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Emma Stone A 'Mean Girl'?

Why not?

Mean Girls was quite probably one of Lindsay Lohan's best works in her very brief filmography and continues to be well-loved today.  With the likes of Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Tim Meadows as the beleaguered adults in the world of teens Lohan, Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried, the chemistry between the cast was hard to deny.  While there was a largely forgettable attempt to reconjure the magic of that group in 2011's television movie Mean Girls 2, there continues to be a clamoring for a real sequel to the original.

It seems that Lindsay Lohan, at the very least, is looking to see that happen for real.  Word is that the oft-troubled actress has extended an invite via social media to Oscar-winning actress Emma Stone to come on board for a Mean Girls 2 film.  Lohan hit Instagram to ask Stone, who does not appear to be on social media, to join forces with her for the film.

Hailing the idea as "#sofetch," Lohan kept the request simple:

"Emma Stone.. can we film a movie called "Mean Girls 2" together?"

That was enough to send fans of both Lohan and Stone abuzz with the hopes that Lohan's Mean Girls character Cady and Stone's Easy A character Olive Penderghast might unite.  Twitter user @ahomacomic said that the film would be the "hottest sexiest film ever" and some Twitter users noted that technically, the film would really be Mean Girls 3, as the 2011 TV movie should really be counted, though it seems to have been widely panned; it received a 32 percent ranking on Rotten Tomatoes.

For her part, Lohan has been keeping a relatively low profile, both in Hollywood and in the news. She no longer appears to be making headlines for her drug use and "party girl" persona.  While she has two projects that are ongoing for 2017 - The Shadow Within is in post-production, according to, and she's been a regular in Sick Note.  Prior to that, however, her last credit is in the short Till Human Voices Wake Us in 2015 and an appearance in 2 Broke Girls in 2014.

While there has yet to be a response from Emma Stone's camp about the possibility of a Lohan-Stone project becoming a reality, it would appear that it's time for Lohan to find something to get her acting career off and running again.  The possibility for another Mean Girls movie might be made even more solid with news that Tina Fey's musical version of the movie will begin performances in October 2017 in Washington, D.C.  While the Broadway musical has long been in the works, Lohan could be using anticipation for the musical as a bolster for her request to Emma Stone that they unite for another Mean Girls film.

Should Stone say yes, that could be an outstanding birthday gift for Lohan, who turns 31 on July 2.  Lohan also used her Instagram pitch to Stone as a birthday invite for several individuals, including Queen Bey.

Yes, Beyoncé was indeed invited to Lohan's upcoming birthday celebrations, and while there is no official word from either Lohan's or Beyoncé's camp as to whether the pop megastar will actually put in an appearance at Lohan's party, it's a safe bet that perhaps Mrs. Carter might be a little too busy, having just given birth to twins.

That's all right though.  In the meantime, Mean Girls fans will have to exercise some patience to see when - and if - Stone responds to Lohan's suggestion.  After all, the Oscar winner has a rather full schedule for the next little while:  not only will she be portraying iconic tennis star Billie Jean King in Battle Of The Sexes opposite Steve Carrell as Bobby Riggs, she's been putting in appearances on Maniac, and is working on The Favorite and Cruella, a story based on the 101 Dalmatians villain Cruella DeVil.  The last two films will be out at some point in 2018.

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Emma Stone A 'Mean Girl'?
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