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Five Animated Shows That Need a Live-Action Movie

A Look at Five Classic Cartoon Shows That Are Screaming for a Live-Action Adaption

Various Characters from Famous Cartoon Shows

Famous cartoon shows being turned into live-action movies is something of a common occurrence now. Sometimes this is met with great success, and sometimes it falls flatter than Coyote running off a cliff after Roadrunner. What can make or break this success is based on the cartoon itself—not just based on concept, but also based on its fan following. If the original fans love it, the studios cannot make the films fast enough. If they hate it, it could result in a lot of cancelled plans. Now, we will look at five cartoon shows that could be a success if given a live-action adaptation.


The intro kind of explains the whole premise for the show. On a distant planet, there is a rare ore that is highly prized in the galaxy. This causes outlaws to target the planet and try to steal this valuable resource, until Bravestarr appears! He is a superhuman with the eyes of the hawk, ears of the wolf, strength of the bear, and speed of the puma. He is joined by Thirty/Thirty his deputy and steed who can turn from a horse to a heavy gun-totting hero. Together, they protect Fort Kerium with the aid of Judge J.B. McBride and Shaman.

While the entire idea sounds crazy, this show has a mixture of Star Wars and The Lone Ranger with a dash of superhero. With films constantly reaching out for new and creative ideas, Bravestarr is a good contender, but what works in its favour is how it is relatively forgotten. There are still fans out there for this classic, but it is nothing when you consider Transformers fans. This just means a good creative team could truly come up with something special for Bravestarr and give fans a western/space adventure to enjoy.


M.A.S.K. is a car-changing classic cartoon from the 1980s. It features the fight between an underground task force known as M.A.S.K. (Mobile Armored Strike Kommand) and a criminal organisation called V.E.N.O.M. (Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem). Both teams had drivers/pilots using modified vehicles that could alter their form into a high-tech attack vehicle. They all also wore masks, which would have features depending on the wearer.

Many will look at this as a Transformers knock-off, but the premise of both M.A.S.K. and the original 1980s Transformers cartoon were very different. If the right team got behind this, it could create a film merging the speed and adrenaline from The Fast and the Furious with the action and adventure of Mission Impossible. It is easy to see a market for a film with that combination, so why not get behind the idea of this one and hope it does get a live-action version?

"G-Force: Guardians of Space"

G-Force is a team of heroes that are willing to lay down their lives against the evil invaders Galactor and Computor. All, but one, of the team are orphans and face this danger due to them not fearing leaving anyone behind. Ace Goodheart, Dirk Daring, Agatha June (Aggie), Pee Wee, and Hoot Owl (Hooty) each take on the guise of different bird and each hold their unique weapons and combat vehicles when in battle. But when the need arises they can trigger a firebird mode when they fly the God Phoenix at super speeds.

With the Power Rangers recent movie, it surprised fans seeing a more mature theme from an idea similar to G-Force actually work. But this team have a touch more Batman than the Power Rangers. With the current trend in superhero films seeing no end, G-Force could introduce a new style of heroes while still operating in a style people have come to love. With the right team behind it, this idea could bring a new flare into superhero movies.


The opening explains the backstory behind these mystical beasts. During the day, they stand as statues watching from peaks on high, but when night falls, they burst into life as guardians of the night. The clan was betrayed 1,000 years ago and all but a handful are destroyed by man. Placed under a curse, the survivors remained statues until their castle was risen above the clouds. Awoken in the modern day, they must adjust to this new world and operate from the shadows as guardians of New York.

Gargoyles is another window for a film much like Hellboy. The darker tones and the appearance of these heroes is why fans still love it to this day. There has been talks and rumours before of a live-action adaptation, but if they did announce a live-action film the internet would probably break. It has a mystical connection to a real world, and fans love themselves a touch of magic in a realistic world. Just look at the success of Harry Potter mixing the wizards and muggles together. A production company needs to start pursuing this one forward and awaken Gargoyles from its curse.


The Thundercats are characters that are still loved to this day. Alien refugees from Thundera, the Thundercats land on Third Earth with hopes of rebuilding their society, but they are forever tormented by the evil Mumm-Ra and his forces. The show was reimagined in a second animated show in 2011 that saw the Thundercats as a fallen civilisation on Third Earth and seeking out a legendary gauntlet and five gems. Yeah, it does sound familiar, but this show never got the chance to give fans an ending as it was cancelled after a single season.

Considering the cult fan status of the show, it is surprising a live-action version has never been made. There has been talks on several occasions of it finally being made, but every time it seems to get stopped along the way. High-profile actors have even expressed their interest in playing the characters, including Milla Jovovich who would like to portray Cheetara. This is one adaptation we think will happen, sooner or later. But how much longer will fans have to wait?

What classic show would you like to see revived as a modern day movie? Do you agree with my list?

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Five Animated Shows That Need a Live-Action Movie
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