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GEEKS Previews DC Comics' November 2017 Solicitations

The DC Heroes celebrates the holiday season through massive earth-shattering fights.

(Cover art property of DC Comics)

Just like Thanksgiving weekend, DC Comics’ November 2017 solicitations is packed full of family reunions, drama, history, and massive meals.

GEEKS break down the hottest stories that DC Comics fans should be keeping their eyes on as a year filled with action-packed activities for our heroes is about to hit the home stretch!

The Doomsday Clock Strikes

This is it! Since the DC Universe Rebirth one-shot, fans have been waiting for our heroes to confront the person responsible for stealing 10 years of their lives—the omnipotent Doctor Manhattan. DC Comics’ Chief Creative Officer, Geoff Johns, will reunite with artist Gary Frank and colorist Brad Anderson as The Doomsday Clock nears the midnight hour. The first issue of this 12-part maxi-series drops on November 22.

Metal Breaks the Justice League

While Doctor Manhattan prepares his big attack against the DC Universe, the Justice League is still under the effects of Dark Nights: Metal. The Batman Who Laughs and the Murder Machine targets Cyborg in the pages, who must save the team from the Dark Knights in the pages of Justice League (Issue 32 drops on November 1, while issue 33 is expected to arrive in stores on November 15). Meanwhile, Hal Jordan must face off against the Dawnbreaker and the Batman Who Laughs alone in the 32nd issue of Hal Jordan & The Green Lanterns (November 8).

Superman’s Breaking Point

The events of “The Oz Effect” have broken the Man of Steel. Now, Superman must make a heartbreaking decision. Will Superman protect his friends and family for the upcoming storm? Or will he shoot into space? Writer Dan Jurgens and artist Steve Pugh will reveal the answer in Action Comics #992 (November 22).

"Batgirl & The Birds of Prey" Expands

(Cover art property of DC Comics)

The iconic crime-fighting team gets a temporary boost in membership as several of Gotham City’s vixens (Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy) join Wonder Woman and some of the city’s stunning heroines to investigate an illness that has made half of Gotham sick. Co-writers Julie and Shawna Benson and artist Roge Antonio will present Batgirl & The Birds of Prey’s 16th issue on November 8.

The Return of Tim Drake

(Cover art property of DC Comics)

Batman’s prodigal son, Tim Drake, has successfully escaped Mr. Oz’s lair and will reunite with Batman and his team in the pages of Detective Comics issue 968 (November 8). But can Tim help Batman and Batwoman rally the team together before their adversaries strike? The creative team of James Tynion IV and artists Alvaro Martinez and Raul Fernandez present the first part of “Fall of the Batmen” on November 22 when issue 969 drops into stores.

Prometheus Versus the "Justice League of America"

(Cover art property of DC Comics)

As Batman deals with the events of Dark Nights: Metal, his Justice League of America teammates are about to break into a civil war. Little do they know that longtime JLA adversary Prometheus has set his sights on the team. Can the team put set aside their petty feud to tackle one of the DCU’s deadliest assassins? The Justice League of America creative team of writer Steve Orlando, artist Hugo Petrus, and cover artist Carlos D’Anda will present the first two parts of “Surgical Strike” on November 8 (issue 18) and November 22 (issue 19). 

“The Destroyer” Hits the Titans

Series writer Dan Abnett and the art team of Minkyu Jung and Mick Gray will present the Titans’ worst day. Throughout the past few months, a traitor has infiltrated the iconic team and now they will reveal themselves to their teammates. Will the superheroes survive this blindside? Find out when Titans issue 17 drops on November 8.

What are the DC Comics stories you looking forward to reading in November? 

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GEEKS Previews DC Comics' November 2017 Solicitations
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