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Facts About 'Riverdale'

Just Some Quick Fun Facts

One of the most popular Netflix teen shows is Riverdale. After Gossip Girl or Vampire Diaries, this is the next show teens want to watch. However, there are a few things that you may or may not have known.

1. Riverdale's characters are based on the Archie Comics.

The picture above contains the characters from the Archie comics and you can see the similarities between the TV show and the comics. However, the comics were made to make people laugh and the show has a more teen drama focus to it.

2. KJ Apa, who plays as Archie in the show, is not a red-head.

This is kind of an obvious fact, but some people may not have known that because he looks really good with that red hair. His natural color is more of a dark brown almost black. But, he did ask for it to be dyed back to his original color after the season was done.

3. Madeline's hair color is her natural hair color.

The shows asked the hairstylist to match her hair color for KJ who, as you have read above had his hair dyed. That could be why his hair color looks not as artificial as you would expect.

4. Originally, Cole had auditioned for Archie's role.

Imagine that! But when he read the script over, he found that he liked Jughead's strong character instead.

5. Camila Mendes and Cole Sprouse went to NYU together.

Camila recognized him just from seeing him in the halls and around the same buildings, however, they were never in the same classes.

6. Veronica is Mendes' first major role.

Which is pretty impressive because she does a great job.

7. Madeline Petsh, (who is known as Cheryl on the show) had auditioned for Betty.

What changed? the producers thought she looked more like Cheryl Blossom and her presence in the audition made them think that she was perfect for the role.

8. Lili and Madeline live together.

They have become best friends over the show. It's funny like that even though Veronica and Betty are best friends, Lili and Madeline found they have more in common with each other.

9. There is no real time period when the show takes place.

The technology is up to date but the small town feel makes it seem like it's the 1950s. Especially because of Pop's Chocolate Shop. Their clothes however suggested otherwise.

10. Most of the scenes are filmed in...

Vancouver, Canada!

11. Originally, 'Riverdale' was meant to be a time-travel movie.

Instead, they made the show an intense teen drama and removed the time travel portion from the show.

12. The coolest fact of all is that every episode is based on a movie.

So, if you are a movie buff, you can probably find out what movie a certain episode is based on.

13. Archie aka K.J, had accidentally broke his hand when he was saving Cheryl from the frozen lake.

He got too caught up in the scene and then he broke his hand. 

14. A lot of the filmmakers wanted Cole Sprouse to play Archie.

But Sprouse felt a stronger connection with Jughead because he is a bit of an outsider, and it would be a challenge for him to play that role.

15. The actress who played Toni had received some death threats.

This is because of the way her character behaved with Jughead as one of his interests and they had kissed. Viewers were clearly upset. People need to realize they are just characters and not actual people doing these actions.

16. 'Riverdale' could get its own comics.

16. Riverdale might become a comic series (not Archie type comics) or even a book series.

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Facts About 'Riverdale'
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