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Home Again: Movie Review

A movie about the struggles living in Los Angeles and trying to make a life.

Home Again is a movie starring Reese Witherspoon, Michael Sheen, and Nat Wolff. It is about a group of boys who are wanting to get their movie produced and filmed in Los Angeles. And also a woman, whose dad was a director, that is going through a divorce with two girls surviving a move from New York. And they all somehow meet each other and it is probably the best thing that has happened to all of them, for a long time. 

This movie has a lot of back story. Reese's character Alice is going through a divorce from her music producer husband. Together they have two beautiful girls. They move from their home of New York to Los Angeles, where Alice was raised by her actress mother Lillian Stewart. She turns 40 in the movie and meets three men in a bar and she accidentally takes them all home.

When her girls arrive home the next morning, Lillian offers the boys a place to stay. These boys are starving artists just trying to get recognized. They've never seen the beach and are loving Los Angeles and the opportunities it can get them. They go to the bar because they have been kicked out of the place they're staying at, so they go to the bar to celebrate new things. There they meet Alice and find themselves intertwining their life with her and her girls' lives.

I watched this movie on a whim, even though I have seen the trailer and looked into a bit. I was very intrigued by it and wanted to see how it would play out. We see some new actors like Pico Alexander and Jon Rudnitsky. I haven't seen them before, but they are very nice to look at and through the movie their acting was very convincing, so I think that they will do well in Hollywood. 

It's good to see new faces in the movies, especially men, because of all the men who are being accused of sexual assault, and they are admitting which is so disgraceful to their character and the people they have portrayed and what we think of them. So, having new fresh faces to Hollywood that aren't corrupted will be a nice change. 

It has a family aspect, but shows how some families are screwed up through divorce, dating younger people, hypochondriacs, young children having issues with divorce, moving, and going to a new school. The list could go on, but it ties it all together and shows that somehow having dysfunction in a family means that it can still work. Even though we all have our problems we need to face them and Alice sees that in everyone and gives the pushes and love everyone needs to have.  

This movie is not just about Alice, but we see through her and her wisdom from age and understanding or things that we should really do what is best for us and the family. Even if your family includes a divorce, a dead grandparent, three strange boys, and two little girls trying to get through this thing we call life. 

This movie also makes me miss my mom and my own screwed up family. Even though it's not a holiday movie, it's a good watch for the holidays because you can watch it and go away with a feeling of love and wanting to connect with someone, whether it's a stranger or someone you haven't talked to in awhile.

All in all, I would give this movie a 8/10. I think the cinematography was off in some places and the title didn't really make sense except for in the end when they all gathered and were all home again? But the content was great and so was the acting and setting. 

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Home Again: Movie Review
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