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'Fatal Attraction' — A Movie Review

An on-edge 1987 film about a man’s fatal decision to sleep with a woman, having a fun weekend together.

Better lock your doors, make sure your bunnies are safe, and be on the lookout for Alex Forrest. You never know what she'll think up next in her diabolical schemes.

Fatal Attraction is an on-edge 1987 film about a man’s fatal decision to sleep with a woman, having a fun weekend together. After he makes it known that he is a married man and it was only a one-time fling, Alex Forrest will not rest, stalking his family to no end and leaving a memorable history.

Starring Glenn Close (Alex Forrest) and Michael Douglas (Dan Gallagher) in the film's starring roles, Fatal Attraction would not be a remarkable dramatic thriller without this talented duo. Close and Douglas work so well together. While watching the film, you can even feel Dan’s inner turmoil and guilt over the situation.

Glenn Close is a phenomenal actress. I really enjoyed reading how she studied her character, giving it her own interpretation. A fun fact is that she took the movie’s script to three different psychologists to get a better understanding of why her character acts in the crazed way that she does.

Although the film takes place in the perspective of a male character, Fatal Attraction would have been much different in the eyes of Alex. Could the audience have understood the reasons behind her emotions and motivation? Why would Dan sleep with this woman if he is happily married? The film never explains that important question.

In a Hitchcockian-esque atmosphere, the direction for Fatal Attraction is setup in well-timed cuts, laying out scenes in suspense. It is also quite the erotic intimate tale in the beginning, but soon escalates to the real drama. The camera work is so beautiful and the film tests audiences, pulling us into our own guilty pleasures.

Fatal Attraction moves at a well-timed pace, giving audiences time to get to know the characters, setting, and be witnesses to this secret that could ruin Dan’s life. The world no longer feels safe, jumping at little things. Thankfully, you’re sitting comfortably in your own living room as Dan fears the ringing phone.

Also starring in the film is Anne Archer as the sharp, quick thinking, ready for anything, Beth Gallagher, the wife of Dan. Never judge a person before you get to know them. Beth becomes surprisingly action-packed against the crazed Alex.

Playing the role of their young daughter is Ellen Latzen who viewers may recognize as Ruby Sue from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

Another favorite actor of mine performs as a friend of Dan’s, but he disappears halfway through the film. Stuart Pankin is a wonderful character actor who has starred in movies such as Arachnophobia as a nosy cop and the fun-spirited brother of Wayne Szlinski in Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves. I was really excited when I saw he’d be in the film. Though I wish he had a larger role, especially in the third act of the film.

After watching this film, you’ll know what the term "bunny boiler" refers to. Followed by a smashing and spectacular ending, Fatal Attraction is a timeless classic about the consequences if you were ever to sleep with someone else. The conclusion is you will always regret it.

Another fun fact is that upon release of the film, men have come up to Close in person, thanking her for saving their marriage. Well, at least she got the message clear!

With a heart-pounding, on-edge, and riveting ending, Fatal Attraction is a well-made thriller that will make you think twice about locking your doors at night and having one-night flings. I recommend seeing this film if you have not seen it yet. Everything from the acting, the writing, and the dark story pulls audiences in for a wild ride.

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'Fatal Attraction' — A Movie Review
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