Game of Thrones

Season 7, Episode 1.

The Night KIng

Opening up with what may be a flashback of a feast that old Walder is having for his men, we may start out a little confused since we saw Arya slice his wretched old throat last season, right? But as he continues on with his speech and signals his servants to pour his men the best Arbor gold wine, we see that he himself does not take a sip, and he also tells his concubine not to drink any of it since he refuses to waste such fine wine on a woman.

The speech continues, and he starts to mention the butchering of a pregnant woman, the murder of a mother of five, and the slaughtering of their guests after inviting them into their home. As he continues to speak, his men literally choke to death. Walder removes his own face, and to our UNsurprize, but great delight, it is not Walder after all, but Arya Stark. (Yes! With a fist pump.) Her line "Tell them winter came for House Frey" is bound to be a quote of the century.

This opening scene was worthy of the series, worthy of our fandom! Though kind of predictable, it was still beautiful and ultimately satisfying. It's followed by a foggy scene of white walkers on the march, the Night King's icy blue eyes glowing, about to bring on the Long Night, along with the dead Wun Wun.

But the North is not without heart and spirit. They still have hope, and they still have Jon Snow who inspires the young Umber and Karstark to fight alongside the Starks like their ancestors once did. The scene is truly uplifting, makes one want to raise his/her sword high and give out a war cry!

Yet, the North has more than white walkers to worry about. Cersei has plans to take over all of Westeros, but she has too many enemies to count, including her younger brother Tyrion who is right hand to the Mother of Dragons. Inviting the Greyjoys to meet with the filthy Euron has given Cersei a bit of an advantage. We can't tell what it is yet since she declined Euron's proposal to marry him, but it's obvious that she has something planned. Whatever Euron plans on bringing back to her as a symbol of trust is what she is really after. My guess is that he'll be bringing back some dragon glass, but he can only get that from Dragonstone, and if he's smarter than he is bold, then he won't dare go there knowing that Daenerys and her Unsullied are there. His fleet cannot defeat an army of Unsullied and three dragons.

Did you know that Ed Sheeran is in this episode? Yeah! Dude sings in it and everything. He doesn't steal the scene, though. There is a soldier sitting beside him whose life story gets to me, personally. Oh! And Clegane can see events unfolding in fire now. Whoa... So, I'm of the opinion that the Lord of Light is a real god, and that those he's chosen will ultimately wipe out the white walkers in some kind of mind-blowing way we cannot even fathom. It's going to be epic!

Jorah makes an appearance, his arm scaly and nasty now. He asks Sam if Dany's arrived, but Sam doesn't know. We see her arrive at Dragonstone soon after, though, asking Tyrion "Shall we begin?" There are just so many things going on at once. It seems to me that Dany isn't even worried about the white walkers. She is so focused on taking over Westeros that it makes one wonder if she's even aware of the Night King and the Long Night.

Whatever the case, we have so many characters that deserve to sit on the Iron Throne for different reasons, but this is Game of Thrones. We might end up seeing someone we really despise ruling Westeros at the end of it all. Either way, my guess is that the finale is either going to make me very, very happy, or very, very mad... and I'm going to love it!

The North Remembers...

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