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Dragon Ball Super Future Fusions

Universe 3's fusion sighted, but what about Android 35?

*Warning* This post contains spoilers from the current Dragon Ball Super series. You can stream weekly Dragon Ball Super episodes on your personal devices and new episodes are readily available on multiple platforms every Saturday night.

The events so far:

Son Goku and friends have begun the tournament of power: a battle royal between eight universes being represented by ten fighters each. The match, which happens in the world of Void on a top like fighting stage, lasts for 100 tacks which equates to roughly 48 Earth minutes. During that time all 80 fighters' goal is to knock out the opposing universes warriors. When all ten warriors are knocked out of the fighting area, the lord of lord, destroyer deity to all universes, Zeno, squishes that universe out of existence leaving only void.

The first universe to be eliminated was Universe 9, which started what would become an all out focus attack on our heroes of Universe 7. Following their defeat we lost a familiar face, Universe 10 Supreme Kai Gowasu. His warriors were all defeated early on and his universe was destroyed as well. Most fans expected this to happen and had grouped both Universe 9 and 10 as the least likely to have any warriors standing at the end. Universe 7 then simultaneously knocked out Universe 2 and 6 leaving only 4 remain teams.

In the most recent episode, we witnessed one more universe be erased: Universe 4. Universe 4's trio played their best schemes but Piccolo lead the DBZ warriors to take down both the invisible man and the illusionist. However the Namekian strategist was fooled and kicked from the stage, unable to recover. Andriod 17 stepped in and with Goku's help captures the bug like warrior in a barrier and kicks him off the stage. Ready. Set. Squish goes Universe 4.

Borareta, Pancea and Koitsukai's Formation

We can confirm my predication of a Voltron-Mighty Morphing moment by the episode 120's preview. Borareta, Pancea and Koitsukai have linked up and appear to be squaring up with Gohan. Paparoni is also featured spinning his cane yet nothing is confirmed about his powers and abilities at this time.

But what about our Universes Fusion? The Supreme Kai's first thought was to use the Portara fusion on Androids 17 and 18, calling the fusion Android 35. Seeing Dr. Gero's greatest inventions take on the technology-based Universe 3 would be fitting, but the idea was shut down quickly by Beerus. This was the one who noted that using the fusion would effectively risk two players being knock off the stage together, and Universe 7 had the most warriors still standing at the time. But now with Piccolo down could it be time for fusion to be revisited? If Universe 3 wants to play robot fusion, Universe 7 can play right along with them giving us an epic new Dragon Ball character in the process.

The Mystery Warrior

Dragon Ball Super has done a wonderful job keeping enough information held back from fans while also providing regular previews of what's to come. Two months ago this image came out revealing a new warrior "coming soon." People have been speculating on the identify of the mysterious new warrior since.

One of the more popular opinions, offered up by Geekdom 101, is that the new warrior was the Universe 3 robot fusion. Geekdom 101 went so far as to confirm it. But I disagree, look at the form of the shadow, it is slender just like our androids, not like the bulky robot seen fighting Gohan. Others have thought it could be Kale and Caulifa fusion Kefla, who we watched Goku defeat in some of the more recent episodes.

Only time will tell if the Supreme Kai's idea will become a reality but with Dragon Ball Super having Frieza defeat Frost, Goku take on Kefla, and Piccolo knock off the Namekians I would except to see robots verse androids.

Dragon Ball Super airs Saturday nights. The English dubs can be found on Toonami and the Japanese subtitles can be found on the anime streaming sites Crunchyroll, Funimation Now, Daisuki, Anime Lab, VRV, and Adult Swim (English Dub) as they are authorized to do so.