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Fan Fiction: Kim Taehyung

20-Year-Old Girl Who Moved with Her Mother to South Korea


I was on my way to one of the famous parks my mom mentioned earlier. Since we moved, I haven’t been able to go out because everything is so different and unfamiliar. But today, I decided I would try because the weather is so nice. I took my bicycle and now I am following the directions. The fresh air is so relaxing. At least, it distracts me from all those looks I get—I feel like I am an alien. I arrived at the destination and started taking pictures with my canon. The trees are a lot bigger than what I imagined and the little lake is filled with ducks. It’s so peaceful, everyone is enjoying their time and having fun. 

As I change places to another part of the park, I pass by a tall guy and I automatically stop right behind him. There were about two meters of distance between us and I already had my camera in my hands, taking pictures of him. He was looking in the trees, probably for something, but I couldn’t see from that distance. He was quite masculine and I could tell that he was handsome just by looking at his back. His outfit was simple, he was wearing a hat with sunglasses on. Somehow, his simple look made everything fit together. It was so perfect I needed to have it on a picture. Just as I was trying to zoom in to see what he was looking for, I accidentally put the flash on and snapped a picture. It made a noise loud enough for him to hear it and turn around to look at me. Realizing what I was doing, he looked surprised and started to walk towards me. I started to panic like an idiot. The moment I put my foot on the pedal, he put his hand on the handle. I was scared he would grab my camera so I protected it with my hands. I looked at him because he wasn’t doing anything and he stared at me for a good 50 seconds. I heard him saying something, but I didn’t get it.

“Excuse me,” I said and he removed his mask from his face.

“Can I see it?” he repeated looking curious.

I knew he didn’t know English very well because of his pronunciation but at least he tried. I opened my canon and showed him. He was pretty impressed because he kept making sounds going through the pictures. I know I was turning red because he was staring at me instead of the pictures. I looked down at my hands and I heard him saying, “again?” I looked up surprised and he gave me one of a smile, you know the one where you show your teeth. It’s at this moment I realized how freaking hot he was. I just nod. I couldn’t breathe until he backed up to find a good spot for pictures. He started taking some poses and I took many pictures of him. It’s like he knew how to do this like a pro. This time he was looking straight into the camera and I felt some pressure. He seemed to have fun so I relaxed a bit. He came back to me again, but this time real close. He looked at me saying “your turn?” and even before I said anything he was already taken my camera off my neck. It was exposed because my hair was stuck with the canon. I looked up and he was looking to the side, his cheeks red. When my hair was back down he immediately turned his back on me and started walking putting around three meters between us. 

Waiting for me to take a pose he saw that I didn’t know what to do and came back to me walking faster. He indicated me to lean on the seat of the bicycle with a leg straight and the other one on the tip of the pedal. At first, my hair was on the front but I flipped one side to the back and at the same moment, he took a picture. He came back to me almost jumping with joy and showed me. The picture was perfect, the angle and the lighting. I looked at him, I had no words. He smiled and asked me if I “like it?” I was so fascinated by his skills, I started complimenting him like crazy and asking questions about how he managed to make me look pretty—HA! The thing is, I bet he didn’t understand half of what I said. He received a call and declined it. He took his phone up to his chest and with his other hand pointing it saying “do you have phone?” 

At first, I hesitated since he’s a stranger (a HOT one) but I remembered the photos and the way I would send them to him so I took my phone out of my purse. I passed it to him. He added himself on an app the people use here to communicate and gave it back to me. I knew he had to go because of his call—although he looked like he didn’t want to. We said goodbye to each other and as he was walking out of the park I shouted “Wait! What’s your name?!” He turned back saying with his hand up “Taehyung! Kim Taehyung!” I waved back at him and he wouldn’t hear my name even if I tried. On the way back to my house, I stopped at a coffee shop and enjoyed a good frappuccino. About an hour passed and as I wrote things down in my journal, I received a notification on my phone. It was him. Nervous, I opened it.

“Come back tomorrow, same place, same time,” Tae said.

I hope you liked it!

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Fan Fiction: Kim Taehyung
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