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Grin And 'Teddy Bear' It: How Josh Brolin's Cable Costume Could Reveal A Huge 'Deadpool 2' Cameo

Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter to reveal a comic-heavy costume for Cable, and any doubts that Brolin wasn't right for the job were sent packing back in time.

[Credit: Marvel]

The dead pool is certainly getting larger and Fox is reloading its bullets ahead of the upcoming superhero superstar spectacle that is David Leitch's Deadpool 2. The film will be the live-action debut of Josh Brolin as Nathan Summers, and the 49-year-old brushed off the likes of Michael Shannon and Brad Pitt to nab the part. Brolin's casting may have seemed a little greedy at first — Thanos AND Cable?! — but now we couldn't be happier.

#RyanReynolds took to Twitter to reveal a comic-heavy costume for #Cable, and any doubts that Brolin wasn't right for the job were sent packing back in time. However, if you look a little away from that gnarly cyber eye and the bulging metal appendage, Cable seems to have a furry traveling companion by his side. Could the sequel to 2016's R-rated swear-fest be more of a family affair than we first thought, and have we just heard the arrival of super-mutant Hope Summers?

A New Hope

The teaser "No Good Deed" already gave us a cryptic nod to the arrival of Hope Summers, but the first-look at Brolin's costume might as well have confirmed her involvement in Leitch's superhero sequel.

Image via Twitter

If you notice Cable's hip, you can see a battered-looking teddy bear affixed. Some say it is just a relic of a bygone era, but others theorize that our muscular hero won't be alone on his travels. A scruffy bear is most likely a reference to Cable's heart-warming role as the surrogate father of Hope Summers. We have already seen James Mangold's Logan take a serious spin on the father/daughter dynamic, so could #Deadpool2 follow suit with a more meta take on family?

For those who don't know, Hope is a messiah-like figure who first appeared in X-Men #205 and went on to mean big business in the Marvelverse. Rising as the first mutant born after Scarlet Witch de-powered mutantkind in the "House of M" storyline, Hope is a powerful psychic who was saved by Summers. Fleeing into the future, Cable believes that Hope will be the savior of all humanity — a statement that some mutants and non-mutants alike don't agree with. With the duo known to hop through time to escape their hunters, Hope and Cable have a long history of saving each other's lives.

While it may not be the easiest plotline to bring to our screens — especially in a series as light-hearted as Deadpool — we could see Hope and Cable split up as the latter finds himself in "our" time alongside Reynolds's Deadpool. Not only would it be a great way to introduce the time-traveling tough guy, it would do some great justice to the comics.

Land Of Hope and Glory

That being said, the ragtag nature of the bear suggests that it has been around the block, also teasing that Hope may not be the bear-hugging child we first thought. Remember that 24-year-old Shiori Kutsuna has an (as yet) undisclosed role in Deadpool 2 and the pieces begin to fit together.

Another tease of Hope was an image captured from Deadpool 2's set in Vancouver (reported via CBR), which shows Brolin's stunt double sporting a tattered cape:

Image via Twitter

Again, this could just be reaching, but the costume is reminiscent of Cable's wardrobe choice when traveling with Hope in the comics. The poncho/cape is so important we even see Hope use is at a keepsake of her father's and wears it when she (eventually) returns to the present.

In all honesty, Cable could just be carrying the bear as a memento and Leitch is saving Hope for a rainy(er) day. With Brolin signed on for multiple films, and with Hope a big part of the #XForce comic books, it might make more sense if they waited to introduce her in the upcoming big-screen adaptation of the X-Force series.

All this from a teddy bear? Admittedly, we could just be seeing Deadpool 2 referencing the kitsch style of the first film and Wade Wilson's obsession with Hello Kitty, but I ain't buying that one. Fire up the hype machine, because this is one theory we "hope" will come true!

(Source: CBR)

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Grin And 'Teddy Bear' It: How Josh Brolin's Cable Costume Could Reveal A Huge 'Deadpool 2' Cameo
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