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Dylan O'Brien Is on the Rise in Hollywood. Here's Why He Will Be the Next Big Star

If you're not already familiar with his work in 'Teen Wolf' or' The Maze Runner,' it's time to become a fan of one of the next great A-list actors.

I am sure this is not your first time hearing the name Dylan O'Brien. But this could be the first time you are going to actually learn why you have been hearing his name so often. He has been all over the internet recently with rumors that he was going to take over as Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This of course proved to just be a rumor, with the news that Marvel would cast a 15-18 year old actor.

If you have never seen the MTV series Teen Wolf, or gotten a chance to see the latest young adult fiction hit The Maze Runner, then you probably have no idea why this 23-year-old actor continues to have his name thrown around movie websites and Hollywood rumors. Hopefully, reading this article will help you understand, and hopefully become a fan of one of the next great A-list actors.

Dyan O'Brien

Starting Out

O'Brien was born in New York City, where he remained until he was 12 and his family moved to California. He was born to Patrick O'Brien, and Lisa Rhodes. His mother was a former actress and ran an acting school. While his mother introduced him to acting, O'Brien's first love was Sports Broadcasting.

He initially planned to attend Syracuse University, and major in Sports Broadcasting in hopes of working for the New York Mets, his favorite MLB team.

While he did have dreams of Sports Broadcasting, the entertainment industry was still a part of his life. At 14, he started his own Youtube channel called 'Dis Be My Channel' where he showed off his comedic flair.

After he graduated from High School he moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

His First Big Break in the Acting World

He found his way to an audition for Teen Wolf. He initially had auditioned for the main role of Scott, that eventually went to Tyler Posey. But after reading the script, he realized that the role of Stiles was a much better fit for him. O'Brien got the role, and has become the most beloved character on the show.

Playing Stiles allowed O'Brien to show off his amazing comedic abilities. When I watch his delivery and mannerisms, it is right on par with comedic giants like Ryan Reynolds and Robert Downey Jr., and much like these two comparisons, O'Brien is far more than a funny man.

He found his way into movies playing diverse characters like the stoner Jimmy in High Road, a awkward love struck virgin in The First Time, and a sarcastic pessimist in The Internship.

But Season 3B of Teen Wolf is when his acting range was truly proven. During the season, his character Stiles becomes possessed by an evil spirit (realistic right?) that completely changed the dynamic of show. His ability to flip from funny to a sadistic mad man was chilling, and there were many that believed he was snubbed for the Emmy of Best Supporting Actor in a Drama.

He showed fans of Teen Wolf and the Hollywood community just how talented he was, which led to movie opportunities.

In 2014, he was cast as the main character in the young adult fiction novel adaptation, The Maze Runner.

He played the character of Thomas, a overly curious teen who worked with his fellow "gladers" to get out of a giant Maze that they had been trapped in.

He proved his leading man potential, along with outshining all of the other young actors in the film, which is saying something considering that one of the main praises from the film is the great acting from the whole cast.

Dylan O'Brien in 'The Maze Runner'

Dylan O'Brien has proven that his acting range is limitless. He is the most talented young actor in Hollywood currently, and one of the rare talents that can truly become a character and cause the audience to forget that they are watching a movie or show. You do not see Dylan O'Brien when he is acting, you only see the character that he is playing.

His Upcoming Success

He is primed for stardom in 2015. He will of course be starring as Stiles again in Season 5 of Teen Wolf. But also starring again as Thomas in The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials; a sequel to The Maze Runner that could put him on the same level as fellow young adult fiction stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Shailene Woodley.

But what could be his biggest step in Hollywood is the recent casting news that he will star alongside Mark Wahlberg in Deepwater Horizon. A drama based on the Deepwater Horizon explosion in the Gulf of Mexico.

There is already a large number of fans that recognize O'Brien's talent. Hopefully the rest of the world will follow suit in 2015.

Dylan O'Brien is one of the most talented actors in Hollywood, that by all accounts seems like he is a genuinely good person. He could be a role model for others, and possibly become one of the best actors of this generation, if not THE best.

I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Dylan O'Brien, and I hope he continues to make great movies, and gives us characters that we can fall in love with for the foreseeable future.

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Dylan O'Brien Is on the Rise in Hollywood. Here's Why He Will Be the Next Big Star
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