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Forget Deadpool, This Wade Wilson Is the Next Big Hollywood Star

Wade Wilson has became a household name; however, this article is about a different Wade Wilson.

Wade F. Wilson

This past week Wade Wilson has became a household name in America; however this article is about a different Wade Wilson with an F bomb right in the middle of his name!

This is Wade F. Wilson:

I had never heard of him prior to playing NBA 2K16's career mode which featured a story surrounding the character you are playing, that was directed by Spike Lee, titled 'Livin' Da Dream.'

His previous works were minor roles in films called ' Asteroids Vs. Earth,' 'Drugs Made Me Do It,' 'Shadow Wars,' and ' Oogie Boogie.' More recently he landed a role in Spike Lee's Chi-Raq playing Oedipus.

Wade is the definition of an unknown talent, there is very little information on him. So little that I was unable to even find his age.

If it was not for his eye catching motion capture performance in 'Livin' Da Dream' I might have never heard of him (assuming of course there is no justice in the world and his talent would never get recognized).

In 'Livin' Da Dream' he played Vic Van Lier who is your characters out of control best friend who is always causing trouble. For this character Wilson had to be able to perform comedic scenes as well as strong dramatic's.

His ability to turn a light hearted scene into a dramatic tone was amazing to watch even in mo-cap. He was able to convey the emotions with such ease and turn them on a dime.

In the video below it shows one of the more emotional scenes in the game. While some of the dialogue is a bit over the top, I feel Wilson did a great job at keeping the scene down to Earth, culminating in an amazing dramatic performance in the end.

Here is an example taken from the filming of 'Livin' Da Dream':

It's not just his dramatic performance that stood out; his comedic chops are top notch. He has a brand of comedy that reminds me a lot of a young Will Smith. He has a certain confidence about him when he makes his delivery that always makes you laugh.

I compared him to Will Smith and I think that is the amount of potential he has in the film industry. He can make you laugh, keep your attention in dramatic roles, and even make you cry.

I am not a person who tends to get extremely excited about many acting prospects, but Wade F. Wilson caught my eye and my attention when I was not even looking for quality acting; I was just trying to get my 7'5 center onto my favorite team: the Charlotte Hornets.

I wanted to just hit the skip button and play the next game in my career, but Wilson's character kept me watching the story.

This character was so diverse; he was funny and lighthearted, but at the same time he was fighting demons and depression. Wilson was able to convey that on what seemed so effortless and what makes his performance all the more memorable is that he was able to convey those emotions through motion capture technology. I have only seen the great Andy Serkis do it better then that.

I am very excited to see if Hollywood will give Wade F. Wilson a chance. I think that if given a substantial role in a major film or TV show, his star would rise to the next level.

I hope this article does a little bit to help get a talented name out there and I cannot wait to see this unknown name work his way up in the industry.

Plus, how cool is it that his name actually is Wade Wilson!

Thankfully he doesn't look like this.

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Forget Deadpool, This Wade Wilson Is the Next Big Hollywood Star
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