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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Manga Chapter 43 Review and ‘Dragon Ball Heroes’ Episode 7 Release Date Revealed!!

The Galactic Patrol Arc of the 'Dragon Ball Super' Manga Chapter 43 just dropped. Moro is revealed as a "Planet Eater." Plus, an early January release date and for 'Dragon Ball Heroes' is revealed!

VIZ Comics

Welcome, Dragon Ball fans!!

I hope you all are having a wonderful day during this holiday season!


This is actually a great manga chapter for Dragon Ball Super.

The Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 43 just came out and its in English, which you can read the full manga on VIZ Comics by clicking here

In this manga chapter, we’ll get to explore the new “Galactic Patrol” arc. I have to say, they’ve done some excellent work on this manga. 

As Merus are talking to both Goku and Vegeta. He is explaining the backstory of the Grand Supreme Kai, and why the Galactic Patrol needed to extract him from Majin Buu to speak with him. 

This new powerful enemy named Moro, attacked the Galactic Patrol 10 million years ago. 

Today, I will breakdown this awesome chapter and share my thoughts on it.

So without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Moro appears in space to fight the Kais'.

In this manga chapter, we get this flashback of the Kais’ on their sacred realm fighting against Moro.

Moro sends down multiple comets down at the Kais'.

In this shot here, Morois up in space sending down multiple comets at the Kais'. These comets are hitting the sacred Kai’s planet. The Grand Supreme Kai and the rest of the Kais’, are trying to protect themselves. 

They all look battered and beaten. 

Moro is sucking energy out of a planet and destroys it.

Now, Moro is out in space. So, what he does is he sucks out all of the energy from that planet. You can see the monsters are the little animals there. 

They are shriveled up into nothing. 

Then Moro absorbs all of the energy into a ball in his hand and eats it.

Moro becomes powerful by eating energy blasts.

What makes Moro so powerful is he gains overwhelming power. Simply by absorbing energy and eating them. It is also stated in this manga chapter that he has unbelievable fighting power. 

Not only that, he has magic powers as well. This enemy is very powerful. Moro is arguably way stronger than Kid Buu

However, we don’t know how strong Moro is yet in comparison to Goku and Vegeta’s god forms. 

The Kai's recognizes Moro's power boost.

The Kais’ even recognized that as Moro eats large amount of energy from a planet, he gains a gigantic power boost. 

One of the Galactic police from 10 million years ago, calls Moro a “Planet Eater Moro.”

So, that is his name. 

"Planet Eater" Moro.

Grand Supreme Kai unleashed a new technique at Moro.

The one thing the Kais’ stated is “if his power grows even further, we’ll be helpless to resist.” 

If they are able to resist at that point, does this mean that Moro is not actually strong? 

Now, we know that the Kais’ are not that strong. They pretty much got annihilated by Kid Buu back in Dragon Ball Z. Moro may not be as strong as Jiren or Broly, but he’s been in captivity for 10 million years. 

Moro could’ve very well be powering up the entire time during those years in prison. The Grand Supreme Kai sacrifices the majority of his divine powers to seal away the magic power of Moro. 

The Dai Kaioshin uses a brand-new technique we’ve not heard before and created it, which is called “Kai Kai Matoru.”

Grand Supreme Kai defeats Moro and the Galactic Patrol imprisoned him.

With this new technique, the Grand Supreme Kai catches Moro by surprise. The technique zaps Moro badly and that is the end for him. 

His magic powers are gone. 

At this point, the Kais’ are actually able to imprison him, which I don’t know how. Merus is saying that he’s “still a capable fighter, even without magic”. 

So, the Kais’ were completely beaten battered, and out of energy. Even if they took away Moro’s magic powers, you would’ve think that Moro would still be able to crush them. Regardless, he gets incarcerated for 10 million years. 

Merus is telling us all of this information.

Merus tells Goku and Vegeta about extracting Grand Supreme Kai out of Majin Buu.

Now, Merus, who is the number one galactic patrolman, is explaining to Goku and Vegeta that they need Majin Buu to extract the Grand Supreme Kai from him. 

By doing this, they can seal off the magic power of Moro, yet again. 


Because it appears that Moro got his magic powers back. 

Vegeta analysis Merus' skillful technique.

One of the interesting things about this episode, is Vegeta’s analyzation of Merus. In the last chapter, there was a lot of criticism because how did Merus sneaked up behind Goku and Vegeta to zap them with a “Raygun.” 

In this chapter, Vegeta says, “I couldn’t read his chi”. He thinks that Merus is not a weak fighter and shouldn’t be underestimated. 

So, Merus is really strong. He’s very strategic and has some unique abilities, which will be shown later in this chapter. 

Goku and Vegeta received Galactic Patrol symbols

As we transition further, Goku and Vegeta received the Galactic Patrol symbols on them. They were offered the Galactic Patrol armor, but declined it. 

By wearing the galactic armor, it would prevent them from moving well. At least, Goku and Vegeta don’t have to wear an embarrassing armor.

The Macaroni Brothers are introduced.

We get a fun story in this manga, which is really fun. These "Macaroni" siblings are crooks. 

They are on a planet and trying to steal this gold finery to use as a planet-planet-destroying weapon. 

Shame on them.

Two robbers stealing a train and causing trouble.

As we continue further, both Goku and Vegeta tag along to go on a mission. Now, we see this western area here with a train running on the tracks. 

This train has been stolen by some robbers and the police is trying to stop them. You can say that this is like a train heist, which is really neat. 

This manga feels like a Toriyama type of style, even though this is Toyotar's work. I think Toyotaro add in some of Toriyama's unique style in this manga. 

No wonder this chapter does not feel so rushed.

Merus and Pasta face-off on top of a train.

We have a funny scene of Merus and this robber. Although Saiyans are named after vegetables, this villain group called “The Pasta Brothers”, are all named after pasta. 

That is hilarious, haha!!! 

 The villain in this shot here is named “Pasta.

Very unique name, indeed. 

Merus jumps on top of the train.

As we go further in this chapter, we see Merus jumps on the train. He tries to prevent these criminals from causing any more trouble. These robbers does their evil tricks and they got away from Merus. 

Later in this chapter, we find out that Merus allowed them to run away so that he could save the workers in the train. 

In the process, these robbers escaped with the spaceship. 

Vegeta thinking to himself about the criminals escaping with a spaceship.

I like this scene of Vegeta thinking in his head and is like, “How did these robbers sabotage the spaceship? How did I miss that?” 

I think that Merus is actually has some special abilities and powers as well.

Merus' character is well-defined.

I’m already loving Merus a lot now!!

He’s very fast, crafty, and intelligent. 

Here is something to note. 

The Galactic Patrolman can’t fly, but they have these fire boots to fly around. So both Merus and Jaco use them in this episode. 

Even Goku noticed it and says, “Oh, that’s how they can fly.”

Later on, Goku actually flies and the robbers couldn’t believe that someone is flying without any gear on their feet.

Goku sensed Moro's energy

What happens at the end of this chapter, Merus and company captured the criminals. This manga showed us the craftiness Merus. 

Then Goku sensed where Moro is. At the point, Goku knows the direction where Moro is located. Goku looked at Moro and Moro looks back at him. 

This is showing us that Moro can see that Goku is sensing his chi from afar, which is quite frightening. 

This new enemy seems very powerful. 

By the looks of this, we may get an encounter between Goku, Vegeta, and Moro in the next chapter. 

Chapter 44 will be available next month. 

That should be really exciting!! 

I assume that in their first encounter with Moro, both Goku and Vegeta will get stomped, which typically what happens. 

Then Goku and Vegeta would come back to do some training and come up with a special technique to defeat Moro. Maybe this villain is beatable and is not the main villain in this arc. 

My Thoughts on the 'Galactic Patrol' Arc

Overall, this “Galactic Patrol” arc manga chapter was very enjoyable. I think that this chapter was very well story-boarded. It was very easy to follow. 

This chapter didn’t seemed rushed at all. It is a chapter you can digest and enjoy reading well. 

In the next chapter, I think Moro will make it difficult for Goku and Vegeta during their first encounter. I’m curious what kind of magic power Moro will use on them and how both Saiyans respond. 

Both Goku and Vegeta may rely other physical power instead of using their god forms.

Anything can happen!!

I actually enjoyed this manga and I hope you did as well!!

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode Seven Preview

Also, we have new information from Dragon Ball Hype on Twitter regarding a release date for episode seven of Dragon Ball Heroes.

Here it is.

Episode seven of Dragon Ball Heroes will be released in early January 2019. In addition, the preview for episode seven just released. 

The video is shown above for your enjoyment.

What's more exciting is the return of merged Zamasu and Kefla!!

Both fighters will battle in Dragon Ball Heroes next year.

This is exciting news!!

New Characters Revealed

We do know what’s coming in that episode, the “Universe Mission Series Six”. It also states that new characters will be coming. Both Oren and Makan are coming to play big roles to start episode seven of the promotional anime.

This is exciting news!!

That is all the information I have for you guys!!

Stay tuned for more Dragon Ball news!

Happy Holidays!!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post!

Thank you all for reading!

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Until next time, my friends! ^_^

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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Manga Chapter 43 Review and ‘Dragon Ball Heroes’ Episode 7 Release Date Revealed!!
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