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'Happy Tree Friends,' Sounds Convincing Right? Think Again

Is 'Happy Tree Friends' Really a Good Choice?

Seems convincing right?

Okay, so before I start, I have to ask you a question, what do you think of when you read "Happy Tree Friends?" I think of bright blue skies, flowers, butterflies, and cute little animals playing around. But what if I told you that the case is the complete opposite........

Okay so one day during class we were learning about protagonists, and antagonists in movies and TV shows. So me and my friends were discussing about movies and TV shows. Then somewhere out of no where, my friend Morgan said to me; "Oh my god! Hareem! You should watch Happy Tree Friends! It's like, an amazing show!" I was confused. Like really confused. Morgan was the type of girl who only watched films and shows that were Rated R, and had blood, gore, violence, swearing, and like......terrifying stuff. So I was like "Um, I'm sorry what? That sounds like a show made for children under the age of 5!" Then she replied, "Nah, it's more for like, 8 or 9 year olds, hence, you would love it." 

Even though I knew I just couldn't trust Morgan, I still was pretty convinced. 

I have trust issues.

Like really bad trust issues.

It comes to the point where I end up trusting my enemies! 

And she was my friend, so obviously, I was convinced.

I was never, ever, allowed to watch shows that were rated over my age. And I would always get mad at my dad for not letting me watch them. But after having just a slight glimpse at this show, I knew that my dad was just protecting me from all of the filth that people in this society live for. I was the type of girl who loved rainbows, and butterflies, and flowers, and smiling emojis, and bright colors......but unfortunately, I guess the real world was just the complete opposite of my day-dreamed thoughts.   

Apparently I was too "innocent" as my friends described me. My friends say that I am the most "joyful and positive person they ever met." But the thing was, my family had sort of a different point-of-view. Since I was the oldest in my family (after my parents), I was always getting upset at my brothers. And my family would say that I was always negative and I was too sensitive, but clearly, that was not the case. I am personally really dramatic and sort of like a show-off type of person, but I always hid the fact that I was scared from very, and I mean very minor things, for example, the dark, ants, spiders, (any sort of insect), blood, definitely blood. I remember the time when my little brother was bleeding because my twin brother threw a pencil on his forehead. My twin was laughing so bad, and my little brother was sort of crying, just a little bit, and then you just look at me. First I felt like my eye vision was blurry, then when I saw all the blood coming out of my brother's forehead, I was screaming, and I meant it. I was crying much, much worse than the actual victim of the crime! I also have phobias, and they come to the point where I get scared of cats and dogs, or like, any type of house pet!

I mean, if I watched rated R movies in my free time, then maybe I would've actually found it quite fascinating and maybe I would have been aware of all the filth that was coming my way. But I am just not that type of person, and it would be much better if I was that type of person. Because, you know what? This is my personality, and this is me. Always be yourself, because an original always has more worth than a copy." And to be completely honest, even some adults have critical reviews about this show (I searched online). There is a reason for that. 

This show contains, soooooooo much gore and violence and blood and tragic incidents and much more!!! This show is awful, and now I realized how terrible rated R movies are! I mean, what the heck! This is my opinion; you might like it if you really enjoy looking at bloody guts coming out of cute, innocent, and helpless tree animals

So basically, this is a bad show.

Like a REALLY bad show.

And I mean Really.

Really, Really, REALLY bad.

And I know, you guys will obviously check out this show, but I am warning you... IF YOU ARE AN ANIMAL LOVER THEN YOU WILL BE SCARRED FOR LIFE.......

Now, if you want to see the scariest episode of all.......Then click here...........I AM WARNING YOU; THIS IS REALLY SCARY!

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'Happy Tree Friends,' Sounds Convincing Right? Think Again
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