to say,

"Keep watching until the very end of the last episode."

 Apparently, there will be "something special."

Guys, if this is not confirmation that Dragon Ball Super is going to continue, I do not know what is. Obviously, the anime staff does not want to come out right now and say it. In my opinion, the creators of the series are going to start building the hype for people to look out for the final episode. This is "confirmation" that the anime will continue after episode 131. 

I could be wrong.

If I am wrong, we are going to find out at the end of episode 131, which airs on March 25.

That is all the news I have for you today!

You guys are awesome!

Thank you so much for reading!

Thank you for contributing to my post and I really appreciate it!

Follow me on:

Twitter: @MikeAReynoso

Facebook: Michael Reynoso

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Until next time ^_^ 

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'Dragon Ball Super' Future Arc 'Confirmed?!!'
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