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Going Abe-Sh*t: Michael Cudlitz Reveals Abraham's Parting Thoughts On 'The Walking Dead'

Warning: Spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead

'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]

I "mustache" you a question, does anyone else sorely miss the bristling facial hair of Sergeant Abraham Ford on AMC's #TheWalkingDead? Our mustachioed maverick famously bowed out of the show in the blood-splattered Season 7 premiere, making him the first member of the group to fall foul of Negan's Lucille. There were no seals harmed in Season 7, however, #MichaelCudlitz's Abe and Steven Yeun's Glenn Rhee were both clubbed to death by Jeffrey Dean Morgan's no-nonsense dictator.

As well as flipping Negan the proverbial "bird," Cudlitz has now revealed exactly what he thought was going through Abraham's head in those final, fleeting moments.

Maybe Abey

The episode "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be" saw long-term character Abraham end his tenure that started in Season 4, but in keeping with his military background, he remained defiant until the end. Speaking in a recent interview with Skybound Insider, Cudlitz told us what was going through his mind when in character for Ford's farewell:

"He was praying that it would be him. I think that at this point, in the end of Season 6, Abraham knows he's figured out these guys. He knows that this kind of operation to work the way it is, for all of this men to be under his control the way it is, he sees the lay of the land."
"He sees when Negan is describing what he has to do now, that someone has to pay for this, he knows that he wants it to be him because he wants to protect everybody else. That's just in his nature. Once he is chosen, I think he is at peace."

Having your brains displayed like wedding confetti in front of your best bros, your current girlfriend, and your ex is one hell of a way to go, but it set Season 7 off at breakneck speed. "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be" was also a welcome twist on #RobertKirkman's #comicbook of the same name, which saw only Glenn perish in Issue 100. Although Abraham survived longer than his comic book counterpart — taking an arrow to the eye in Issue 98 — Cudlitz also said how the character death gave us another classic TWD fake-out for Glenn:

"Everybody's gonna think, 'Oh, that's horrible but at least Glenn safe. And, then, boom! Glenn is not okay."

While ratings were solid across Season 6 and into Season 7, AMC has played down rumors that the show is in trouble, while it even looks like The Walking Dead could run into Season 20. Although Cudlitz has undoubtedly moved on to less gory stories, his 29 episodes as Ford made Big Red one of the most lovable character from Kirkman's zombie apocalypse. Sleep tight, you gentle giant!

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Going Abe-Sh*t: Michael Cudlitz Reveals Abraham's Parting Thoughts On 'The Walking Dead'
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