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Here's Why William Shatner Refused A Role In 'The Big Bang Theory'

Why Did William Shatner Decline An Offer To Star In The Big Bang Theory?

The Big Bang Theory is one of America's top running shows of all time and has just began it's 10th season on the channel CBS. Some incredibly enjoy the show, whereas some just can't stand the show whatsoever. Many people tune into The Big Bang Theory because of it's love towards the iconic Star Trek and it's references. Not to mention it's top Hollywood actors that have made special cameos in the show. It's been revealed that Star Trek legend, William Shatner was once offered a role to cameo in The Big Bang Theory but he turned the offer down.

Shatner had explained to Digital Spy that the show runners of The Big Bang Theory contacted William Shatner and asked him to cameo in the hit show in a prior season as... Himself! When Shatner replied to the head-writers, it's believed that it's put them off asking him again to star in the show.

I’ve had several conversations with the creators, and what they wanted me to do, didn’t seem to be exactly right, so I said ‘find something that’s better’. They may have taken umbrage at that, I’m not sure. They wanted me to play myself a little obliquely, and they said it would work out, but I needed more assurance on that. William Shatner

Other Star Trek Actors That Have Appeared In The Big Bang Theory

William Shatner wasn't the first Star Trek actor to be asked to appear in The Big Bang Theory, fellow onscreen stars, Leonard Nimoy and George Takei have both made an effort to participate in the show as a voiceover or cameo on the show. Other Star Trek stars from The Next Generation like Brent Spiner and LeVar Burton have both also contributed to the show. Wil Wheaton from The Next Generation has made numerous appearances on the show and appears to be appearing in nearly every season since his debut appearance.

Other Hollywood Stars That Have Appeared In The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is well known for it's famous Hollywood stars to appear as a one off character or as recurring character. Famous faces like Summer Glau, Katee Sackhoff, Stan Lee, Carrie Fisher and James Earl Jones have all made The Big Bang Theory more iconic with their one off appearances. But which one has been your favourite so far?

Katy Sagal and Jack McBrayer both made a one off appearance in the opening episode of the tenth season of The Big Bang Theory as Penny's mother and brother when they came to visit for Penny and Leonard's (second) wedding ceremony. It is currently left unknown if any other big stars are going to be appearing in what might be the last season of the show. We'll just have to wait and see...

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Here's Why William Shatner Refused A Role In 'The Big Bang Theory'
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