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Heartfelt Moments

Films, Music, Novels, etc.

You ever felt yourself become moved by a particular scene in a film? Perhaps the lyrics of a song tugged at your heartstrings in just the right way, so that it hurt so good! Or a character in a novel or a plot ends up speaking to you when you least expect it. 

I've felt my entire being freeze when I had heard Debbie Reynolds, who played Kathy Selden in Singing in the Rain, sing "Singin' in the Rain."

Suddenly, my heart swelled—I felt an immense pain in my chest; heartache—because in the scene, her voice was extremely lovely, yet she looked so sad for such a happy song. The pain in her heart had transferred to my own; she was hurt by the man she began to grow feelings for. Due to "perfect timing," she couldn't run away and was forced to sing backup for the main star behind the curtains.

I felt awful. Not only was her character lovable, but Debbie as a person, I had to assume, was also lovable, because I did not know of her before. This movie introduced me to her and her talents. The easily-impressed me wanted to get to know her, and seeing her so young and full of energy when she had just passed away a week before I had watched the movie . . . Man, did that hurt.

I wanted to have her sing a full version of the song; because she was cut off in the movie, there wasn't one. Whenever I think about that short, short song, her lovely, angelic voice echoes in my mind. I get a little somber and a little upset, but I'm reminded of how much I love the rain, and that brightens my mood.

And of course, I cannot forget, Don Lockwood—Gene Kelly—was awesome, too. The man puts a smile on my face.

I recommend Singin' In The Rain to anyone and everyone. That's also where the "Good Morning" song came from!


* *

I'm singin' in the rain, just singin' in the rain

What a glorious feeling, I'm happy again

I'm laughing at clouds, so dark up above

The sun's in my heart, and I'm ready for love

Let the stormy clouds chase, everyone from the place

Come on with the rain, I've a smile on my face

I'll walk down the lane, with a happy refrain

And singin', just singin' in the rain.


This feel-good, live-your-life kind of movie had me pumped up to do things without worrying about the buts and what ifs. If you like someone, chase after them and express your feelings! (Obviously don't stalk or harass them.) If you want to become a dancer but you've only got one leg—psh-posh! Stick it to the man and twirl your hide around proudly!

I get giddy like no other, like a kid on the merry-go-round, when I watch movies like Singing in the Rain. With Singing in the Rain, the amount of hard work the actors put into singing and dancing in the movie is absolutely astonishing! My jaw had literally dropped at the amount of talent these amazing people had! I don't think I have ever seen anyone ever kill such moves in an entire scene or movie! The 'Step Up' series is bound to have been birthed by these fellas.

* *

Think about The Babysitters Club, or, The Breakfast Club—those are both movies that touch upon building relationships and bonds with people. You scared of a one-on-one with a sketchy dude? Who knows? Maybe the guy likes to play chess to deal with his stress! You never know! Never judge a book by its cover!

None of this is probably tying in together, but that's A-OK! 

What gets you pumped? What inspires you? 

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Heartfelt Moments
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