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'Dragon Ball Super': Super Saiyan Blue Fully Explained!

The theory behind Super Saiyan Blue: power levels, God ki, and hidden potential!

Image Credit: @DBZClips

Hey 'Super Saiyan Blue' fans!

Today, we are going to discuss the essence of a "Super Saiyan Blue," and how it is used correctly. We will also learn about power levels, God ki, and hidden potential that super saiyan blue embodies.

So, let's break this down!

Now, Krillin (Goku's best friend) was able to go toe-to-toe against super saiyan blue Goku. Also, when Goku fought against Android 17, he was forced to go super saiyan blue. Now, it's not because Goku is getting weaker. The real reason that Goku was forced to go super saiyan blue is because, if he did not, he would have accidentally killed both Krillin and Android 17. The reason for that is, because of how "Super Saiyan God" and super saiyan blue transformations actually works.

What is Super Saiyan Blue?

What is God ki?

What is Power Level?

People need to know the truth about super saiyan blue. So, how does it work?

Super Saiyan!

Every single life form in the "multiverse" has ki. Now ki is basically a tangible energy. Now when you transform into "Super Saiyan," you get a power level "multiplier" of 50. 

Super Saiyan 2!

For " Super Saiyan 2" is 100!

Super Saiyan 3!

For "Super Saiyan 3" is 400!

Super Saiyan Blue Form!

I am sure you guys have heard from many people before about the super saiyan blue form. In the super saiyan blue transformation, it is not a multiplier, but rather a "ki control" and there is a huge difference between super saiyan blue and super saiyan transformation. 

I am going to break it down for you guys!

Let me ask you a question. When Goku is super saiyan blue and he is in his "base form," or even super saiyan 3, when does he have more ki?

The answer is, Goku has the same amount of ki in every single transformation because, you see, every single character has a "hidden potential." That is basically how much total ki they have reserved in their body.

Super Saiyan 2 Gohan!

Now in Gohan's case, he has more hidden potential than his own father (Goku). So, technically, Gohan has more reserved ki than Goku does, but Goku is way better at accessing that hidden ki. 

Goku Unleashing his Super Saiyan Power Boost!

Now, what is a power level?

Power level basically means strength and strength or power level is how much ki you can actually exhort or how much ki you can output. Now super saiyan 1, 2, and 3 transformations have a benefit, where you can have more access to your total ki, or hidden potential, and that is one of the benefits of it.

However, because the super saiyan transformations are based on anger and emotional instability, there is a huge drawback. The drawback is that when you go super saiyan 1, 2, and 3, you have more ki leakage. 

Super Saiyan 3 Goku!

Image Credit: @CaptCapsule

More ki is being leaked out of your body and it is very inefficient. The harder you go, like "Super Saiyan 3," you are wasting so much of your ki that is not even worth it.

Raditz (Scouter)

Now how does a "scouter" work?

You know, the little scouter that says, "it's over 9,000!!!" 

Just a little humor. 

So, when a scouter reaches your energy level or power level, it's not like reading how much hidden-potential you have or how much total ki you have in your body, but, instead, the scouter is detecting how much of your ki is being leaked into the atmosphere.

That is how a scouter works, which is why, if I was to put on a scouter and I was trying to detect how much power level Goku has in his super saiyan blue form, the scouter will say, "0."

God Ki!

Image Credit: @MJxTV

Now, in your super saiyan blue transformation, you are not leaking any ki. It is being reserved in your body and you only use ki when you need to.

Why is this so important?

It is because you have more "ki control," and that is why other people cannot attack super saiyan blue and your power level. Now, the super saiyan blue transformation is not actually a "God ki," it is not a different type of ki, it is the 'same' ki. The only difference is that it is such a higher level of control that mortals who do not have that type of level of control, they cannot defeat them. 

However, other gods like Lord Beerus, for example, who do have ki control, they are able to detect the power level of a super saiyan blue. That is the real reason that Goku goes super saiyan blue, because when you achieve that form, it is actually more flexible.

Super Saiyan Failures!

You are able to alternate between different power levels, but when you go to super saiyan 1, you go from 0 - 50. Then super saiyan 2 to 100 and super saiyan 3 to 400. You do not have that much flexibility. So if I am a super saiyan 3 and if I do a little 'flick' to you with my finger, I might accidentally kill you, because I do not have that much control of my power level.

Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta & Goku!

Image Credit: @dokkantube

If I go 'Super Saiyan Blue,' not only am I not wasting my ki, and not leaking out my ki, but I also have more control of it. So I can go from 100, down to 20 and up to 500, and have more control over my ki. That is why when both Goku and Vegeta goes to super saiyan blue, they do not need to get angry, because super saiyan blue is not based on anger and being emotional.

It is the complete opposite. 

It is based on emotional stability and being calm with your body and accepting your fate. So that is why you need ki control and a lot of training to go along with it. However, in order for you to achieve the super saiyan blue transformation, there is something you need to do. You need to have a lot of stamina and that is the biggest reason why a lot of these characters are not able to achieve full ki control.

High Stamina vs. Ki

Now, by having high-stamina for your body to handle large amounts of ki, in order to get access to it, is not very difficult. For example, Goku trained in the "Hyperbolic Time Chamber" in his super saiyan transformation, and was able to control his form to such a degree that it actually increased his stamina, but not just that. Goku's "kaoiken" transformation is another way that Goku's body has got an increased stamina, which was preparing him to get a super saiyan blue transformation. 

So at the end of the day, going super saiyan blue makes a lot of sense, but that does not mean that it is perfect. One of the downsides to super saiyan blue is when you achieve the form, yes, you have more ki control and you are not leaking out any ki. 

That's good!

Super Saiyan Blue Transformation!

However, you use a lot of ki and you leak out a lot of ki whenever you transform, which is why you cannot just transform in and out, it is because that is where you end up wasting a lot of your ki. You need to transform and stay in that form. Then you finish the fight. So that is why Goku keeps transforming into super saiyan blue, but the fact that he is going super saiyan blue so often, and his body keeps getting used to it, that is going to possibly unlock a "new form," or a "new technique."

Now the question you may be wondering at this point, is super saiyan blue x2 or super saiyan blue x3 possible?

Yes, and no.

It's not possible if you already have ki control. Then why do you need to get an additional multiplier and you could just do the "Kaoiken Technique."


Image Credit: @micka_rob

So, I do not think that we are going to see a super saiyan blue x2 transformation in the "Tournament of Power." 

That is my belief. 

I hope you guys understand how super saiyan blue transformation is and how they function. differently than regular super saiyan transformations. It is not a different type of ki and it is not a multiplier. It is just ki control and having access to your total potential energy, but that does not mean that you are immediately able to access all of your energy. As we saw the 'Goku Black" arc, Goku actually got angry and had his power level increased. 

Furthermore, he was able to access more of his ki, but clearly, Goku was leaking out more ki during that little explosion he had when he was revealed that both of his loved ones (Chi-chi and Goten) were murdered by Goku Black. 

There may be downfalls when it comes to ki control, but the good news is because of the way that super saiyan blue works, and the way ki control works as well, it means that other characters have the potential and the possibility to achieve a similar type of ki control, especially Future Trunks.

That's it for this post, guys!

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Until next time! ^_^

Happy New Year!!!

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'Dragon Ball Super': Super Saiyan Blue Fully Explained!
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