Game of Thrones Top 5 Moments

My top five favourite moments and season seven predictions.

The Houses of Game of Thrones

I remember watching Game of Thrones when it first came to our screens and instantly fell in love with the show. It takes drama to a whole new level, where no one is safe and our favourite characters may die at any point!

With season seven of Game of Thrones coming to our screens next week, I thought I would recall my favorite five moments...

5. Daenerys Targaryen and Her Dragon Eggs

At number five, we have when Daenerys got her dragon eggs on her wedding day to Khal Drogo. This is one of my favourite moments as it is the beginning of Daenerys coming into her power and growing as women, and personally who wouldn't want to get dragon eggs as a present? From this point, we realize that Dany will be a real contender in the Game of Thrones.

4. The Red Wedding

Even though this was one of the most brutal weddings I have ever seen on TV, I can't help but love it. Don't get me wrong, I was balling my eyes out but it was fantastic. There was so much chaos and it was so unexpected but I think because we didn't expect it, The Red Wedding broke our hearts, especially as we had been rooting for Arya to get there in time to see her family. I think this is one of the moments in Game of Thrones that no one will forget!

3. Joffrey's Death

He was one of the most hated villains on TV. I think many people were opening champagne bottles and celebrating when he died. His death has got to be the most satisfying death on the show (but I wished they brought it out more, at least another minute). The way that the filmmakers handled his death was fantastic. You could tell something was going to happen, he was digging his own grave, but to be honest he did have it coming!

2. Arya Stark Getting Her Revenge

Arya Stark is my favourite character in the whole show, watching her travel all over Westeros, training with the Faceless Men then returning to Westeros to take her revenge on Lord Frey by feeding him is own sons! Arya has turned from an innocent girl to a trained assassin and she will do such amazing things in the coming season and I cannot wait for her reunion with her family!

1. Battle of the Bastards

The Battle of the Bastards was one of the most glorious battles on the show. The battle between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton (precious a Snow as well) was of an epic proportion; the death of another Stark (Rickon); we think Jon will die again but no, he lives; Sansa becomes a badass and brings the Knights of the Vale to the rescue (along with Littlefinger) and the Starks take back Winterfell!

There are many other moments that I love in Game of Thrones but I can't write them all down as I will probably have no room! But rest assured, I am looking forward to season seven!

My Predictions for Season Seven:

I think this season will be one of the best even though it will only be seven episodes!

Prediction 1: I think Jon and Dany will be together at some point…even though she is his aunt.

Prediction 2: Jon will find out his true heritage.

Prediction 3: The Starks will be reunited! Yay, so excited about this one.

Prediction 4: Jamie will kill Cersei… I am not sure on this one but I think it would be a great twist.

Prediction 5: Littlefinger will die…and Sansa will give the command.

These are my predictions and things I hope will happen in season seven. I am so excited for the next season and cannot wait to see what will happen!!!

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Game of Thrones Top 5 Moments
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