'Dragon Ball Super': Jiren's True Power Exposed!!

The true source of Jiren's power is finally revealed!

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Today, we are going to dissect and break down the true identity of Jiren's "true power." 

Is Jiren, the strongest member of Universe 11, whose powers rival the Gods, the legendary mortal that Whis was talking about? We have discovered the true identity of Jiren and the true source of his "frightening" power. 

If you think Jiren is strong after reading this post, you are going to ask yourself, how in the world is Universe 7 going to make it out alive in the "Tournament of Power" against Jiren and the other two members of Universe 11 (Toppo & Dyspo)?

The Grays

Jiren "The Gray" was inspired by the aliens known as "The Greys," who are often referred to as "Grays."

The Greys

Jiren and the Grays both shared the same gray skin, ball-round skull, large oval black eyes, and nostrils in place of a full nose. 

Jiren The Gray

Jiren the Gray has the same ancestral origins as Jaco (The Galactic Patrolman) and the referee (of "Beerus & Champa's Exhibition Tournament"). Now, the first hint of Jiren's true power can be seen from its actual name, and it is from the word called "Renji," which means "stove."

Why is this important?

Because a stove burns fuel and uses electricity to provide heat. In other words, Jiren has mastered the art of conversion of energy and is able to convert concentrate-potential energy into an efficient form of "kinetic energy."

Jiren teleports behind Goku!

A great example of this can be seen in episode 96, as Jiren is able to instantly teleport behind Goku without any sudden movements. However, in order for us to understand the true source of Jiren's power, we need to go back to Dragon Ball Super episode 85. 

Jiren in his "Meditation" state!

In episode 85, this was where Jiren appears for the first time and this can be seen in his "meditation." There are two key details that revealed the true source of Jiren's powers. First, Jiren is meditating inside what appears to be a "void" that is deprived of time and space, which is similar to the "room of spirit and time," mainly known as the "Hyperbolic Time Chamber." 

The second key detail is the way Jiren is meditating because you see, not all forms of meditation are created equally. Jiren is doing a very specific form of meditation called "Inner Alchemy (Nedian)." 

Piccolo's meditation!

Image Credit: @AnimeKage

For example, Piccolo is actually a master of this form of meditation, which is why Piccolo is able to perceive things other characters are not able to notice, but Jiren goes a level beyond that. This form of meditation has been seen with Aang from Avatar: The Last AirbenderNaruto and Sasuke from Shippuden, and many other animes. 

This form of meditation combines visualization and breath control. 

2 Parallel Dimensions: Physical World & Spirit World!

However, Jiren's meditation is way more advanced because, in his state of meditation, Jiren is opening up his "7 Chakras" in order to simultaneously exist in two parallel dimensions: the physical body and the non-physical, psychological state, which is referred to as the "Physical World" and the "Spirit World."

Jiren & the other Universes!

Once Jiren accomplishes this, he unites with the "Universe" and the universal energy that constantly pours into his body, which is why his name is Jiren, A.K.A. the "Stove" that we spoke about earlier.

Jiren sensed moving bricks behind him!

In episode 96, one of the God's of Destruction was "moving bricks" to finish setting up the tournament stage. As the bricks were approaching both Jiren and Goku, and instead of getting out of the way or relying on his ears and eyes, Jiren closed his eyes to connect with the universe, in both physical and non-physical parallels to determine that the bricks would not touch him. 

The 7 Chakras!

Now, the 7 chakras that are shown above, represents each body part and how it all functions together. However, these chakras take a very long time and a lot of discipline to master each one at a time. In Jiren's case, he has definitely mastered them and his reactive instincts helped him along the way for counter-attacks that are thrown in his way.

Jiren vs. Hit!

Image Credit: @_GogetaDB

The "Assassin" Hit from Universe 6, has been confirmed to be over "1,000" years-old. So it would not be out of the question to assume that Jiren is also 1,000 years-old.

We are not done just yet!

Jiren vs. Goku!

Now that we have established the origin of Jiren's true powers, based on many assumptions and breaking down the episode evidence, let's break down the other major advantages that Jiren has over Goku!

Jiren's Eyes!

First, his "eyes." Goku has "human-like" eyes, which are extremely limiting in nature. However, Jiren's eyes are much more beneficial in nature as they allow him to see more colors, higher resolution, a wider feel of view, better low-light performance, and see many more wave lengths, that are typically invisible to the human eye.

Likewise, Jiren's large and deep oval ears give him better sound coordination than Goku.

Jiren's physical body!

Lastly, is Jiren's physical body structure and his anatomy. Now we all can agree that Goku and Vegeta are pretty fit, right?

However, Jiren goes one level above that. Jiren is not just fit. 

Michael Phelp's Anatomy!

Jiren actually has a "perfect" body, just like Michael Phelps, who has an anatomy that is optimized for swimming. Jiren's anatomy strikes as a perfect balance between "raw power" and "speed."

Jiren's perfect balance!

Image Credit: @mastarmedia

For his height, Jiren's lower-half allows him to have incredible speed, but yet his upper-half gives him superb strength like no other. Jiren's body strikes as a perfect balance that does not diminish him in any way.

Toppo's skinny legs!

Unlike Toppo, whose body ratio makes his upper-half way too heavy for his skinny legs to handle. 

Jiren & Goku at full power!

Now, a few more assumptions can be made about Jiren. We can assume he does not rely on transformations and instead, he has perfected "ki manipulation." 

Goku dodges a moving brick in episode 96!

We can also assume that Jiren is a master and is not wasting all of his stamina as he did not even have to flinch to move his body to get out of the way, while Goku had to use up his stamina in order to dodge a moving brick and then waste more stamina later in episode 96.

Jiren's power unleashed!

Now, being that Jiren is a member of the "Pride Troopers," we can assume that he is great at working with his team and he knows how to be a "team player." Now, this post overall is full of assumptions based on limited information, but I do believe that we are right on the money. If our theory is correct, then Jiren is at least one league above Goku, which will then force Goku to break his limits and unlock a "new power," which is "Ultra Instinct." 

Now, in terms of my personal opinion about Jiren, I do not think that Jiren is stronger than the "Gods of Destruction." I do believe that the mortal Whis was referring to will be seen in a future arc, but it is not Jiren. I also do not think that Goku will defeat Jiren on his own. As Whis said, if both Goku and Vegeta somehow work together using their new powers, then they will definitely defeat Jiren for sure and win the "Tournament of Power."

So, Universe 7 needs to come up with a creative way to defeat Jiren as a "team."

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