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Episode 1—Roan (Pt. 1)

Awkward moments guaranteed.

In this, the first episode, we meet our hosts Tiffany Wolter and Jay Cornwall and begin the tale of Roan, a young page falsely wanted for regicide. Awkward moments guaranteed.

It's not hyperbole to say that we couldn't have done this without the help of Amanda Orr at AO Marketing. Thank you for hosting this thing, whatever it is, and for all your help setting up our website.

We are also extremely thankful to the amazing Tara Watts, for allowing us to use her song "Hello Sun" as our theme music. You can find her music at BandCamp and we really do suggest that you check it out. 

And thank you. Yes you, the person reading this. Without you, there would still probably be an Unprepared Storytelling podcast (because let's face it we're kind of narcissistic here), but there wouldn't be much point to it. Now scroll down to get to know us and give our first episode a listen!

Meet Your Hosts

Jay Cornwall

Jay has a bachelor’s degree in psychology, which of course means he entered the public service. He has two dogs that are plotting what to destroy next, so he could really use the sweet, sweet podcast cheddar. He would be a writer if he wasn’t so lazy.

Check him out on Twitter or Instagram!

Tiffany Wolter

Tiffany has a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Marketing and works full-time in her field. Aside from that, she owns her own Makeup Artistry business, has her own YouTube channel, volunteers at the Humane Society of London Middlesex, and co-hosts this podcast. Her two cats are really the only thing keeping her sane at this point. We think she may be part machine.

Check her out on Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube!

Listen Here:

Please, don't forget to rate us on whatever platform you pod your casts. We would love to hear from you, whether it be a question, comment, story prompt, or just telling us about that thing you did last week that you thought no one saw.

You can always find us at or drop us a food old-fashioned email at [email protected] We're also on all of the social media as @unstorytelling.

Until next time, roll for initiative and be unprepared!

—Jay & Tiff

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Unprepared Storytelling
Unprepared Storytelling

A podcast about telling stories while being completely unprepared to do so. Every week, Tiffany and Jay take a writing prompt, and run blindly into battle with it. They are not professionals. They may be drinking. Results may vary.

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Episode 1—Roan (Pt. 1)
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