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Here's Why the Reboot with the Most Fan Disappointment Goes to 'Charmed'

The Halliwell sisters aren't returning to the CW.

Charmed, the television show about magic, witches, warlocks, and sisters, has never left fans' minds. Even though the series ended in 2006, it's never really been gone since it continues to air on Netflix, the DVDs still sell strong, and the graphic novels continued the Halliwell sisters' stories until 2016. In fact, those graphic novels delivered story lines that could work well on televisions screen in reuniting Piper, Prue, Phoebe, and Paige. 

But that wasn't the direction the producers of the Charmed reboot decided to take, and their decision has left diehard #Charmed fans disappointed, furious, and vowing never to set eyes on the revamped series.  

Charmed reboot producer Jessica O'Tooler told that the show [the original series] wrapped everything up so wonderfully.

"We're only here because of [that show]. We were huge fans of the original, by the way. That show wrapped everything up so wonderfully—they all got their happy endings, and there were even glimpses of their future. We felt like it told a complete story."

But fans disagree since the show ended with Prue no longer a part of the series, and a reunion of all the sisters had been one of their biggest desires since Shannen Doherty left the role at the end of Season 3. 

Even after the Halliwell's mother and grandmother passed on, the sisters were able to interact with them. Fans were able to see them. That didn't happen with Prue, and her continued absence left a big hole in the series finale as fans wanted to know how she handled the afterlife or, better yet, they wanted her to return to San Francisco, alive and well. So to say that the Halliwells got their happily ever after isn't necessarily true. 

That doesn't mean that another television show about three sister witches couldn't have been introduced with a higher probability for success. Even a spin-off would have been met with more acceptance from the fans than a complete retooling of an iconic series as the Halliwells could have been brought back to set up the spin-off.

Everyone knows that a successful TV series makes money, and with so many fans clamoring for the return of the Halliwell sisters, a Charmed reboot would have had a guaranteed viewership. That is essentially the gold at the end of the rainbow. Bringing the original Charmed back would have set The CW with another long-running show. Instead, producers of the reboot have chosen to take a chance on an unknown quantity.

Of course, the per episode cost for a show that has been successful or is successful can be higher whereas starting with newer talent can be an effective cost-cutter. Original cable shows usually offer ten episodes of less each season as opposed to the budget-busting twenty-three episodes on prime time television. And, if given the choice, original Charmed fans would have been happier with fewer episodes.

Looking at the June 2018 panel from ComiCONN 2018, it's clear to see that the fans are still interested in Charmed, that they believe there are stories left to be told. The YouTube video alone has over 86,000 views with over 500 comments, most of which center on the desire for a return of the series.

To be fair, the Charmed reboot may be extremely successful, but would it have had a better chance with a different name? Probably. Are there fans who will never take a chance on the show simply because of the name? Definitely. And it's unfortunate that what could be a great show might get missed because of its title. 

Regardless of how the fans feel, though, the Charmed reboot is set to premiere this fall on The CW, but does that negate hope for the return of the Halliwell sisters? No, because fans believe the show that started it all could rejuvenate this genre, and they will hold out hope that, one day, producers will see that the original Charmed deserves a second shot. 

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Here's Why the Reboot with the Most Fan Disappointment Goes to 'Charmed'
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