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Fired Scientists Start a Ghost Extermination Business

Three eccentric parapsychologists put their theories about spooks to the test using atomic backpacks.

Three New York scientists were fired from a university after the school board thought their theories on psychic phenomenon were a bit too looney. Disgruntled but not dismayed, the scientists (with the help of some alcohol) decided to invest their every last cent into a business hunting down ghosts.

After an incident at the New York Public Library confirmed that, yes, ghosts are real, their start-up business was off and running. Business was slow at first; the only customer was a lady who had weird things happening with her refrigerator and eggs. It wasn't until a haunted hotel called that the start-up kicked it into high gear.

The three oddballs started getting business all over town. They were eventually able to hire a fourth member, get TV deals, and ended up attracting the ire of the Environmental Protection Agency, who accused the scientists of all kinds of environmental issues. The complaints were perfectly valid - they were, after all, sliming ghosts with unlicensed waste holders -  but the ghost hunters were so popular at this point that even a bureaucratic government agency couldn't stop them.

Green Slime = Bad

But all was not well; turns out their first customer with the fridge was living in an apartment complex that was actually a portal to another realm. Just as she and her annoying neighbor got possessed by spirits, the EPA worker finally succeeded in arresting the parapsychologists.

After all of the ghosts were mistakenly released into the world, the planet's very existence was threatened. New York City's mayor - mindful of the desires of millions of registered voters - sprang them from jail. In order to save the day, they'd have to deal with dog-demons, a gender-fluid god, and a forty-five-story-tall marshmallow man.

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Fired Scientists Start a Ghost Extermination Business
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