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Great Gift Ideas for Comics Lovers in Your Life

These great gift ideas for comics lovers bring out the inner Jedi, superhero and demon that all comic friends enjoy.

Whether you like comics or not, they are a part of the American culture. Heroes like Batman and Thor will forever be remembered as classic characters, some that many of our modern writers still emulate on a daily basis. Get the gifts that keep on giving, like an award winning classic, or the menacing graphic novel, or maybe just a simple newspaper comic we all know and love. 

It doesn't matter what you get them, it's the fact that you got them something in the first place. So, don't sweat it if you're really bogged down by it all. Follow this list of some great gift ideas for comics lovers in your life, so the struggle of gift searching isn't as difficult as Batman's crime fighting, or Luke Skywalker's lightsaber dueling. Flip through any one of these classics, and your friends will instantly see you as the comic fan we hide inside of us all.

Batman Vol. 1: The Court of Owls

It couldn't be a list of great gift ideas for comics lovers without some Batman. The caped crusader always strikes when least expected, but in The Court of Owls, the Dark Knight himself seems to meet an untimely match. While it may not be his hardest adversary to overcome, this comic portrays an intense thrill ride that all fans of comics will adore.

The Court of Owls is a crime group that have existed for quite some time within the seedy darkness of Gotham's streets. Overrun and out of his depth, Batman must fight his way through the crime organization, before they rip him and his city to pieces, since he's the only one that can save Gotham. Look at Batman as the villain, and you might begin to see some strange patterns, and why your friends love these classics more than most. 

Star Wars: Darth Vader Vol. 1 by Kieron Gillen

Starring in his first series ever, Darth Vader appears in this excellently rendered collection of stories published by Marvel Comics in 2015. Following the events from the first movie in the original trilogy, Vader searches the known galaxy for the Rebel scums that destroyed the Death Star. 

For any Star Wars fan, this is one of great gift ideas for comics lovers in your life. You don't even have to like the Sith Lord himself to appreciate these amazing stories involving one of the world's most devious, cunning, and interesting villains ever to be created. Join Vader himself on his trip into the destruction of the Rebels and his fight to save the Empire. 

The Complete Peanuts: 1999-2000 by Charles M. Schultz

Now this gift must go way, way back, despite it being circa 1999. Peanuts, one of the most classic of all newspaper comics ever recorded, is one of the many great gift ideas for comics lovers in your life, because it can bring a smile, and most likely a laugh, to any face. 

Peanuts is an all-time pick for all comic fans, because it brings out the best for both children and adults. It's a gift anyone can enjoy, and who can beat that? Grab the Peanuts collection, whether from 1999-2000 or any of their previous years, and bring a smile to your friend's face in the hilarious escapades envisioned by Charles M. Schultz.

The Fade Out Deluxe Edition by Ed Brubaker

For the serious comic fan in your life, get them a flavor of the age. Fade Out brings the past to life with its conscription of the older years of Hollywood, all of which is represented through a graphic novel. Got a Hollywood lover? Fade Out is perfect for them.

As it satirizes Hollywood during the Blacklist, the comic follows a detective story in which a starlet's murder tumbles through a dimly lit investigation, full of its own twists and turns that make Fade Out that much more enjoyable. It's one of these great gift ideas for comics lovers in your life, so don't pass it up, or it might just fade away. 

Locke and Key by Joe Hill

This series of comics is perfect for the fan of horror and fantasy. It's got Rebels from the American Revolution, dark suspense, and demons never once dreamed before. It's a classic tale, full of mystery and cunning, constantly daring the reader to turn the next page.

Add Locke and Key to your holiday gift shopping, because it's one of many great gift ideas for comics lovers in your life, especially the ones who love sick fantasy stories with evil monsters and historical fiction to boot. Locke and Key has even won multiple awards for its spellbinding and twisted sense of storytelling. 

Star Wars: The Original Omnibus Vol. 1

Star Wars: The Original Marvel Years Omnibus is unlike anything you have ever read before, and for any Star Wars fans, it'll be up there on their list of great gift ideas for comics lovers in your life. I know my mouth is already watering, hoping I get this one for Christmas. This one's for the ultimate Star Wars fanatic, the one's who look beyond all the movies and novels, and want the basics: the comics!

Join Luke Skywalker, once more, as he and the Rebels take on the Empire under a dying religious order, called the Jedi, as they try to unravel the secrets of the Force while also ending the evil rein of Emperor Palpatine and his mysterious Sith apprentice, Darth Vader. Omnibus is one of the coolest renditions of the franchise, so any comic fan will appreciate this, even if they aren't fans of the Jedi universe. 

King-Size Kirby by Jack Kirby

Got a friend who is a fan of Marvel Comics, or someone who simply loves comic history in general? King-Size Kirby should be the only thing you even think about getting them. Not only is it a cheap addition to the great gifts for comics lovers in your life, but it's also packed full of comic book lore that will have your friends engaged for hours on end. 

While it may not be any particular set or series of stories, King-Size Kirby is still a spectacular look at history and how comics, especially Marvel, and how it has evolved over the years. Don't let this perfect gift go to waste, it's amazing for every comic book fan out there. 

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl by Ryan North

This comic is one of those great gift ideas for comics lovers in your life, but it more or less leans toward the younger female audiences. It's still packed with some amazing and heartwarming characters, specifically Squirrel Girl herself, who can communicate with squirrels and shares many of their inborn abilities. She may not seem like a very powerful adversary to face, but let me tell you, this new cape named Squirrel Girl is not to be messed with. 

It's actually kind of funny, because it satirizes modern superhero comics in various degrees, with one addition even being titled The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats Up the Marvel Universe. If that's not a feat, I don't know what is. 

Wonder Woman: 75th Anniversary Box Set

Another pro-feminine comic strip, one that even has a celebrated anniversary attached to it, is DC Comics' very own Wonder Woman. Even 75 years later she's still kicking ass, making women everywhere feel proud to be a woman. 

That's what people tend to forget about Wonder Woman, in that she is a female symbol, an identity of the very super power all women share: everlasting strength. No matter the battle, Wonder Woman always fights her way to victory, which is why she's one of the great gift ideas for comics lovers in your life. 

Bitch Planet Vol. 1: Extraordinary Machine by Kelly Sue DeConnick

Bitch Planet is interesting. The inspiration of this whacky, yet satisfying comic series was born from 60s and 70s movies showcasing females in prison. Discussing various female cellmates held within the Auxiliary Compliance Outpost, Bitch Planet unearths some crazy stories involving some of the most daring female protagonists. There are also some plentiful female comic book villains to enjoy in this series. 

It's one of the many great gift ideas for comics lovers in your life, especially women. While it does get graphic and sometimes violent, the comics are still an amazing read and never let up. 

Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth by Grant Morrison

For the serious graphic novel fans, and the one's who especially adore Batman's darkest adventure yet, get them a copy of the Arkham Asylum tribute. It's a great gift idea for comics lovers in your life, plus it's an all-around classic work that pits the infamous Joker up against his greatest foe: the Dark Knight. 

It's not only an insane ride of a story, but it pushes the bounds of most comics, and pursues to look at the world's greatest detective in one of his darkest moments. With the limelight shining on him, Batman must push himself far beyond any challenge he's ever faced before, stopping at nothing to finish off the Joker's hilarious and daring escape from Arkham Asylum, while also fending off a multitude of other well-known Bat-enemies in the process. 

Space Dumplins by Craig Thompson

Following the galactic adventures of Violet Marlocke as she searches in hope for her father, Space Dumplins is a rather interesting, and more of a kid-central addition to these great gifts for comics lovers in your life. 

As Craig Thompson's first installment, Space Dumplins proves to enrich the comic community in many ways. While it may be for kids, it's readability is set for all ages. If you know someone who likes adventurous space travels and insane escapades through the cosmos, this comic is a perfect gift for them. Any fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy collection of comics will surely appreciate this wonderful story. 

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