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'Fairy Tail' Season 9

First Impression

Lucy, Happy, and Natsu

Finally! October has come and with it brings many, many amazing animes that premier this month. Among one of them is Fairy Tail's last season, or better known as season 9. It has been a long-awaited season and with it the story wraps up of our favorite guild members. Many fans are aware that the manga has finished and the new spin-off was released this summer in the continuance of the last manga chapter of Fairy Tail. Just because the manga has ended does not discourage fans. As a matter of fact, many fans have been in an enthusiastic uproar of the new season.

Therefore, I decided to share with other fans the first impression of the first episode of FT season 9. Beginning with the opening of the first episode, since most openings do tend to become quite popular, I decided to share my opinion on this matter. If you have not done so, take a quick look at the opening.

'Fairy Tail' Opening of Season 9

First, the opening for this season is absolutely great in my own opinion. Hiro Mashima had announced that the theme for this season is "hope" and the opening song truly hits home. It does portray a sense of hope in each and every FT member that is present as well as the nostalgic feeling of the "FT guild." If you are a fan, you know what I mean! Also, the Carla-human version is very entertaining to watch and also breaks the sweet moment by a comedy break. Overall, the presentation and song was perfect for the last season and seeing Natsu reach for Lucy's hand at the end of the song is truly majestic. 

The episode begins with Natsu and the gang waking up at dawn and tackling the morning with enthusiasm. Following that scene, we have the opening theme song, and then we get a few glimpses of potential villains. I am sure the dark and brooding moment was meant to be a clue that these guys will be the "bad guys" of this season. After a few seconds, we are quickly switched over to Natsu, Happy, and Lucy that have encountered a wild pig, which they end up defeating and they have him for dinner (yummy right?). Together, the three of them hope to bring back FT and have high hopes that the guild will reunite through Lucy somewhat keeping track of the members. The first member they decide to track down is Wendy, who is now a member of the Lamia Scale Guild. 

Wendy and Chelia perform.

Carla also makes an appearance in her human form and shocks the FT members. After the performance, Wendy gets a surprise visit from Natsu and Lucy. After a small talk, she tells them she cannot come with them back to the guild. She considers herself to be a member of Lamia Scale and it is now her new home. Feeling discouraged, Natsu and Lucy head back to their room meanwhile Chelia tells Wendy she should go back to FT. It is then that the town is attacked by monsters. Concluding that, the Lamia Scale members and FT members join forces to stop the destruction. Happy gets kidnapped by Chelia as she and Wendy decide to stop the monster themselves. However, Natsu is having none of that and he butt-heads a monster on his way to get his feline friend back. This concludes the end of the first episode and beginning of the closing song, which reminds me somewhat of the first closing theme from season 1. 

Closing Theme from Season 9

Lastly, we get a quick glimpse of the wizards in action against the terrorist group attacking the city in the next episode. Overall, I think the first episode of season 9 was quite well done. It stays along the lines of the manga and also maintains that sense of "FT pride." Many fans have been quite satisfied to see their favorite characters back in action, and I know for sure that I have enjoyed the first episode. Seeing the FT members back in action is enthusiastic. Thus far, it has been an enjoyable beginning and I am sure it will continue to be just as good for the rest of the season. 

Official Art of Season 9

Fairy Tail Guild and Master Mavis

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'Fairy Tail' Season 9
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