'Dragon Ball Super': Migatte Blue Vegeta Explained!!

The power beyond Super Saiyan Blue!!

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Today, we are going to discuss the new transformation of Vegeta and what his new form entails.

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There are a lot of similarities between Super Vegeta in his battle with Perfect Cell and Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta in his most challenging battle with Jiren. I think the writing staff did this on purpose to showcase and foreshadow the new transformation that Vegeta will be getting in the next episode of Dragon Ball Super.

Now, I stated before that the "new form," which I was calling it "Ultra Blue," I thought that sounded cool and the main reason I wanted to go on that direction is because I think it would be a "badass" if Vegeta turns into Ultra Blue, or soon to be confirmed as "Migatte Blue," which sounds intimidating. 

Now I have to be honest. 

This new form of Vegeta looks far more similar to Super Vegeta that it does to anything that Migatte Blue has shown to look like.

Super Saiyan Migatte Blue Power-Up With!

The quick snapshot that we got from the preview of episode 123, Vegeta looks distinctly different than his normal Super Saiyan Blue transformation, which got slightly more muscle mass. Vegeta's aura is a lot "darker" blue, along with his hair that looks a little bit longer and more sharper. So honestly, this new form looks like a real "God form" and with more substance. 

I think his new form compliments him very well don't you guys think?

I mean, he looks invisible in that form alongside Goku's Super Saiyan Blue Kaoiken x20 form.

Vegeta saw through Jiren's attack!

Now, the fact that Vegeta on his own was able to see through Jiren's attack and respond to it, is looking similar to Ultra Instinct. This has led a lot of people on the internet to speculate that this could be a mixture of Ultra Instinct and Super Saiyan Migatte Blue. I do think that Vegeta, at some point, really did get a spurt of Ultra Instinct. Now, I do not think that this was true Ultra Instinct, not close to what Goku got from his fight with Jiren.

I think Vegeta is just using Ultra Instinct as a "technique," similar to the way the "Gods of Destruction" use it. Whis uses it in his "base form" all the time because he is an angel and is a teacher of Lord Beerus. I really do think that this moment of Vegeta looking through Jiren's attack and using the Ultra Instinct technique and his new transformation, are going to be "linked" together.

Artistic Work of Migatte Blue Vegeta!

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Personally, Vegeta being able to use a technique that up to this point, only Gods, Angels, and Goku, who has gotten a new transformation, have been able to use signifies that Vegeta will get a more "God-like" power. Just like the Super Vegeta transformation was a more amped-up version of Super Saiyan, where they got more "raw power." They got more of the Super Saiyan demeanor. 

I believe this Migatte Blue transformation or Ultra Blue will have a better "God-ki" control, along with flexible and durable stamina. In other words, Vegeta is mastering Super Saiyan Blue while he fights, similar to what other characters have done in the manga. Now, with the distinct difference being that Vegeta is gaining the Ultra Instinct technique and learning how to use it well.

So what is the trigger for Vegeta to becoming Migatte Blue?

Jiren's devastating Hakai Burst move!

Similar to how Goku got Ultra Instinct, the "Hakai Burst" blast that Jiren hit Vegeta with at the end of episode 122, was the trigger in my opinion. This devastating attack was meant to completely disable Vegeta and kill him and that is what Jiren intended. 

Vegeta looked knocked out!

A lot of people like to state that when Vegeta was on the ground and knocked out cold, his eyes looked gray and those are very similar to Ultra Instinct, just like Goku's eyes. However, I think that Vegeta was completely passed the limit of being beaten up. So I think that is exactly what happened to Vegeta at that moment. He was definitely "done" and it looked like the similar effect when Goku fell in his own "Spirit Bomb" attack, right before he transformed into Ultra Instinct.

Vegeta seeing blue crystals all around him!

So with his body being completely beaten and depleted all of his ki, I believe that in the next episode, Vegeta will get up and suddenly see blue crystals all around him and will go beyond Super Saiyan Blue. His body is going to be filled with pure, God-ki and that is the transformation we will see in episode 123. Probably as pure as Jiren stated about his fighting style. 

I cannot wait to see the limits of his transformation because it is going to be so awesome!

Finally, Vegeta will get his shine and unleash his new power!

The Ultimate Tag-Team!

Maybe in the next couple episodes, we may see full-power Ultra Instinct Goku and Migatte Blue Vegeta fighting side-by-side and defeating Jiren to win the "Tournament of Power." I have a strong feeling that this is going to happen and it is the only option they have in order to defeat Jiren once and for all.

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