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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Update: Gogeta vs. Vegito Outcome Is Revealed

An Ongoing Discussion: The Gogeta vs. Vegito fight outcome has been revealed!

Welcome, Dragon Ball fans!!

I hope you all are having a wonderful week!!

There has been an ongoing debate on which fusion fighter is the strongest: Gogeta or Vegito!

Many Dragon Ball fans even called this matchup a “Dream Match.” I would say so myself. Ever since Gogeta became canon and appeared in the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie trailer, the debate between him and Vegito began. In addition, we have new information regarding the Dragon Ball fusion methods that pertain to Gogeta and Vegito’s fusion techniques.

Today, I will break down each Dragon Ball fusion method and explain how each fusion fighter possesses their own unique fusion techniques.

So without further ado, let’s jump right into the Dragon Ball fusion methods!

Gogeta (Base Form)

When Gogeta first appeared in the Dragon Ball Super: Broly trailer, this had fans discussed the pros and cons of the new Dragon Ball fusion methods. To confirm this new information, a new article from the Weekly Shonen Jump (which is shown below) has given us fans a breakdown of the two Dragon Ball fusion methods: Fusion Dance and Potara Earrings.

These two methods will explain what the strengths and weaknesses are in each method. There is also another debate this is still ongoing for some time now from Dragon Ball fans.

Who will win in a fight between Gogeta and Vegito?!

This is not entirely all.

There are other "what if" scenarios on what would happen with Dragon Ball’s most powerful fusion fighters, which includes: The Dream Match, Gogeta versus Vegetto!! Who is the strongest in the Universe?!

Proof of Gogeta & Vegito's Fusion Techniques Explained

In this shot here, it breaks down what type of scenario that a lot of die-hard Dragon Ball fans have been discussing for some time now. The Dragon Ball fusion methods reveal that there is a clear separation of powers between the “Fusion Dance” that creates Gogeta, and the “Potara Earrings” that creates Vegito.

To explain further, the fusion dance is made for a more powerful body and soul merging. However, this fusion can only last for one hour. Achieving the fusion dance in itself is a tough task. In addition, it takes a large amount of practice and precision to execute the fusion dance. Also to note, two warriors must be similar in size and power in order for the fusion dance to work.

Now we go to the Potara Earrings.

This fusion technique is a more stable Dragon Ball method of fusion. This fusion technique can merge fighters of different sizes and power levels, with no time limit. However, there is a major setback of the Potara Earrings fusion.

Once the fusion is done, it cannot be undone!

This indicates that both warriors will remain fused forever!!

Supreme Kai and Kibito's fusion looks undone!

You may be wondering, "how will this fusion be undone?"

Here is a perfect example for this question. Remember back in Dragon Ball Super, during Champs tournament, we saw both the Supreme Kai and Kibito appear in their normal bodies. This can only mean one thing. Someone could have summoned Shenron and wish for both Supreme Kai and Kibito to return back to their real bodies.

This is my best guess and it makes a lot of sense: To summon Shenron and make a wish to undo the Potara fusion is the likely scenario in this case.

Super Saiyan Gogeta and Super Saiyan Blue Vegito

As stated earlier, this is not about Dragon Ball power level comparisons.

This is about time versus power.

As it stands, Gogeta has a greater chance of winning a fight against Broly, if it is a quick head-to-head battle.

In Vegito's case, if he were to use any type of tactical strategy, he would have to fight longer. Then odds would dramatically shift too quickly in Gogeta’s favor. As long as both Gogeta and Vegito are around, the debate will never end.

Do you agree with this breakdown of a Gogeta versus Vegito fight?

There you have it, folks!

Those are the Dragon Ball fusion methods about Gogeta and Vegito's fusion techniques.

Thank you for reading!

Thank you for contributing to my post. I really appreciate it!

Stay tuned for the latest Dragon Ball updates below.

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Until next time! ^_^

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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Update: Gogeta vs. Vegito Outcome Is Revealed
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