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Happy Birthday, Julian McMahon: 7 Ways 'Charmed's' Cole Turner Made Us Love Him

Yes, Cole was evil. He tried to kill all of the Charmed ones, but that didn't stop us from wanting him to change.

Julian McMahon, the strikingly handsome guy who made us fall in love with a demon on Charmed, turned 48 July 27, 2016. Yes, he was evil. He tried to kill all of the Charmed ones, but that didn't stop us from wanting him to change. Even in the end, when we realized it was never going to happen, we held out hope. And here it is, ten years after the end of Charmed, and we still love Cole Turner, bad or good.

7. Even bad, he had his good traits.

When Cole couldn't kill Phoebe, he knew the Triad wouldn't let him live, but he also knew they wouldn't stop coming after her and her sisters. That left him one choice he didn't hesitate to make.

6. In spite of his flaws, he loved Phoebe.

When the sisters were facing a battle with the source, Cole gave Phoebe a little extra strength. If they all died, Cole wanted her to know how much he loved her, and he wasn't leaving her.

5. He knew when not to get between the sisters.

This was one of the funniest scenes in Season 4. Cole put up with a lot from Piper after Prue's death and after being hated by Prue, he wasn't about to get between any more sister drama. So he chose the best path...sit it out.

4. Even as Phoebe took part in killing him, he still loved her.

3. Though Phoebe helped her sisters vanquish him, he still came back to save Phoebe from a lifetime of loneliness.

Phoebe had determined she was going to spend the rest of her life in the sea and alone. She couldn't take the pain of loving and losing Cole nor could she admit to herself how much she missed him. It was only when Paige convinced Cole to talk to Phoebe that the truth came out, and Phoebe lost her scales. Even though it changed nothing, we caught yet another glimpse of the love they shared.

2. He wrote a goodbye letter to Phoebe.

Cole knew Phoebe so well that he thought she might eventually go back to her sisters. To do that, she would have to kill him. Even so, he wanted her to know that he would still love her. It was his way of bringing comfort to her from beyond.

1. Even though he didn't get his happy ending with Phoebe, he still came back to help Piper.

Because of the love he lost, Cole knew what Piper needed, what she and Leo needed. He didn't want her to end up stuck in the cosmic void where he was, and even though he could have approached it better, he did try. And let's face it. It is Cole. Arrogance sort of goes with the territory with this guy. But above all, he wanted to make sure Phoebe didn't give up on love. He'd watched her relationships fail, and he knew it was because of him. So he wanted to give back to the only woman he would ever love. 

Cole Turner would not have been the half-demon we loved without Julian McMahon's superb acting. For that, we will always be grateful. And though Julian has had longer roles (Nip/Tuck) than the 47 episodes he had with Charmed, I don't think he will ever be as memorable as he was as Cole Turner.

With talks of a Charmed reboot swirling in the air and the actresses all on board, we can only hope that, if it does happen, the powers that be will figure out a way to bring Cole back, even if it's just for an episode or two. Charmed just isn't Charmed without him! Happy Birthday, Julian!

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Happy Birthday, Julian McMahon: 7 Ways 'Charmed's' Cole Turner Made Us Love Him
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