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'Galavant' Stage Musical in the Works After Cancellation

ABC seems to be going on a cancellation spree, but there is hope for a Galavant Stage Musical.

ABC seems to be going on a cancellation spree recently, cancelling many of their popular shows including Nashville, Muppets, The Family, Castle and now the mid-season musical show known as Galavant.

Galavant was a show that for the past two tv seasons has been shown during the winter hiatus for Once Upon a Time. While the ratings were never really high, they weren't anything awful, averaging at 6.52 million views during the first season.

The show was funny, with more fourth wall jokes than Deadpool, a musical score by Disney legend Alan Menken, and a cast that has an amazing chemistry on the whole. The show never had a sense of grandeur, even though it was about a medieval knight who was all about that, and knew exactly how to poke fun at itself and had a slew of impressive guest stars including Kylie Minogue and John Stamos, with the latter actually being engaged to the show's star, Joshua Sasse.

All of these great things didn't add up to a renewal for the fun show, however, and ABC has pulled the plug before we can even near the time they would have begun shooting the winter show. Alan Menken, after delivering the news, did give a ray of hope however.

As someone who loves musical theater, I think that this show could easily translate well onto the stage, with so many over the top and fun characters that people would love.

I am glad that we had Galavant for the time that we did, and I wish the cast and crew all the best of luck in future projects.

[Source: Broadway World]

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'Galavant' Stage Musical in the Works After Cancellation
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