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Harry Potter Is the Worst

Why Harry Is One of the Most Annoying Characters in the Series

I am a major Harry Potter fan. I own all the books, all the movies, I even own the audiobooks because apparently I'm a colossal nerd. However, Harry is one of my least favorite characters. I'm not horrible. I obviously think that Umbridge is by far the worst. I like Voldemort more than her, but I think most people do. This article is not about her though. It's about Harry and why he's a horrible person and I think he would be annoying in real life. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD

My first reason for hating Harry is that he's basically an idiot. I get that he didn't grow up in the "wizarding" world or even know that he was a wizard but neither did Hermione and she was the top of her class. In fact, if you read the books, Harry spent most of his time copying off of her and relying on her instead of learning things for himself. He's not just stupid for copying off her but he's also stupid for not using logic. Like in Order of the Phoenix, when he sees Sirius being attacked by Voldemort, instead of risking everyone's lives to go be the hero and save him, he could've just used the mirror Sirius gave him to try to contact him but no. Or (back tracking a bit) in Chamber of Secrets when a freaking house elf comes to his house he doesn't tell anyone about it. If a magical creature shows up at your house and tells you he's been trying to stop you from wanting to go to school don't you think you should, oh I don't know, TELL SOMEONE? No, Harry ignores it. And then in the same book when the Platform closes, instead of waiting for it to open back up like a normal person, they just steal a car. "We've already gotten in trouble once for stealing this car, but we're going to do it again, because we're super smart and this won't backfire in anyway." What kind of logic is that? 

On that note, Harry really doesn't consider other people a whole lot. Stealing the car may have been a mutual decision, but when it came up he probably should've thought about how Ron's family would feel and how much trouble Mr. Weasley would get in at work. In the later books, Harry straight up treats his friends like garbage. I've heard many people blame this on teenage angst or Voldemort affecting his feelings. I've never shared a mental connection with anyone else, so I can't really say that it wasn't Voldemort, but he also was supposed to taking classes to prevent stuff like that and because they were classes with Snape he basically doesn't try. And I remember being kind of a bitch when I was a teenager and sometimes during those years, yes, we wind up getting mad at our friends for not knowing how were feeling, but I also remember apologizing later and being sorry that I was so horrible. I feel like Harry's 'teenage angst' is severely intensified and yeah, he's the victim and all that jazz but his friends are trying to be there for him and he treats them like trash. Then in the last book when Ron brings up the house elves during the battle, Harry is like "yeah, we should get them to fight. A house elf completely died to save me a few chapters ago, but screw it, more of them can die." That is obviously not a quote but an interpretation, but Ron is the one who's like "Umm, no, we have to save them." 

I almost didn't bring it up but I have to bring it up. Harry named his children so poorly. I know this is a popular opinion, but I have to talk about it. He named his kid after two people; one treated him like absolute trash because of something Harry's dad did years before and one basically signed him up for death and told him nothing about it. I seriously believe Harry should've named his kid after Hagrid, who was there for him and cared for him the entire time he was at school and tried his hardest to make sure Harry was happy and healthy. Or after McGonagall who tried to make sure Harry actually learned something in school and punished him when he was bad to try to shape him as a human being instead of letting him get away with every rule he broke (and there were a lot). Or maybe after Sirius who offered to give Harry a real home and tried his hardest to be a father figure to Harry. Or even Lupin who tried very hard to do what was best for Harry and do what he thought his parents would want for Harry. Harry didn't use any logic in naming his children. None. Zero. 

You can disagree with me but if I was at Hogwarts with Harry, I would probably hang out with everyone but him. He's arrogant and plays the victim way more than he should, in my opinion. He relies on his friends to get him out of situations a little too much with no sense of returning the favor and he's honestly just really annoying. Harry may be the star of the series but he is the most annoying star and it's pretty much every other character that makes the books amazing. 

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Harry Potter Is the Worst
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