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Giving the Gift of Mega Man This Christmas!

And the Importance of Christmas Toy Drives!

Some of the Mega Man Items I Am Donating This Year

Toys can be a powerful thing, as they are often a physical and tangible representation of a character or hero that we love. Even as an adult, I have talked to many of my peers about Christmas memories from their childhood that still stand out so vividly. This is due to them receiving a toy that they fell in love with. In fact, many adults (myself included) still purchase collectibles and statues, that are essentially just high-end action figures.

With all the excitement and enthusiasm that toys evoke, it is no wonder that the Christmas season is so beloved by children.

Sadly though, for the many families who are struggling to make ends meet, Christmas can be a stressful and even depressing time. In 2017, ABC Australia reported that over 1.6 million parents would struggle to buy Christmas presents. This is thought to be even higher in Canada and the United States.

As such, I decided that I would purchase several Mega Man toys and figures this holiday season. These will be donated to my local Christmas Toy Drive, which ensures needy children in the community have new presents to wake up too on Christmas morning.

As a huge Mega Man fan, I can attest to how much I enjoyed the games and toys when I was a kid. I have many fond memories from my childhood that centered around Mega Man. As I grew into an adult this love for Mega Man never faded. This sense of joy is what I want to be able to share this Christmas. Mega Man 11 was just recently released and went on to be nominated for Action Game of the Year at the 2018 Video Game Awards. Furthermore, Mega Man was also featured in the New Smash Bros Ultimate. 2018 also saw the debut of a new Mega Man cartoon (which is clearly aimed at younger viewers). As such, Mega Man has been very visible as of late. Therefore, now seems like a terrific time to donate some toys of this iconic character.

I have talked to other Mega Man fans who were thrilled to have received Mega Man related gifts in the past. I sincerely hope that those that receive the items that I have donated will love them as much as those other fans did (and as much as I do)! The character of Mega Man embodies such attributes as striving to help those who need it, doing what is right, and taking care of others. Having grown up with the character, I can think of no better way to show my appreciation for Mega Man then by trying to help others in my own way! It is rather amazing how fictional characters, such as Mega Man can inspire individuals in real life to aspire to be more kind and compassionate.

Aside from donating to the toy drive, I will also be taking part in an event at Aaron's Arcade + Toy (located in the Thousand Islands mall) in the new year. I will raffling off several free copies of the game Mega Man 11. This will be another opportunity to share something that has brought me (and so many other fans) much happiness.

Between the toy drive and the upcoming free raffle, I hope in my own small way that I can help bring a little happiness and joy to others over the holiday season. I even have prospective plans to make this an annual tradition over the holidays! I hope others will also be inspired to donate to toy drives over the holidays, as this simple act of kindness can have a huge impact on someone (one that could very well last in adulthood).

For more information on my Mega Man Fan Realm project visit:

Mega Man Fan Realm

Visit Aaron's Arcade + Toy on Facebook.

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Giving the Gift of Mega Man This Christmas!
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