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'Dragon Ball Super': The God of Destruction, 'Bes!'

The True Identity and Origin of Bes!

Image Credit: @MrOppaiSenpai

Welcome back, Dragon Ball Super fans!!

I am yours truly, Michael, A.K.A. Mike!

Today, we will discuss the true identity of "God of Destruction," known as "Bes" from Universe 9.

Bes 'wrist bands!'

Now, I know what you are wondering: what is that thing around his wrist? I am going to talk about that later in this post, but first, let's talk about the true identity of Bes. 

So, let's not waste any more time and get right to it!

Ancient Thor!

Some people have theorized that Bes may be from "Norse mythologies," similar to Thor. However, I completely disagree, because after studying the evidence, I am convinced that this character is actually one of the "Egyptian Gods." 

Egyptian God, Bes!

So now we are going to dig a little bit deeper, because if you analyze Bes character's physical traits and put it into the context of the Egyptian God that Beerus represents, you will find out that the God of Destruction from Universe 2's true identity is the Egyptian God, Bes. 

That's right! 

I said Bes!


Bes is also known as "Bisu," who was an ancient Egyptian dwarf God, generally described with a beard. He was a complex being who was both a deity and a demonic fighter. Bes was a "God of War" and over time, he came to be seen as the "champion" of everything good and the enemy of everything evil.


Bes was originally known as "Aha," which translates to "fighter," because he could strangle bears, lions, and snakes with his bare hands. He is described as a "demon" but was not considered to be evil. On the contrary, he was loved and worshipped by mortals.

God of Childbirth

Bes also protects women and children above all others. So he became a "God of childbirth." 

Ancient household item!

Bes was also one of the most popular Gods of ancient Egypt and was often shown with "household items," as well as "magical wands" and "knives." 

Animated version of Bes!

Now, the reason that Bes is so "ugly" is that his ugliness actually helped drive away the "evil spirits" who caused accidents and created mischief around the country. Bes was also associated with "dancing" and "music." So right away, we can start to see the physical similarities between Bes and the God of Destruction—from the ugly face to the dwarf size, to his beard and the overall look. There is an almost perfect similarity between this character and the legendary Egyptian God, Bes.

Bes's "mean" look!

If my theory is correct, then his personality would likely be of someone who loves comedy, is extremely kind, truly cares about mortals and protecting the universe against evil. Now I know his face looks like he is a "mean" character, but that is just classic Akira Toriyama comedy.

Omni King Zeno

Image Credit: @ChrisBeveridge

When you look into Zeno (Omni King), he looks like an innocent little kid, but in reality, he is the most powerful deity in the multiverse and has no problem killing trillions upon trillions of enemies that dare to disrespect him.

The "Sa" symbol!

So likewise, this character's personality is likely to be the opposite of what his face implies on the surface. Now, let's analyze what Bes is wearing on his wrist. This might be a bit of a leap, but that truly looks like a slight variation of the symbol of the "Sa." The "Sa" symbol was a symbol of protection and the physical life, which was favored by pregnant women and by mothers to shield their young children against evil.

It was often used in amulets, talismans, and used to create a "bond" between the mortal and the supernatural world. 

Egyptian God, Bes!

Also, it was commonly associated with no other than—you guessed it—the Egyptian God himself, Bes. So, what are your personal theories and analyses on who the true identity of this God of Destruction is? 

So I believe, if my theory is correct and everything aligns perfectly, then this character is going to be leading the "good guys" and protecting his people against evil. He is also going to be one of the leaders of the Gods of Destruction and fight against evil, which is probably going to come from another God. This character is definitely with the good guys. He is not going down to the dark side.

I also believe that Bes is stronger than Lord Beerus, being the fact that it was already hinted before that there were Gods of Destruction more powerful than Beerus. I think it makes sense for Bes's character to be one of the characters above Beerus, in terms of fighting skills and power level. So that is all I have to say. I hope you guys learned about Bes and his true identity.

This concludes my post for today, guys!

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Until next time! ^_^

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'Dragon Ball Super': The God of Destruction, 'Bes!'
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