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Everything You Need To Know About 'Incredibles 2'

Where you goin' ASAP?! You'd better be back ASAP!

We have waited 14 years for this. Not just every little kid in that local movie theater in 2004, but the Pixar lovers who are serious about analyzing the films, like me.

So, here's a PSA to all of you parents: if you have a child who's less than the age of six, leave them at home. This is a children's movie, but it is strictly for all of us who have been waiting for this sequel for 14 years. And if you have a child who could start screaming and crying during this movie, leave them at home. Please.

Anyways, Pixar's newest movie, Incredibles 2, is coming to theaters in June. I don't know how much you know about it, but what I'm gonna do is tell you everything important there is to know about the film, and with frame-by-frame trailer analysis, speculate about the plot and tell you what not everyone may know yet about the upcoming film.

First off, this film will be written and directed by Brad Bird, the same person who wrote and directed the original film.

Elastigirl, Mr. Incredible, Dash, Violet, Frozone, Edna Mode, Rick Dicker, and The Underminer will all be returning to the franchise after the previous film. Dash and Rick will be voiced by Huck Milner and Jonathan Banks, instead of Spencer Fox and Bud Luckey, who voiced them in the original.

The film will also feature multiple new characters that weren't in the original. Bob Odenkirk will be voicing Winston Deavor, who leads a telecommunications company called DevTech, and wants to bring supers back into the spotlight.

Catherine Keener will be the voice of Winston's sister, Evelyn Deavor, a technological genius who runs the company with him and has never encountered a problem she couldn't solve.

We also have Isabella Rossellini, who will be voicing The Ambassador, a dignified foreign official who also wants to bring the supers back.

There's also the new character, Voyd, who is voiced by Sophia Bush. Voyd is a wanna-be super who's a huge fan of Elastigirl. She has the power to create voids where objects can disappear and reappear.

If you zoom in on the film's official poster, you'll be able to see these characters:

These are a group of wannabe superheroes who want to join the ranks of Frozone and The Incredibles.

The super with the blue suit with a white K is Krushauer, and he has the power of telekinesis.

 The one next to him is Brick, and she, like Mr. Incredible is super-strong.

We also have Hi-lectrix, who can shoot lightning bolts from his fingertips (like a Sith).

And we have Reflux, a senior who can breathe hot lava. From the looks of it, he doesn't seem too happy about doing it. This can help break into some pretty secure locations.

Next to him is Voyd and next to her is Screech, who has owl-like eyes and a head that can turn 360 degrees. He can fly and can emit a screech so high-pitched it can break glass.

Some of you guys were a little worried that Syndrome wouldn't be back in the sequel. Well, we now know the villain of Incredibles 2.

This villain's name is Screenslaver, and he hypnotizes people using screens. We do not yet know too much about Screenslaver, but we can speculate that he will enslave the supers by making them perform evil tasks, defaming them, and ensuring that they never return.

From the trailers that have been released, we know that Incredibles 2 takes place right after the original, and we can assume that it will begin with a huge fight with the Underminer.

However, this fight will not be the one we gear up for at the end of The Incredibles. Because in this film's fight, The Incredibles are all wearing their supersuits.

I mean, the odds of these superheroes always wearing their supersuits underneath their clothes seems pretty unlikely. Also, Jack-Jack is in a stroller in this fight, but in the end of The Incredibles, Jack-Jack was around Helen's shoulders.

And in the trailer, The Underminer appears to be robbing a bank, which didn't seem like his intention in the original film. Mr. Incredible is also about to say, "We meet again!" to The Underminer before getting sucked into his machine.

From the trailers, we know that the tycoon Winston Deavor wants to bring supers back by changing people's perceptions of supers. And in order to do that, they wanted Elastigirl in the spotlight.

We saw in the official trailer that Frozone, Mr. Incredible, and Elastigirl are all at the meeting. However, this doesn't make sense if Elastigirl was the one they wanted the whole time. So, I'm predicting that all three of them are gonna be going through a series of superhero tests to decide who Devtech wanted, and Elastigirl won out.

You'll notice that Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl aren't in their new red suits designed by Edna, but they are in their old suits that they wore during the "glory days" at the beginning of The Incredibles. This is likely because these suits are the ones that everyone recognizes them in, not their new red suits.

Devtech supplies the Parr family with a brand new house. However, Elastigirl has to leave them behind for her secret missions, much like Mr. Incredible did in the first film.

Besides Metroville, there will also be a new town in Incredibles 2 called "New Urbem", which I assume will be the location of Devtech's headquarters.

Violet appears to have a new power. Throughout the first film, Violet was usually unable and unconfident about using her forcefield powers. But in this trailer, during the fight with the Underminer, you can see Violet blast a piece of debris into two using her forcefield ability, which we didn't see in the original.

And from one trailer with Violet, it appears that Tony Rydinger has discovered Violet's secret identity, and is now frightened by her.

Based on all this information, here is what I think will happen in Incredibles 2:

After The Incredibles take down The Underminer, a tycoon named Winston Deavor approaches Elastigirl, Mr. Incredible, and Frozone to talk about becoming famous supers again. He puts them through a series of tests, and Elastigirl wins out. She begins to work with a team of aspiring supers. But all of a sudden, a villain named Screenslaver appears, and begins to hypnotize supers and innocent civilians. The Incredibles must all band together to take down Screenslaver, and bring the supers back for good.

WOW, I'm really excited for this movie. Incredibles 2 comes out June 15th, 2018.

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Everything You Need To Know About 'Incredibles 2'
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