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Great YouTubers for Every Genre

Great People to watch on YouTube

Recently I did an article on the best fitness YouTubers and I loved writing it. I love YouTube, and there are many other great creators in different categories that I enjoy watching. I’ve definitely been in that place where I looked up something on YouTube and found a video, but didn’t enjoy the person. When hearing information, oftentimes whether we fully digest and understand the information is based on who says it, and that goes for entertainment as well. Just to warn you, I am a girl so these bloggers are geared more towards to women. There are many different genres on YouTube so I obviously won’t be listing every one, just the ones I watch. 

Beauty- Daisy Marquez

The beauty community on YouTube is very dramatic and every beauty blogger with a makeup brand has a ton of drama. Daisy Marquez is probably the least gossipy and problematic beauty blogger, and I’m not that into beauty, but she has a long catalog of makeup looks. She has a great and bright personality that shows the second she smiles into the camera. 

Curly Hair Guru- Jeweliana Palencia

This channel is for my girls with curls that they’re trying to grow. Jewelina is a curly hair guru with a great amount of videos and beautiful head of hair. She has several videos regarding hair care for all types of curls. She hasn’t been posting as frequently as she used to, but no matter the date, her videos are still helpful. She is absolutely beautiful and her hair is goals. 

Family/Couple Vlogging - Aspyn and Parker

I’ve been watching Aspyn and Parker ever since they got married and they really are adorable. Aspyn is a lifestyle blogger and has her own clothing line while Parker also has his own channel. Family vlogging is a category on YouTube I hardly watch because of the amount of annoying pranks, but Aspyn and Parker keep this to a minimum. They are also expecting their first child pretty soon and I can’t wait for that.

Health and Wellness - Maddy Lymburner

Maddy Lymburner is a health and fitness guru with two channels, one focusing on workouts, and the other focusing on nutrition, which is the channel I’m talking about. On her nutrition channel she posts healthy recipes and ‘What I ate today’ vlogs which are great for inspiration. She also travels a lot, and some of her videos are catered to how to eat healthy while traveling. If you’re curious about her fitness channel, it is Madfit.

Writing- Iwriterly

As someone who writes all of the time, I’m always in need to improve and perfect my skills. Iwriterly is a channel run by Meg Latore, an editor, author, and former literary agent. She offers great advice on writing and publishing books, and what I love about her is that her advice is validated because of her experience. Not only does she offer her own advice, but she speaks to other people with helpful advice like literary agents and editors. She talks about everything regarding writing, from finishing your first draft to trying to get published. 

Lifestyle - Jen Im

Jen Im is mostly considered a fashion blogger, but creates many videos from makeup to travel logs. She has a great personality and her life is so satisfying to watch, from her lovely relationship to her style. She recently did a video on age pressure and it was really great. She has amazing videos on becoming your own boss and they’re really inspiring. Like Maddy Lymburner she also has beautiful travel vlogs that showcase the best part of where she visits. 

In closing

I hope you enjoyed this article and found some new people to watch on YouTube. I will definitely do a part 2 of some kind including other genres. Also, I know it may seem like it, but I don’t watch that much YouTube, I do scan my recommendations a ton though.

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Great YouTubers for Every Genre
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