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Everybody Wants a Taste: Nick Jonas's 18 Greatest Instagram Pictures

Nick Jonas does not kid around when it comes to his body, and he has a number of pictures on Instagram to prove it.

Nick Jonas does not kid around when it comes to his body, and he has a number of pictures on Instagram to prove it.

The "Jealous" singer recently posted his progress in the gym while preparing for his role in the DirecTV series, #Kingdom. Jonas has been a series regular on the show, along with actor Frank Grillo, since its inception in 2014 and if his post is any indication, he is training hard for its third season.

His #Instagram is a collection of beautiful people, adorable babies and shirtless shots, and here are some of the best:

18. The Image Seen Around The World

Prior to this workout update, many still thought of Jonas as the #Disney teeny-bopper with shaggy hair and high-pitched voice. He lost the hair, kept the voice, and also took his shirt off revealing an Adonis-like figure. The image garnered over 350k likes and is one of Jonas's most well-known posts.

17. The Brothers' Smolder And Nick's Shoulders

While he and his brothers, Joe and Kevin, were still singing together, Nick posted this image of the three giving their best smolder for the camera and he decided to rock a white tank that accentuates his spectacularly sculpted arms.

16. Cuddling With An Adorable Dog

Here we see Jonas in his most swanky black hat snuggling up with his beautiful dog, Elvis. It's as if he knows how to make humans swoon more than they ever have, and the only thing more adorable than a handsome man and his dog, is a handsome man and adorable babies.

15. Jonas's Love For His Nieces Is Too Much

Nick's oldest brother, Kevin, has two daughters (Alena Rose and Valentina Angelina) with his wife, Danielle. Nick shines as the proud uncle as he lovingly looks into the eyes of his then-newborn nieces.

14. More Arms

This black-and-white image of Jonas showcases his sculpted physique in a tight Under Armor shirt. You can tell he is flexing his arms a little bit and there are no complaints coming from me.

13. His Shirtless 'Kingdom' Promo Pic

Kingdom sees a retired Mixed Martial Arts fighter turned trainer (Frank Grillo) as he attempts to juggle both keeping his MMA gym up and running and keeping his family united. Jonas stars as his son, Nate and this promo pic from the first season shows a serious-looking and shirtless Jonas.

12. Glimpse Of The Abs (That's All We Need)

For his spread in Flaunt Magazine, Jonas certainly flaunted (I'm sorry) his ridiculously sculpted stomach.

11. A Tropical Selfie

Does this image not make you want to be on the back of that ski-doo and sale into the beautiful, blue ocean with the young hunk? 343k people agree that such a prospect is tantalizing.

10. His Kid's Choice Awards Experience Complete With Jennifer Lopez And Chris Pratt

9. A Chicago Crowd, In The Rain, Belting Out 'Jealous'

This incredible video was taken at the Chicago B96 Summer Bash in 2015 and a little rain will certainly not stop the Nick Jonas fans from coming out and singing along with him to one of his biggest hits.

8. Rocking The Suit And Tie

Jonas channeled his inner Timberlake's "Suit And Tie" at the Miss America ceremony. There truly is nothing better than a well-dressed man — except for when a shirtless selfie is posted, of course.

7. Jonas And Demi Lovato's 'Hunger Games'-Inspired Image For Their Collaboration

Jonas and singer, #DemiLovato went on their Future Now tour in 2015 and to announce it, they released a kick ass looking poster with both singers donning their best white-and-blue attire.

6. This Adorable TBT Of A 13-Year-Old Jonas With His First Crush, Miley Cyrus

Oh boy, he really went through the vault for this one. We see the two simply adorable Disney stars at 13 with a pit-stained Jonas trying to keep his cool while hanging out with Hannah Montana.

5. Third-Wheeling With Lovato And Then-Boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama

Back when Vilderrama and Lovato were a couple, Jonas tagged along on a trip to St. Barths with them. Next time you don't feel like being a third wheel, you could always call me, Nick. I'll rearrange my schedule.

4. One Of His Most Popular Posts Involves A Hilarious Snapchat Filter

At over 857k likes and over 9,000 views, this Snapchat video posted back in February is one of Jonas's most popular posts. I like to imagine this is how he flirts and I am totally cool with everything about it.

3. Rocking 'The Wizard Of Oz' For Halloween With Lovato

Jonas played the Scarecrow to Lovato's Dorothy this Halloween and both beauties pull off their best smolders. I wonder if they went trick or treating.

2. Glimpse Of The Abs (Part 2)

He sure likes lifting up his shirt just enough to showcase his beautiful stomach.

1. Photo Booth Image That Fueled Rumors Of Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner As A Couple

To close off, this wedding photo booth picture taken in November where we see a glimpse of brother Joe and Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner making silly faces and being adorable together. Rumors surfaced a few days prior to of the two and this Instagram post basically sealed the deal that she had the Brother Approval.

Thank You For Your Instagram, #NickJonas

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Everybody Wants a Taste: Nick Jonas's 18 Greatest Instagram Pictures
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