Issue 0

Pre-Reading Note: This story connects to the Labyrinth Comics universe which begins as comics soon after the release of these stories. The comics will be released onto Comixology.com.

Bank City, 2017, 5 AM. Roman Clarke wakes up to the sound of his alarm clock blaring. He's alone in his bed. He reaches over to turn on the lamp, and discovers a note. Roman picks up the note and begins to read it.


Thank you for last night. It was the greatest feeling I've ever felt. I've never met anyone who shared their love for science as I do. I just wish we shared the same love for life, too. When I met you at the bar last night, I never thought we'd go on to doing this. I was pretty sure you were straight, too! When you told me that you were bi, I thought I actually had a chance! But all of that left me when I woke up this morning. I'm so sorry I left. In my eyes, you can't handle the amount of baggage I carry with me everyday, and I don't want to thrust that onto you. It's better for us this way. I don't want to rob the world of someone so happy, someone with the biggest heart ever. I'll never forget last night.

~Stark Jaymes

Roman folds the note and places it back onto the nightstand. He sits up, rubs his eyes, and gets out of bed. He walks over to a window covered by curtains. He pulls back the curtains, letting in light to his enormous apartment. He walks away from the window and into the bathroom. He turns on the shower, undresses, and washes up, getting ready for work.

Bank City General Hospital, 6 AM. Roman enters the hospital through the front door, and other doctors and nurses swiftly move over to him. "Dr. Clarke, I need your help on a patient on level three!" "Dr. Clarke, can you sign off on this?" and "Dr. Clarke, you have an appointment!" are the only things he can hear through the mass amounts of shouting. Roman brushes the doctors and nurses away with a smile on his face as he steps onto the elevator. "I will get to those as soon as I can. Until then, just write them down and give them to my assistant, Grace." Roman smiles. The doors finally close, and the smile fades from Roman's face as he slumps onto the back wall of the elevator. The bell dings, and the doors open. Roman composes himself, then steps off into the hallway.

"Good morning, Roman. Would you like some coffee?" asks Grace, Roman's receptionist. Grace is in her early twenties, like Roman. Her light brown hair frames her delicate face and compliments her pale blue eyes. Roman walks over to her desk and leans onto it with a smile.

"Coffee would be nice. Thank you, Grace," Roman says with a smile. Grace smiles back at him.

"It'll be right in there. And by the way, after the Davison Labs explosion, we're going to be swamped with patients feeling the effects."

"Alright, thank you, Grace," says Roman as he walks into his office. His office isn't that big. It isn't that small, either. The far wall of the office is made up of windows, giving Roman a beautiful view of the city, including the now destroyed Davison Labs building. There are still large pieces of the building on the ground outside the building, and the point of explosion is still smoking. Roman walks over to his desk, removes his bag from his shoulder, placing it in one of the chairs opposite his desk, and slumps into the chair. Grace enters the office holding a mug filled with coffee that reads World's Best Boss. She places the mug down onto Roman's desk.

"I really wish you'd take this mug home, Roman. It's actually true. Out of all of the jobs I've had, you are the best boss I've had," Grace explains. Roman takes a sip from the steaming cup of Joe, then puts it back down on his desk.

"Thank you, Grace, but I already told you that I like keeping it here," Roman says. Grace sits in a chair opposite Roman's desk.

"I guess I can make up my own reason why... I guess you love it so much that you wanna drink from it everyday," Grace chuckles.

"Yeah, sure, you can say that... if you want," Roman says as he begins reading through a patient's file.

Davison Labs parking lot, 6 PM. A team of drivers are preparing to move a shipment of volatile chemicals to a safer location. One of the crew members signals the drivers that they can start driving. The trucks start up with a loud rumble, then they begin to drive out of the garage. Back out in the city, Roman is exiting the hospital. He makes his way outside, through the front door, and into the sunset city. The trucks come barreling down the street. Five blocks away, Roman continues walking down the sidewalk towards the intersection. Four blocks away, Roman sees an old man crossing the street. Three blocks away, the trucks aren't stopping. Two blocks, Roman runs into the street. One block, Roman pushes the old man out of the way and tries to get himself away.


Roman is his by one of the trucks and is sent tumbling down the street. The truck screeches to a halt, but the other trucks don't, and rear-end the first truck, sending the chemicals it's carrying, along with the chemicals being carried by the other trucks, flying into the street, splashing onto the pavement, and onto Roman.

Continued in Quick-Fire #1

Heartman concept art