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Fans Are Letting Netflix Know They Are Not Happy with the Decision to Cancel 'Everything Sucks!'

An online campaign has been formed to potentially convince the streaming service to reverse their decision in cancelling the 90s-set series.

[Credit: Netflix]

It seems as though many are not ready to say goodbye to the crew of Boring, Oregon. 

The Hollywood Reporter exclusively learned that Netflix chose not to renew its coming-of-age series Everything Sucks! which boasts a talented young cast consisting of Peyton Kennedy, Sydney Sweeney, Jahi Di'Allo Winston, Rio Mangini, Quinn Liebling and Elijah Stevenson. The news was announced on Friday the 6th and as of Sunday night, a petition calling for a renewal has impressively managed to close in on 10,000 signatures and counting. 

Social media has been ablaze by die-hard fans and new viewers alike expressing their dismay with the streaming service's decision to discontinue the freshman series as it seemingly costs next to nothing to produce and features complexly written young characters—A feat not many TV shows aimed at younger audiences are able to achieve. There is a reason why Everything Sucks! has been placed in the conversation of other short-lived cult hits, like Freaks And Geeks and My So-Called Life, and it's not only because of their respective network's decision to prematurely cancel them. These shows do not shy away from the reality legions of young people endure and while it may be uncomfortable at times, viewers feel an immediate connection to these characters.

Taking Over Twitter

In just 10 episodes, each clocking in at under half an hour, Everything Sucks! began streaming on February 16th and has managed to speak not only to an entire generation of young people craving proper representation, but to the generation that preceded them who wish there was a character like Kate Messner around "when [they were] 14." Kennedy, who portrays the aforementioned and delightful Kate, began using the hashtag "I Am Kate Messner" which encourages "others who identified with the character's journey to express their appreciation for Kate."

The stories certain viewers have shared are raw and honest, opening themselves up to internet criticisms all because Everything Sucks! transcends the effect a simple TV show can have on its audience—A good series entertains you for the duration of an episode, a great series sticks with you to the point where you now can't listen to Duran Duran's "Ordinary World" without bursting into tears.

The fan campaign has kicked into overdrive since the announcement and truly shows no signs of slowing down. Besides the aforementioned petition, viewers have flooded Netflix's various social media channels pleading for the service to reverse their decision. There has been a consistent usage of the hashtags "Renew Everything Sucks" and "Save Everything Sucks" on Twitter which fans have also commented under other Netflix posts.

Actress and comedian Lauren Lapkus only recently began watching the series when she learned the news and praised it for being "well made, funny, nostalgic and endearing." Newer viewers have echoed a similar sentiment in that the relative lack of promotion contributed to them having no idea about the series until they randomly stumbled upon it.

THR's TV editor Lesley Goldberg was a fellow member of the Everything Sucks! fan club and believes it's "[truly] sad to see Netflix give up on this special show." Other verified fans include Raini Rodriguez, Nicholas Hamilton, Jen Ponton, Matt Austin-Sadowski, Josh Sussman, Seventeen's Stacey Grant and Nylon Magazine's Brittney Morgan.

Kennedy shared the email a user named Georgia sent to CEO Reed Hastings which detailed the importance of the series and why it deserves a renewal. 

Kennedy as Kate Messer | Netflix

Fans' pleas have not only been restricted to official social media channels. Many have taken to the service's official Request Page as well as going the ultimate distance of calling Netflix's customer service which is apparently one of the best ways to potentially get a renewal. Fans of another Netflix original, Sense8, experienced their own rigorous campaigning for a third season which earned them a special two-hour series finale. This gives Everything Sucks! proponents a glimmer of hope that perhaps with just enough vocal and online adoration, Netflix will reverse their decision and allow its audience the chance to return to Boring, Oregon. 

I admit, I have a bit of a bias with this piece, because I absolutely adore the series and previously wrote about why I like it as much as I do. As a perpetual admirer of brilliantly executed shows, I don't want Everything Sucks! to encounter the same fate as the aforementioned greats Freaks And Geeks and My So-Called Life—The quiet, little series that took a bit longer to build up a following, but ultimately became a lesson in how to effectively showcase the relationships between a crew of youngsters and their older counterparts. 

Whether this campaign will encourage Netflix to be the one that saves them is up in the air. All that's left to do is hope the pleading ultimately makes a difference, because this series is simply too good to give up on. Everything Sucks! is happiness and, like the lovingly paternal Ken Messner (Patch Darragh) declared, we are prepared to fight for our happiness.

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Fans Are Letting Netflix Know They Are Not Happy with the Decision to Cancel 'Everything Sucks!'
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