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'Dragon Ball Super' Movie Fan Film Review: Origin of the Saiyans!!

A Full Breakdown on Mastar Media's Funimation Masterpiece!

Image Credit: @mastarmedia

Welcome, Dragon Ball fans!!

I am yours truly, Michael, and I am back with something different. As we all wait in anticipation for the release of the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie in December, we have guys like Mastar Media providing us with great fan-made content. Mastar is the creator of "Anime War" and released the Dragon Ball Super movie "Fan Film" of the "Origin of the Saiyans." This is where we see not only his rendition and vision of the "new" Saiyan, but also how Goku fights him. 

I am yours truly, Michael, and here is my breakdown and review of the "Funimation Fan Film" by Mastar Media. The content is all copyrighted by Akira Toriyama. 

This is a deeper look at Mastar Media’s latest masterpiece! 

Honestly, guys, I have been a major fan of Mastar Media for a very long time. This animation impressed me to new levels. So, if you want to check out Mastar's work on YouTube, here is the link here. Before I begin, guys, if you are new here, do not forget to view my profile and support your boy.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

The Glacier Landscape!

So, the animation begins with a nice close-up on to the story landscape where the Saiyans are fighting on. This scene is similar to the Super Android 13 movie.  

Goku Bouncing Around!

Now we see the animation straight from the upcoming Dragon Ball Super of Goku jumping around. I hope Toei Animation does not strike this as the copyright. 

The New Saiyan's Foot!

Then Mastar’s own animation character comes into play and we see his rendition of the new Saiyan. 

The New Saiyan has emerged!

Mastar has gone pretty classic and safe with the armor choice. The armor is similar to Turles from the Tree of Might movie. The overall look and face of this new Saiyan has been done really well. The new Saiyan is looking down at Goku with natural hair that already looks as if he is in some sort of a Saiyan power-up, even while in base form. 

Goku Issuing a Challenge to the Mystery Saiyan!

The conversation between Goku and this new foe works extremely well. Mastar has done a great job of capturing the happy Goku, but also the new and all-powerful foe. 

The New Saiyan questions Goku!

The new Saiyan was questioning who Goku is and daring to challenge him. 

The Saiyan's name is revealed as Akumo!

The reveal of this new foe’s name is Akumo and it fits with his demonic look. The name means “Devil or Demon” and it is slightly off of what we would expect the Saiyan to be called. Regardless of him being the “Father of all Saiyans” or not, this is pretty much every single Saiyan, including the newly revealed. Shallot is named after vegetables. 

Goku looked shocked!

Now after revealing that he is the first Saiyan, as you would expect, Goku is shocked and said, “You must be extremely old” (laugh). This is the best comedic scene ever, and Mastar nailed Goku's funny personality well.

Goku & Akumo start to fight!

The use of the actual trailer animation, mixed with Mastar’s own, was seemingly enough to prove this true great work. Again, more interesting conversation occurs here, which is fitting that Goku asks what Akumo is after. 

Android 17 restores all the erased universes with a wish!

Mastar very cleverly dives into the hot talking point and theory that was mentioned here and other places that work till this very day. The theory of when Android 17 wished for all erased universes back, that brought back the first six erased universes that Zeno (Omni-King) erased because of his anger. 

Akumo's Explanation of How Each God Ruled Universes!

It was also in that video that touched upon the possibility that as 18 is a set of six, the universes might be sets of triplets, rather than twins, meaning a third universe that contains Saiyans exists. This is shown in animation perfectly. 

Akumo wants to rule every universes to get his revenge on Zeno!

The rest of the story becomes a bit strange with Akumo claiming to rule three universes, including Universe 7. Those were good plot points and I have never heard of one God ruling over three universes. If this is a good possibility, it could serve as a great motivation for a power hungry individual to claim every universe in the process to avenge Zeno. 

Omni-King Zeno

However, unless Mastar reveals that through doing this, Akumo will gain a power-boost that will allow him to defeat Zeno. Then there is no one that can stop the Omni-King from repeating history and wiping Akumo off in an instant.

Super Saiyan Goku

When Goku does eventually transform into a Super Saiyan, is there another point moment in this Fanimation and this is what you will expect to see Goku to do. Not only he likes to test his opponents, but to land his first punch at the first ever Saiyan to a true Super Saiyan transformation. 

Akumo transformed into a 'true' Super Saiyan form!

Akumo then references that Goku’s Super Saiyan form is not a true transformation and transformed into a form that reminiscent of Broly and Kale, who was said to possess the true form of a Super Saiyan. This was a good touch from Mastar Media, which is amazing. 

Goku turns into Super Saiyan Blue!

Some great fight scenes follow up and Goku went to Super Saiyan Blue, which barely fazed Akumo’s legendary form. 

Goku transformed into mastered Ultra Instinct!

Then Goku revealed his true mastered Ultra Instinct form!! 

We all know the movie will most likely feature this form and Mastar knows it too. So it was perfect time to reveal this, but what's also perfect is  the idea that Akumo was the inventor of the Ultra Instinct form. 

The Grand Priest & Angels

Now we all know as fans of the Angels of the ones who teach Ultra Instinct and they are the ones who know it. The Angels themselves are the children of the Grand Priest, who more than likely is the true originator of Ultra Instinct. 

Akumo's Mastered Ultra Instinct Form!

We can give Mastar some creative license here to bend the rules here for the sake of this great animation. 

Seeing Ultra Instinct versus Ultra Instinct would definitely be hyped as hell. I am looking forward to reviewing more pieces exactly like this in the future. 

So keep up the great work, Mastar Media!!! 

I hope Mastar continues with this story and builds on it. I want to see both mastered Ultra Instinct Saiyans going at it.

That is it today for the Dragon Ball breakdown and analysis!

Thank you so much for reading!

Thank you for contributing to my post, and I really appreciate it!

Follow me on:

Twitter: @MikeAReynoso

Facebook: Michael Reynoso

Discord: GamerMike#7719

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Until next time ^_^

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'Dragon Ball Super' Movie Fan Film Review: Origin of the Saiyans!!
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