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'Flash'—the Series

Character Returns/Additions

Becoming a fan of the series was not all that difficult.  I like Flash because I could use his abilities anytime to get from here to there and back home again. But this post isn't about why I like The Flash.

Having watched the series I have noticed that several characters from the comics have not returned to the series or even been introduced.  This is what my post is about.

Linda Park

She appeared in season one as she dated Barry Allen and then season two where her Earth-2 counterpart threatened to kill her.  She has not appeared since she left Central City to be safe from Zoom and one has to wonder why she shouldn't come back?

With Jesse Quick having broken up with Wally West, does this mean that Linda Park and Wally West will be together?  I for one would hope so, for it would nice if the series would work something from the comics.


A former colleague of Barry Allen's at the CCPD, August Heart was almost killed by a group known as the Black Hole when Barry Allen as the Flash saved his life.  In doing so, a bit of Speed Force lighting struck August, turning him into a speedster as well.

Despite the fact that worked with the Flash, August somewhere down the line started stealing speed from other speedsters and then killed the man who got away with murdering his brother.

It was from then on that August Heart declared himself Judge, Jury, and Executioner.  Fortunately, the Central City Speedster put a stop to it.

I know that the current Flash villain in season five is clearly not a speedster like the season four villain the Thinker.  I am only suggesting that the series cannot end without introducing yet another speedster villain.

Black Flash

Having abused the power of the Speed Force and trying to destroy the multiverse at the end of season two,  Earth-2's Hunter Zoloman was dragged off by time-wraiths into the Speed Force.  Later, in season two of Legends of Tomorrow, it is revealed that the Black Flash is chasing Eobard Thawne aka Reverse Flash, due to the fact that his ancestor Edward Thawne killed himself.

I do wonder if the Reaper of Speedsters will make an appearance in the Flash TV series.

Max Mercury

The Zen-master of Speed as Wally West called him in the comics, Max Mercury is the oldest speedster among the Flash's crew.

Having been born in the early 19th century, he worked as a fort messenger and was friendly with the local native Americans.  Unfortunately, the fort commander levelled a bounty and wanted the local tribe massacred.  The dying shaman of that tribe painted a pinkish lighting bolt on Max's chest and prayed to the gods of storms and wind before dying.

Max began to run faster and faster, as fast as the wind as he took the soldiers weapons and saved the tribe from being wiped out.  After a few years helping the tribes, he was drawn to a thunderstorm.  He ran so fast that he had broken several speed barriers and wound up in 1891 New York.

Being the Zen-master of speed the wisdom of his age would certainly come in handy for Barry Allen and Wally West.

Golden Glider

The sister of Leonard Snart has not been seen since season two when her father blackmailed Leonard and the Flash into robbing a bank.  Long story, short: Leonard goes back to jail, only to become part of the Legends of Tomorrow crew and then later give his life save his fellow Legends.

What became of her in the TV series is unknown.  Which is all the more reason why she should be brought back to the series, for how long?  I can't say.  She will not take Leonard's death easily, so she might change her ways and work with team Flash.

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'Flash'—the Series
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